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Enjoying the down time

Posted on Friday, 24 July 2020 - 11:11pm by Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD
Edited on on Saturday, 25 July 2020 - 2:49pm

Mission: Operation: Jabberwocky
Location: Starbase 118
Timeline: MD 6

Checking the time Jarin yawned and stretched "five in the morning" he rolled over onto his right side and relaxed, another yawn and he closed his eyes trying to go back to sleep. He had the day off and didn't really have any plans so sleeping in would be great "might as well get up" he said out loud with a sigh, rolling over onto his back and stretching again. "Computer, low level lighting" he requested and sat up on the side of the bed, slipping on his house shoes as his eyes adjusted to the light.

Jarin got up and moved around his quarters, making his way to the replicator he ordered "coffee, black, hot" and his beverage was instantly produced. I piping hot black mug with the United Federation of Planets symbol on it. He smiled as he took the first sip and made his way to a chair in his quarters and grabbed a PaDD checking the latest on the Federation News Service "same old shit" Jarin said rolling his eyes and taking another sip of his coffee. Jarin was trying to decide what he wanted to do today, he knew after his coffee he wanted to either go to the starbase gym and work out or maybe go for a run. Leaning his head back in on his chair the Doctor yawned again, shaking his head before taking another drink from his mug.

Picking up his PaDD and smiling, he almost forgot he promised his mother he would check in as often as possible. He took a drink of his coffee and pulled up the messenger, he knew if he didn't stay in touch he would be in hot water. His dad would just get an update from his mother, both Captains in Starfleet and more than likely off leading their crew on an interesting mission. "Computer record message" the computer beeped in compliance.

"Hey Mom it's Jarin. I hope you and pop's are both staying out of trouble and safe out there on your adventures, I really think I'm going to like my assignment on the Standing Bear. It's just my luck that they are kinda on shore leave, but when we get launched I think the crew will do a lot of good things." He took a sip of his coffee and you could hear a smile in his voice "I miss you mom and even dad sometimes" he giggled a little "Oh and the medical facilities on the ship are top notch, I'm excited to see what we run into" Jarin paused and sipped his coffee. "I know that sounds horrible, but you know what I mean" another sip of coffee and he continued "anyway you and dad be safe out there and don't go causing any trouble Captain Alexander, love you mom I hope you are doing well."

"Computer end recording and send message to Captain Valerie Hart" the computer beeped once more in compliance and the message was sent, depending on several factors it may take days or even weeks for the message to get to the Captain. Half his coffee was gone and he decided to get up and grab a protein bar and munch it down real quick. It was't long before Jarin had slipped on a tank top and a pair of tennis shoes and was on his way out of his quarters "computer lights out" the lights turned out and he was out the door.

Jarin started his jog, deciding to get more familiar with the Standing Bear his goal was to jog at least four of the nine decks. This early in the morning there were not many people out and about on the ship, but that was normal. The Officers that were on duty were either in engineering, on the bridge or sickbay. Jogging in place Jarin smiled and said "good morning" when the turbo lift doors opened and a rather attractive woman wearing a red starfleet uniform exited. She only gave a polite smile and walked off as fast as she could. "Deck nine" he said with a laugh and the lift started to move.

When the lift stopped Jarin exited and continued his jog, this deck was deserted he couldn't find a soul. Jarin's jog continued for about another forty five minuets before making it back to his quarters "Computer lights" he requested and the lights came on to a comfortable level. Taking his shirt off and tossing on a chair he went to the replicator and ordered another cup of coffee. "Mmm" he smiled as he took a nice long sip from the mug and then stretching his neck. More of the coffee and Jarin was shaving and sipping his coffee at the same time, he wanted to look good because someone told him the station had a nice bar and he was going to check it out this evening. After finishing his coffee and getting a shower Jarin slipped into some civilian clothing and decided to go check out the shops on the base.

Just a short time later Jarin was exploring his first shop on the station. They carried several nice items of clothing, shoes, boots and hats "may I help you" came a voice from behind Jarin. "Just looking" he looked over his shoulder and replied, hoping the man would leave him alone. It annoyed the shit out of him when you were shopping and they hovered over you like buzzards, breathing down your neck, he just rolled his eyes and said "thanks" before moving on to the next shop. This particular shop would get Jarin in trouble if he didn't practice self control. A sweets shop with candies and chocolates from all over, including Earth, Vulcan, Bajor "this is amazing" he said to one of the clerks. When Jarin left the candy shop he had purchased over three pounds of candy and decided he should call it quits until it was time to go out later that evening.

Back in his quarters Jarin picked three pieces of candy and put the rest up "yummy" he said and took a bite of one of them. As he chewed a smile crossed his face "this is fabulous" he said out loud to himself and finished off that piece of candy moving on to the next, he flopped down on his bed and finished off his candy. He checked his PaDD to see if he had received any messages or any important news had come across the Federation News Service, but there was nothing of interest and it was long before Jarin had drifted of to sleep.

Jarin almost jumped out of bed, he didn't mean to fall asleep and noticed it was now fifteen hundred hours "oh my" he said out loud "good thing I didn't have a duty shift" he yawned and got up, headed toward the replicator he called out "coffee, black, hot" and by the time he reached the replicator his coffee was there and ready. He sat down in the chair and enjoyed his coffee, it would more than likely help keep him in a good mood since he slept so long.

Just before midnight Jarin stood at the door to the club, he took a deep breath, he thought he looked good and really just wanted to chill and have some fun. He had put on a nice button up shirt with a pair of jeans and boots. He wasn't really sure what type of club this was but he was going to make the best of it "Hello" he said to the bouncer he checked him in and let him go in the doors with out saying a word. "Okay" Jarin said under his breath walking into the club, it was pretty busy and looked really nice. They were playing pretty good music and there a lot of lovely ladies and gentelmen running around this place.

Jarin made his way to the bar and ordered a drink, it wasn't long until the bar tender sat it in front of him "thanks" Jarin said with a smile and started taking a sip of his Andorian Whiskey on the rocks. He liked to watch the crowed and turned around, holding his drink watching people in the club. Some of them were great dancers and some of them looked more like him dancing, but he always had fun when he danced or whatever you call it. A smile on his face as he remembered the last time he got drunk and danced "tonight will not be one of those nights" Jarin sipped on his glass, still wearing the smile and watching the divers crowed in the club.


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