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Finally, a 2nd Doctor!

Posted on Wednesday, 22 July 2020 - 6:48pm by Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Operation: Jabberwocky
Location: medbay

Ryan didn't want to keep the new doctor from any shoreleave plans he had, but he did want to meet the man. He left Alexander a message that he would like to see him at Alexander's earliest convenience. Then he chuckled. A plasma burn case was walking in. Ryan headed out of his office. "I've got it Emerick, no worries."

Doctor Alexander was actually headed toward sickbay to check in with the Chief Medical Officer when he received a message on his PaDD from his superior officer, letting him know he would like to meet in person "perfect timing" Jarin said out loud as he walked into the sickbay. He noticed one of the Medical Officers working on someone with a plasma burn and moved to assist, sitting the PaDD down as he made his way over to the bio bed "What can I do Doctor?"

Ryan looked up. "Doctor Alexander. Good to meet you. Simple plasma burn here." He explained. He quickly finished up then turned his full attention to the new doctor. "I didn't expect you quite so quickly, I jut wanted to meet you before you left for any shoreleave you might have planned."

"No shore leave plans sir" Jarin said with a smile "I was on my way when I received your message and it's a pleasure to meet you sir"

"Oh good, just timing then." He walked to his office with Jarin. "Please, Ryan is just fine. I hear sir and I turn around expecting to see the XO or CO. Would you like anything from the replicator?"

Jarin gave a nod "I'd love a coffee" he replied with a smile.

Ryan replicated the man a coffee, cream and sugar on the side and a glass of water. He passed the tray with the coffee across his desk, then took a seat. "Well, first things first. Welcome to the Standing Bear. I'm not just saying it when I say it's good to have you here. I've been the only doctor."

"Thanks" Jarin said with a smile and started preparing his coffee with the offered cream and sugar. "I bet that's been stressful?" Jarin said curiously. Sometimes starship sickbays are extremely busy.

"It's certainly been time consuming." Ryan deflected. "So tell me about your posting here. Is this something you requested?"

After taking a sip of his perfect coffee, Jarin sat it down on the desk and smiled "just where Command decided to send me sir" he paused "Ryan" he corrected himself.

Ryan chuckled. "thank you. Well you'll certainly get a chance to do a bit of everything here. I'd recommend brushing up on your Borg technology. We have two x borg onboard."

"Oh that's something I'll have to do" Jarin had never had the opportunity to work with any former Borg and meeting them was something he was looking forward to. He took another sip of his coffee "I'll make sure to review their medical records as well" the Doctor added, mostly making mental notes out loud.

"Speaking of medical records. As long as you're here, I'd prefer not to return to the hospital on base." Ryan grabbed his own file for the man. "If you could give me the final clearance after the thoracic surgery, I'd appreciate it. Then we can make sure your file is updated as well, and the EMH won't have to yell at me about my horrid paperwork."

Paperwork was getting more and more every day it seemed like for Medical Officers so Jarin understood where the Lieutenant was coming from, but it was something that was required "any problems after your surgery?" he asked and started reviewing the record, seemed pretty straight forward.

"No. Just normal adjustments. Remarkable feeling when you can actually take a full breath. I'm actually feeling better than 100% today. Anything on your medical file I need to be aware of?" He asked in return.

"I'm pretty healthy" Jarin said with a smile, he worked hard to stay in shape and generally never really got sick.

"Good to hear. " Clearly Jarin worked out as well, Ryan was glad to see that the man apparently took his own health seriously. "So what part of medicine do you like the best?" Ryan asked.

"Emergency medicine and trauma surgery are my specialties" Jarin said with a smile, he was quite proud of his work.

Ryan smiled. "Well, We will try not to bump heads too much, I'm a surgical and pediatric specialist myself." He explained So far I've basically been on call 24/7. I'd like to come up with some kind of system where we actually get time off unless there's a medical emergency. Do you have scheduling preferences?"

"Not really" the Junior officer was just happy to have a place to work and treat patient.

"Well, I'll try to work something out that's equitable and I'll run it by you." Ryan decided. "Any questions?"

"Not really" Jarin smiled "I'm just ready to get out among the stars" the young Medical Officer replied, he could tell the Doctor ran a great sickbay and so far was impressed by his superior officer.

Ryan smiled. "Alright, well let's get the formalities of medical checkups out of the way. Then I'll be here part time for a few more days before returning to full duty."

"Sounds good" Jarin said with a smile.

Ryan led them out of his office and to the private room in the back of medbay. As Ryan walked in he lifted his left arm all the way up, something he could never do before without pain, it still hurt, but nothing like before. He knew he just needed to continue to stretch. "Hey doc, it hurts when I do this." He joked.

Jarin smiled "I can give you a hypo" Jarin joked back to the other doctor.

Ryan just snorted in amusement. He then dutifully sat on the bio bed. He certainly hoped this would be the last of the poking and prodding he'd have to go through. Though this was minor and non invasive, and he wasn't worried. Things had gone smoother than he'd expected.

Doctor Alexander took a tricorder and started a scan of the Lieutenant and after a few moments he smiled "looks good doc" he smiled and looked down "no sign of rejection of the new tissue and minimal scar tissue formation"

Ryan nodded, all things he knew, but was glad to now have signed off on. "Alright, your turn." He hoped down, sterilized the bio bed then grabbed his personal medical tricorder.

Hopping up on the bio bed Jarin smiled "hopefully everything checks out" he knew he was pretty healthy but sometimes you got surprised.

Ryan did the necessary scans. "Well things look fine. We are both cleared for duty, so that's out of the way. Let me know if you need anything, my door is always open."

"I appreciate that" it was always nice knowing that your superior officer was willing to talk or assist with things when needed.

Ryan stepped back, putting his medical tricorder back in his labcoat pocket. "Well, again welcome aboard. Please feel free to get yourself settled for a few days, enjoy the down time while he have it and all that."

"Thank you" Jarin said with a smile "I'll see you around" he added as he started out of the sickbay. He still wanted to look around the ship some and get to know the deck plan.



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