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Before I Go

Posted on Sunday, 31 May 2020 - 4:28pm by Commander DeVala Victrix Ph.D
Edited on on Sunday, 31 May 2020 - 4:29pm

Mission: Operation: Recall
Location: USS Fontana - Guest Quarters
Timeline: Before the Party

NOTE: Originally posted as Intertwined on the USS Astraea. This post has been written by myself and Amethyst, CO of the Astraea and posted with her consent.

USS Fontana

Lieutenant Commander Devala Victrix was sitting in the guest quarters tapping away on a PaDD as she awaited a response to her request to speak with the Captain of the USS Astraea, another starship. It would be heading out down to the Delta Triangle where a black market presence was rumored to be growing, potentially connected to where Commander Barret Stillwater and his crew would be dealing with.

USS Astraea

Having been let into the Captain's Ready Room, Lieutenant Farizah Alani made herself at ease in the presence of Abigail. It was not a sign of disrespect so much so as familiarity. They may not have had the honor of long service together yet but they did have the delight of making quite the devious pairing when it came to breaking into a suite and placing a well endowed statue there for the happy newly wedded couple.

"I can stiffen my posture if this is too laxed," commented Farizah looking at Captain Abigail Laurens. "Ma'am" she added with a small wink. The Bolian skimmed the PaDD she had brought in with her. "So, we've been requested to make subspace contact with another Federation starship? Interesting" added Farizah.

Abigail waved away the Bolian's concern as she picked up the two drinks from the replicator and handed one to Farizah before walking back to her desk and sinking down. "Lieutenant Commander Victrix from the USS Fontana," she replied, taking a sip of her chai. "It's all very cryptic, I'm not sure what it's about." She shook her head slightly. "Ever heard of the Fontana?"

"No, cannot say that I have" replied Farizah, making herself at home and getting accepting the drink then walked over to the Captain's desk. "USS Fontana? Sounds like the name of a podunk little starship with a lieutenant commander in command" added Farizah who scooted her Bolian buttocks right up onto the Captain's desk and loosely crossed her legs.

"Let's see what the commander wants" she added taking a sip of tea.

"Indeed." Abigail took a sip of her drink then leaned forward, fingers tapping lightly at the console as she opened the communication, waiting for the other Captain to answer.

USS Astraea & USS Fontana

The screen display changed to the face of a darker skinned Risan woman with dark curly hair and who otherwise looked like she needed rest, trademark of a Commanding Officer. "Captain Laurens? I'm Lieutenant Commander Victrix of the USS Fontana. I was told you were being dispatched to the Delta Triangle. There's reports of a network of black market dealers operating near there, potentially tied to the Fontana's and my own mission ahead."

Abigail cast a curious glance toward Farizah before turning her attention back to the screen. "Forgive my surprise Commander," she said quietly. "I was under the impression that our mission was somewhat restricted knowledge, so I'm sure you'll understand how has caught me off guard."

"Restricted is political red tape for 'our asses are not accountable if word gets out'" replied the woman with a small smile. "The Fontana is going to be working this under the guidance of an Admiral. I was not privy to intimate details of what your assignment is, but I am aware of where you are going. I will not be with the Fontana for their mission, but any information you obtain about the black market activity there would be prudent for the Fontana to have."

The mention of an unnamed Admiral made Abigail bristle slightly and set her on edge. "I will take your request under advisement," she said calmly. "Is there anything else Commander?"

"Be careful out there" replied the woman from Risa. "Politically speaking, it is not the most hospitable region. I will make sure that Commander Stillwater is made aware of everything. If we find anything of interest to you and your mission, we will send everything over to you" added Victrix.

Lieutenant Farizah leaned over to make herself known on the screen. "Hello, Lieutenant Farizah Alani, Security Chief" the Bolian said introducing herself. "Feel free to send whatever you dig up. These black market networks are often connected in some way."

Victrix nodded. "Yes, that does appear to be the case more often than not" replied Victrix. "Captain Laurens, if there is anything that I can do for you, please let me know. This was a special assignment for me. Normally, I'm working out of the Palais de la Concorde, and my mother is an Ambassador. I do not like throwing my privileges around, but it does come in handy."

"If we find anything that may be pertinent I will have Lieutenant Alani vet the information and pass it on to you, but I'm sure you will understand that there may be some information we aren't able to supply, regardless of privileges. But, we'll do what we can Commander. Is there anything in particular that you are looking toward? I can potentially ask my crew to be a little more vigilant if there is specific information you're seeking."

"Commander Stillwater is going to be dispatched to investigate reports of a marauder vessel, one that's been rumoured a phantom. Comes out of nowhere and strikes vulnerable ships along trade routes. Just watch your backs out there. If you come across any jewelry from Betazed or Tellarite, give us a polite nod. A lot of vessels have been raided and we expect some of the items to find their way on the black market or pawned off to questionable merchants."

Abigail glanced toward Farizah to see if she was making mental notes of this. "Understood. If we find anything of note we'll definitely let you know. We're already making plans to mask our identities prior to entering the region of space and our teams will be going planetside without uniforms, we're hoping to not draw attention to ourselves unless absolutely necessary."

"Definitely sounds like a good idea. We will likely be doing the same. Incognito" replied Victrix. "Good luck, Captain. Victrix out" said the Lieutenant Commander.

USS Astraea

Farizah Alani looked at the Captain. "I can never escape this black market incognito crap" the Bolian said. "Last time I was dealing with a network of black markets I ended up married."

"Why does that not surprise me in the slightest?" Abigail smirked. "Look into this Commander Victrix for me? And that... what was the name? Stillwater? I want to know that they're on the up and up before I commit to giving them anything."

"My pleasure doing your bidding mon cher" replied Farizah with a small smirk. "I do not know anything about Stillwater. Victrix does ring a bell, and when she said Palais de la Concorde, I remembered. She is civilian...normally at least. Previously Starfleet and apparently once more with feeling."

"See what you can find out anyway. I'd just like to know that things are on the up and up. One dodgy Admiral pulling my strings is enough," Abigail finished with a smirk.

Farizah scooted off the desk and nodded. "I will make sure their are as clean as the natural springs of Rubicun III."

Abigail laughed softly and gave a nod. "Thank you Lieutenant, I'll leave you to it then. Just let me know what you find out."

"On it boss" Farizah said placing her cup on the pad of the replicator and hitting the recycling function before heading out, slowing down and swaying her hips on her way out, looking back over her shoulder. "I know. You hate when I leave, but love watching me walk away."

USS Fontana

DeVala Victrix reclined in her seat. She was still uncertain about her future, but in front of her was the PaDD she had been working on, the offer the Admiral had presented to her. In typical Victrix fashion, she had written out both an acceptance letter and a rejection letter in response to the offer. Still, she was not sure which she was going to actually send.


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