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Trying to Figure it Out

Posted on Friday, 30 April 2021 - 7:51am by Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura


Personal log Hamura Hayashi,

It’s been an interesting few weeks for sure. Upon arriving on the SB 21 I was immediately put to work on a series of cascade failures in the secondary systems. I worked with the Chief Engineer to get everything up and running. I have to say that it was enlightening. Barns and I worked like mad with little sleep but we got her fixed and I think that we developed an understanding of one another. It’s been great. I’ve learned a lot from him.

Recently, I met two people, one a red head, beautiful, fun, and easy to flirt with. She’s cute but it’s the second woman that has me tangled in knots. Oriana is her name, I only found out because we were trapped in a lift together, before that her name was a mystery, much like the woman. That’s a story for another day but I met her firstly a few days ago; we reached for the same burrito. I can’t explain it but when our hands touched for the first time in my life, I felt what I might term destiny. It’s like I knew her without knowing her.

I honestly can’t explain it better than that. She is such a unique individual. She’s flirty, fun, deep, smart, beautiful, all rolled into one package. Do you know that she sabotaged a weather relay in the arboretum to get me to come to a picnic?

It was sweet and I swear we had this instant connection. I haven’t seen her for a day now, work has kept me busy, but I want to see her. I don’t think that I’m making sense but I’m trying to. She is remarkable and I want to get to know her. I don’t make friends easy but I could see myself wanting a friendship with her. Perhaps even more I don’t know and again this is all new for me.

Well, perhaps I’m getting ahead of things. She’s here only for a couple weeks while her permanent assignment is settled and then she’ll leave and we won’t see one another again. If she doesn’t leave I will.

I got a call from Soral, they recently lost their Engineer and he wanted to know if I was interested in serving with him again. As if he had to ask. He’s been my mentor for a long time and Mac is there too. I always felt comfortable with the two of them and Soral has been a mentor and a teacher to me. He helped me through some rough times and Mac is one of the few people I can call friend.

Anyway, I told him that I would think about it but there is not much to think about. The chances I’ll say no are zero. In fact, I’ve already applied for the transfer, or rather completed the forms now I just have to send them in.

I think I’ll send it tomorrow. I actually have the day off for the first time since I got here. With all this extra time what will I do? Well, I guess if I’m going to have this transfer happen, I should pack and prepare. I don’t have much but still better be done ahead of time.

I did my research on this ship and … it’s kind of dubbed the love boat. Soral married the Chief Science Officer, the CO is married to the Chief Tactical Officer, the Counselor is with the Ops officer…it should prove to be an amusing ship oh and Mac and his partner are there too.

Love, it’s something that I gave up on a while go. You see for me it takes a lot to fall in love, I need that deep inner connection that I haven’t been able to find until now but maybe someday. I am young, or so people tell me, so there is time. Right now, I am content with the way things are and with this new post, pending that the CO accepts me, I will be busy.

Well, I should end this for now. I hate doing these log recordings. I prefer to write things out but I have been told that logs are vital for Starfleet, I can’t figure out why since it’s a personal log. But there we go; I did my log for the week. I guess I’ll make dinner and perhaps pick something to read. It’s been so long since I dove into a book and actually had time to finish it.

Perhaps I’ll see Oriana tomorrow…

Ugh…you see that. She has only met me a couple times and she has me turned inside out. Oh well. It is what it is. Perhaps this is one of those short-lived crushes. I get those sometimes.

Until next log I’m going to close out now.

Computer, save log, file under today’s star date and set a reminder to do another log in two weeks.



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