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Someone Else's Face

Posted on Thursday, 7 July 2022 - 12:26pm by Emerick & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: USS Standing Bear | Sickbay

Captain Stillwater, the Commanding Officer of the previous USS Standing Bear slowly gave Emerick autonomy, though it was a bit of a cut back from his temporary predecessor Commander Victrix. When the hologram was allowed to become capable of terminating himself, he no longer existed. At least that was plan until Captain Stillwater, Doctor Ryan Rose, and the crew of the Standing Bear journeyed across the galaxy to home planet of the Bynar in order to recover any phantom trace of his programming. Painstakingly, Emerick was resurrected from death. He had come realize his actions were wrong.

The problem, now, however, was that Captain Stillwater was gone. The USS Standing Bear had been destroyed, and Emerick was fortunately able to be transferred from the previous Standing Bear to the new Ulaan class starship in the mirror universe, overriding the emergency medical hologram that was there, at least what constituted as an E.M.H. for that barbaric universe. Theirs was far from a medical hologram. It was a torturer at best. Emerick was glad that he could replace that program.

He was still learning how to cope with his former colleague, Doctor Ryan Rose from leaving so abruptly. The two had a friendship, and at times Emerick wanted more from Ryan, but it was not something Ryan could give. He did not share those feelings in return. Captain Pippa Whitley was also an adjustment for Emerick. She had not even interacted with him much except to ensure he was operational. When he received notification that Adrianna was going to be seeing him about some cosmetic changes, he was curious.

"Bonjourno, Emerick," Adrianna wandered in with a PaDD. She wasn't the EMH's biggest fan further to a few issues with him humanising and overstepping with a friend of hers.

Emerick picked up a PaDD that provided him with information about the identity and procedure. "Shouldn't you be practicing your Scottish?" he replied and sat the PaDD aside. "Well this ought to be interesting. I was expecting to have to turn you into a Cardassians or a Bajoran at least, but Scottish? This shouldn't be too difficult, a human to human cosmetic change."

Adrianna nodded, "I'm getting the Italian out of my system before I have to butcher my accent. It was hard enough pretending to be American for three months when I was a teenager."

"I wish it were me going," Emerick said but he tossed his arms up and gestured around him. "Confined to ship as always," he said with a chuckle. "Fortunately, I have nearly full run of the ship though with the amount of holoemitters they have equipped the ship with. My programming would allow me to be a pretty convincing Paisley Baird I do believe."

Adrianna offered a small smile, "unfortunately, the best human, is a human." The Italian hopped up onto the bed, "when all this is done, you'll be able to put me back to how I was, right? Scars, tattoos, everything?"

Emerick nodded. "You will not even be able to tell that you were walking around with someone else's face on you when all this is done and I have put you back into proper appearance." He was confident in every word he said. "I will also make sure you look flawlessly like her for this little mission of yours."

"Appreciate it," Adrianna gave a small sigh of relief, "ok, make me over. I've got a date with the hair salon after this."

"Yes, I saw that when looking at what I was supposed to do. Ginger?" Emerick shook his head. "You are going to be in for quite a shock when you see yourself after that is done," he added as he fetched the appropriate medical tools that he would need. "You are fine to talk during this, though there will be points I'll need you to stay still otherwise your nose may end up a bit crooked," he teased.

Adrianna wasn't particularly amused, nor enthusiastic about this whole ordeal in general. "My mother, she used to tell me that even if I was to love someone, to have a family, my hair should always remain virgin. I swear to gawd, I'm never speaking of this mission to her."

Emerick took one of the tools and held it a few inches from Adrianna's temple and turned it on. It emitted a small beam of orange light and the E.M.H. concentrated on keeping a steady hand as he listened to the woman "This will tickle a bit, you'll feel a bit of warmth from it, but nothing to worry about. I also would probably agree with you about not telling your mother about all of this."

"She would find a way of killing us both," Adrianna's lips curled into a soft smile, remembering her mother.

"Then she is clearly more skilled with hologram programming than I am," quipped Emerick with a bit of macabre humor. He was resurrected, proof that trying to delete a hologram was no easy task. He left fragments and bread crumbs.

Switching out to a different device, he worked on reshaping Adrianna 's ears. "I miss Ryan," the emergency medical hologram confessed. "I don't understand why he would just walk away from all of us, all of this."

"It was Rogers that brought you back; she brought you back because Rose was unhappy," Adrianna corrected, "as for Rose: a man in love is known to be adventurous or stupid. I feel he is being adventurous, not stupid."

Emerick nodded as he moved to the other ear. "Mister adventure left the comfort of his desk and has left me completely behind. He's been so busy that I haven't even heard from him. I feel like I was discarded like his wife, the one that left to live on Prarie at Stillwater's ranch."

"Emerick," Adrianna sighed, "I do not know how to politely put this in standard, but you forget your place. You are a mere programme that is made to be human. Admittedly, you are very self aware." She paused, "perhaps you are to send the message, not wait. I'm sure he would appreciate hearing from what he considered a friend. I'm sure he will tell you about his upcoming nuptials and his life back on Earth."

He knew that she was right. "I will try to reach out to him. I also hate that there is hardly anything that I can do for Doctor Selin, and I don't know if I will even connect with our new Chief Medical Officer. If you thought being turned into a redhead was bad, the new Chief Medical Officer has blue hair."

"No need to be prejudice against blue hair," Adrianna teased, "you must consider this a new adventure."

"And you," he said stepping back and admiring his work. "You look like a Federation investigative reporter," noted Emerick. "Just need to put on some cosmetic contacts to adjust your eye color a bit, and you will be good for your hair appointment."

Adrianna pulled a hair bobble off of her wrist and pulled her hair up into a tight bun. She then pulled out the contact lenses and popped them in. She cleared her throat and said, in a very eloquent, British accent, "and now we must rid the Italian."

"Emerick began to pack away the tools he had used, "My job is finished" he said. "You will be looking like Paisley Baird in no time. You have her face, now you just need to get that hair done. Do be safe, Cardassian space is not too friendly right now" added Emerick though he knew that was likely why she was going.

"I survive Rome and Ekos," Adrianna smirked, "Cardassians are a walk in the park."

The E.M.H. nodded. "Enjoy that stroll through the park, Lieutenant."


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