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Where are you exactly commander...

Posted on Saturday, 21 January 2023 - 7:05pm by Commander Soral & Captain Pippa Whitley

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Comms (Ship to Planet)
Timeline: 2396


Soral sat down waiting to connect to the ship. Instead of his uniform he wore a black turtleneck making his green skin stand out a little and black pants. His hair had been freshly cut and a small bandage rested above his right eye. The Captain had asked for a call and he hadn’t been sure why, unfortunately it had been a bad time…it was a bad time. He wondered how chewed out he’d get for where he was. He had tried to make the background neutral. The cave was obvious, there was only so much one could do about rocks. He looked over to the side as the Vulcan team sat silently going over their documents, a handful of Bajorans walked around, he’d asked them to be quiet for the call but… he wasn’t sure.

Commander Soral would not have to wait long as a screen with the Starfleet logo was quickly replaced with that of an Efrosian glare and a shaking head. "Have you explored the fire caves yet, Commander, or was Bajor just a spur of the moment vacation getaway, and do pray tell, how is your wife doing?" Soral was meant to be on leave, enjoying something relaxing.

He winced. “Alexandra is…well…I think. As for Bajor …would you believe me if I said it was a journey of self discovery?”

Pippa smirked. "Well, it is Bajor after all. I know plenty of people whether they were Bajoran or not that had journeyed to the planet, especially countryside and had quite the spiritual awakening or felt that they connected with something there. I've heard the soil of Bajor is ripened with soul."

“Indeed…” Before he could say anything a Bajoran woman walked in. “Shar! They’re ready for the self defense class.” She stopped and looked over at the screen and the Efrosian. “Oh..hello. Sorry.” She waved and headed out.

Soral sighed. “Would you believe … I am teaching Vulcan self defense in return for spiritual enlightenment?”

"I would believe it," Pippa replied. "Though I also am reminded of some parting words of wisdom from Captain Stillwater. I believe he said something about making sure you do not end up adopting any more children" teased the half-Efrosian Captain. "How is Bajor?"

“Indeed. I think I have adopted several this trip…” He sighed suddenly looking tired. “Bajor is…reacting a lot quicker then the last time. Vulcan has offered assistance.” It was his way of telling the captain that he was on V’shar business without saying it outright. That is what he loved about Pippa, they had a code language and understood one another no matter what.

"Oh?" Pippa replied and shook their head. Of course he would find their assistance thought Captain Whitley. The Efrosian contemplated what exactly to say. "I see. You are getting their assistance in that Cardassian research project? How is that coming along?"

“Fascinating research that. So many things rabbit holes to dive into.” He hoped he was using the phrases correctly. “I believe that I have many research tales to tell and perhaps a favour to ask.”

Pippa nodded. "You may ask any favor, but expect that I will have one to ask of you as well," the Captain replied. "Especially if things are going south in Cardassian space."

"Indeed. That goes without saying. As for my favour I have a... Bajoran friend that has left Bajor perhaps you can rendezvous with her?" A subtle way of him telling them that they may find a useful ally there.

"I see and where is this friend of yours exactly, Commander?" Pippa inquired. The Captain could take the hint that this would be beneficial. "I am sure we could swing by."

"Just outside the Bajoran system traveling with the Ferengi friend. Look for a merchant ship." He studied the new captain. "Captain." He rubbed the back of his neck as if somewhat uncomfortable. "If I may stray from logic for a moment."

Pippa nodded. "It would not be the first time you have done so, Commander, and I suspect that it won't be your last. Nevertheless, you have my permission. Stray from logic."

"I am glad you are the captain. If fills me with … a confidence I have not had in a long while."

"Because I'm not Captain Stillwater?" Pippa inquired, a tone of curiosity in their voice. Pippa was a bit concerned about filling the boots of a man that had held the crew together for some time. It was a lofty challenge, but Pippa was up to it. Though they knew it would be different. The Standing Bear's crew was different and Pippa was much different than Barret Stillwater. "Is that why you haven't had confidence?"

"Stillwater was a good man but orthodox in so many ways. You strike me as a bit more creative and thus, logically of course, The confidence is higher."

"I'll accept that flattery, Commander," Pippa replied. "Keep yourselves safe on Bajor. The Standing Bear can work its way to you and we'll extract you. I'm not overly fond of the feelings I'm getting from this region."

"Indeed." He paused. "You do realize that you are getting an XO that is part...Dr. Jekyll and part Mr. Hyde, right? Are you certain of your plan to extract said XO?"

"You belong at my side, Soral. I'll take you as Jeckyll and I'll ensure that you don't do anything terribly reckless as Hyde."

A brief smile played on his lips. "One never knows. However I shall try and hide the Hyde." He raised an eyebrow at his turn of the phrase.

Pippa nodded. "Do the best that you can, but I do need you back. Lieutenant Vali is an asset to this crew, but she's stretched thin right now and Acting First Officer is not something she wants long term."

He gave a nod. "I shall return." He paused. "Might I ask a small personal favour?"

Every time we have a conversation you end up sliding on a personal favor thought Pippa. "Go ahead, Commander. "

"I know that the ships décor is a bit... drab however can you leave some of the old elements with the XO's quarters?"

"As you wish, but I have already removed the agony booth."

He sighed. "Indeed I believe I am my own agony booth." He rubbed his eyes looking tired for the first time. "Well Captain. I shall look forward to seeing you soon."

"Until then. Whitley out."



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