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To The Rescue - Part II

Posted on Tuesday, 1 August 2023 - 6:50pm by Commander T'Varis Pren & Commander Soral
Edited on on Tuesday, 1 August 2023 - 6:52pm

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: USS Light Seeker, Bridge
Timeline: 2396


Pren sat on the bridge hating the fact that she felt like a sitting duck. Her mind was here and in sickbay but she was assured that Grams was alive. Valaria was the best CMO possible but they needed a fully functioning sickbay and right now they didn’t have it. That one thought led her to the thought of the rescuers on the way. The USS Standing Bear A. It was a ship that would bring him on her ship, the one she avoided like one would avoid Tellerian Measles. He had also been the only one in her extended family to reach out repeatedly after she had shut him down repeatedly and yet here he was on the way to the rescue and she couldn’t help but wonder if the Prophets were guiding this.

She looked at the display screen on her arm rest and allowed a sigh of relief. “Tactical, raise shields.”

She heard the distinctive hum of the ship being cocooned in protection. The readouts showed that shields were only at fifty percent but it was something.

“Sir, the Standing Bear-A is close.”

Pren nodded. “Very well, Second in Command Tagarin as my XO you will meet them. Conduct their people to where necessary and let the other ship riding to our rescue know the status. Get all the injured cared for first and get this ship functional.”

“Understood Captain T’Varis.”

Pren cringed. “Commander T’Varis. Captain Grams is still alive and in command…in a way.”

She watched as Tagarin pressed their lips together. “Yes Commander.”

“Sir! Ship decloaking off the bow. It’s the same make as the one we destroyed. They are arming weapons.”

“Do we have phasers yet?” She yelled as she slammed her fist calling for engineering.

“No, sir.”

“Then get them working!”

Just as the words left her mouth the shipped rocked as the smaller kraft opened fire.

“Shields holding but we can’t take more of this. The Bear is thirty minutes out!”

The ship shook again the red alert Klaxons blaring to life with a vengeance. Her head was pounding but this was her test. “Engineering I need phasers!”

“I’m working on it,” came the all to calm voice of the chief engineer. It made Pren shiver, the woman was too calm, although that meant nothing. Pren was somewhat calm on the outside but inside she was anything but. Rage and fear burned but she had a job to do. “Evasive maneuvers.”

The other ship fired again but his time it merely grazed off the shields.

“Sir another ship is in range….A Vulcan cruiser.”

The Bear is closing fast shields at full weapons armed.

“Open a channel to the Bear.”

Soral’s image popped up on her screen. The Vulcan ship had put itself in between the Light Seeker and the other vessel. They seemed to be communicating if her readouts on the chair arm were correct. She met his gaze and stood. “I assume you went crying to the Vulcans?”

Soral narrowed his eyes. “Commander T’Varis the Vulcans are best to deal with this, their treaty was broken. We’re lowering shields. My people are ready to assist.”

“Indeed. Our Captain is injured and we need a sickbay.”

“My people are already preparing. I shall meet you in the transporter room.”

She sighed. She had wanted to avoid seeing him but her Captain mattered most now. “Very well.” She stood as the coms cut. Sighing she handed the bridge over to her second in command and headed to the transporter room. This was not going to be pleasant.

=/\= A Day later =/\=

Pren stood by the bio bed that held her Captain. Valaria, the CMO, stood by her side, both a guest of the Standing Bear. The Light Seeker had been towed by another ship and her crew was taken care of, her place was here. She didn’t question Soral’s insistence on brining her here. She was just glad the Captain was getting treatment.

The rescue ship was on its way to get their people, their mission having been interrupted by the Light Seeker asking for help.

She looked over at Valaria. “She has to make it.”

Valaria, saying nothing, just placed a hand on her shoulder. “You need rest T’Varis. You’ve been awake all this time, they took care of all your injuries but they won’t fully heal until you rest.”

There was al on silence. “You know that I cannot rest. Not until I know that she is alright. Our crew needs their captain.”

Valaria sighed. “I’ll stay, You need rest, don’t make me give you an order. We may not be on the Light Seeker but I’m still a CMO with all the privileges of that position.”

T’Varis looked like she would say something but then sighed and lowered her shoulders in resignation. “Fine. Just for a couple of hours.”

With one last look she turned and headed for the guest quarters. She had meant to just sit on the sofa but as soon as she sat her eyes closed and would not open for a few hours more.



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