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Sickbay Blues

Posted on Tuesday, 5 July 2022 - 8:42am by Commander Soral & Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Captain Pippa Whitley

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Sickbay | USS Standing Bear
Timeline: 2396


Soral sat on the chair by the bio bed that held Selin, the CMO. He sighed as he placed his hand over hers. "You must fight," he said. He knew that she was in the meditative trance and now she needed Vulcan healers more then at any time. The ship was hours from leaving and he had called Pippa to meet him in sickbay. He waited now. She may resist but he had to try.

When Pippa walked into Sickbay, having been summoned by Commander Soral, Pippa could not help but think about what they had learned from Oriana. It did not help matters that when Captain Whitley entered sickbay, there was Soral sitting on the chair beside the bio bed where Selin lie still, catatonic, a victim of a poison that was still beginning to be studied and understood. "Commander," Pippa said greeting Soral. "She's in good hands. Doctor Alexander and our EMH have been looking after her."

Soral looked up his hand still holding Selin's. "Indeed. But she requires Vulcan healers." He knew there would be resistance but he had to try. "Vulcans, when we are hurt enter a coma of sorts where we try to fix ourselves, use our mind to mend the damage to our bodies but a part of that process is having healers that know our ways." He looked back at Selin gently moving a bit of hair that had fallen across her forehead. "She will require a Vulcan healer. I request her to be transferred on station, I have arranged for a healer to meet us there, with your permission."

"I don't believe there is anything we can do for her here aboard the Standing Bear," Pippa replied. "I have already had this discussion with Admiralty, Commander. The starbase was in agreement, but also did not feel they could do much beyond what we have here. Redirect your 'healer' to rendezvous with us," added Pippa. "We are to meet with a Federation hospital ship that will proceed to Vulcan" explained Captain Whitley.

He gave a nod. "I am grateful." He looked down at Selin. "Amongst my people she was shunned, her very name means it because she chose the path of logic and emotion. I will ensure that a place for her is made on Vulcan, if I have to use all my clout." He studied the captain. "Doctor Selin and I knew one another once. Another life, she is a … friend."

"Ship scuttlebutt would have me believe....lover was a more accurate term," Pippa countered and raised a brow. "Though that isn't exactly the Vulcan terminology for it I am sure."

An amused smile tugged at him and he raised an eyebrow. "Yes, Once. I see you have been introduced to the ship pages...some what fluffy, as humans would say, but accurate. Indeed she was. She unlocked a part of me that I shall forever be grateful for. Our paths were different but the friendship is still there."

He stood and walked over to the captain. "I hear congratulations are in order for your … ship pages prize." He shrugged. "I keep informed."

"Yes, and I believe there is talk of reviving Victrix's comedy night or whatever it was that was done prior to Captain Stillwater,' Pippa replied. "I think the crew morale could use it all things considered."

"Indeed." He grimaced. "Comedy event best not repeated."

Pippa nodded. "So, that is a yes from you," teased Captain Whitley. "It is inevitable. It will make a return, and you and I will conveniently be unable to attend."

"That I can support." He said. He sighed and looked back at Selin. "She will get the best care on Vulcan. And... I have another favour to ask, if I may."

"Of course," Captain Whitley replied. "You are my First Officer after all."

"My wife has requested that her own quarters be prepared for her when she is ready. If you could kindly approve the order it would be appreciated." In the moment he looked broken but he understood her reasons.

"Not a problem," Pippa replied. "With the amount of couples I have living aboard with requests to share quarters, and some additional vacancies, I can most certainly approve that request."

He gave a nod and let out a breath he’d been holding. “I suppose I have one final question. How are you with dogs?”

"Decent," Pippa replied. "I have not had one since I was a child, but I have experience with them. Why do you ask?”

“I must leave Bones on the ship and was wondering if you would be willing to watch him for me.” He paused and then before she responded added, “I would ask Hamura but they have purchased a cat, and Mac and Haru have much to discuss with respect to their lives.”

"Guess I am getting a roommate for bit," Pippa replied. "I'll watch Bones while you are away, Commander."

He gave a nod. “I shall bring him round shortly with his…little bag. He’s usually not very much trouble, still a puppy but having pulled bridge duty several times with me he is well trained.”

Pippa's eyes showed a realization. "It was him" Pippa said shaking their head. "On our previous ship, there would be fur all over my Captain's chair. I kept blaming Lieutenant K'Var," Pippa explained with a small chuckle.

“Ah…no…it was Bones. He was very protective of that chair.”

"He is going to have to come to the bridge with me and help me break in the new one. I sat in it for a few minutes, then I was down in Sickbay getting a good cracking along my back."

“It always takes while to break in a new chair. Just remember that you are the best person to do that.” He paused. “Well captain. I should tend to a few matters, pack before the ship leaves. I shall ask Oriana to bring Bones by your quarters tonight.”

"Thank you, we will be heading out in several hours, and when we are finished with our business in Cardassian space, you and I will be reunited."

Soral gave a small bow. “Until then, happy journey Captain.” With that and one last look at Selin he hurried out of sickbay. There was much to do.

=/\= One Hour Later =/\=

Soral finished packing up some items that he needed. Midnight would be waiting to take him to Vulcan and pick up the V’shar group. He had clearance from Starfleet to be a civilian for a while and there was much to be done. Just as he zipped up his bag the door chimed.

Soral straightened. “Enter.”

The door buzzed and whooshed open to reveal Oriana Sety. She stepped through a little hesitant at first and then walked over and gave him a hug, something she would not have done I the past. “We’re gonna miss you, you know.”

He returned the embrace and then pulled away. “Indeed, you all shall be missed. I shall return.”

She sighed. “I heard about Lieutenant Kingsley and the rocky road.”

“I see the ship gossip pages are working well.”

“Yeah…those will miss you too. You were quite the poop disturber.”

His lip twitched, “Something you must take on until my return.”

She gave a nod. “This…Cardassian thing.. it doesn’t feel right.”

“Indeed, that is why there will be V’shar near by.”

“Speaking of which,” she started. “You’re going back aren’t you?”

He said nothing for a moment. “Indeed. I have something I must tend to, something on Bajor.”

She sighed. “Well then.” She looked around. “I guess I better get Bones and his things to take to the captain.” She studied him. “Why the Captain? You never do things without purpose, including leaving your dog with specific people.”

“The Captain, on their first mission lost a ship. They need some healing and Bones has a way of healing someone’s soul and bringing out a strength in them. I think I recognized it when I picked him up.”

She smiled. “Alright then.”

Soral studied her. “There are things you are not asking, which you wish to know.”

She gave a nod. “Hamura…”

“Will be fine. The integration was flawless and they will live. They will also come to realize that Ops is the best place for them. I want to see them captain their own ship one day.”

“Hamura doesn’t want that.”

Soral walked over and took her by the shoulders. “In their heart they do, they are afraid to be who they are, afraid to live up to their potential. Wounds of the past, those left by the ones we love are the hardest to heal, you know this yourself do you not?”

She looked up at him and gave a nod. “Still working on mine.”

“But coming along well,” Soral said. “Alright. I must leave now. Take good care. I shall bring something for you from Bajor.”

She smiled. “Thanks Soral. For everything.”

“This is not goodbye, it is a light parting, we shall all be together again.”

With one last hug she collected Bones and his things and left.

Soral stood in his quarters and looked around. When he came back things would be so much more changed. This would be a new chapter and he wondered if Alex would be with him for it. Could they get back what they had once? Time would tell.



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