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[Smarties] Honesty, Honour and Help

Posted on Saturday, 24 October 2020 - 5:40pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver

Baciami knew Soral had reappeared. She had a lot of business to discuss with him. She headed to see him after what she felt was a long enough time for him to reacquaint. The Italian felt nervous. She didn't want things to get out of hand, nor did she want to get into trouble. Adrianna knew the terms of her joining Starfleet and she was not desperate to get it revoked. After taking a breath, she sounded the chime to his office and tapped her nails on the PaDD in her hand impatiently.

Soral had been back on the job for a few days now. He sat in his office going over reports enjoying the familiar day to day routine. This had been a most interesting... few days.

Adrianna stepped in, "Sir? Welcome back. Have you got a few minutes?"

He gave a nod. "Indeed." He stood and motioned for the empty chair. "Please.. sit. Would you like anything to drink? He motioned to he replicator.

"I hear chamomile tea relaxes humans, " Adrianna offered," I'll take one, please."

"Indeed," he said quietly somewhat more muted then usual. He ordered one cup of camomile tea and one cup of pumpkin spice coffee. He sat down giving her time to collect her thoughts and begin.

"Business first then request for assistance of a personal nature," she sighed. Adrianna handed over a PaDD, "whilst you were gone, I gathered everything on Eyelaya. Sir, I have reason to believe that she is in danger and I am also now unsure if she is genuinely clueless on prior events."

"Unsure?" He asked. "Clarify."

"I've been phishing a little," Adrianna replied, "she knows tid bits, but I don't think it would take much for her to put pieces together, or at the very least, if we did that for her, she wouldn't be surprised."

"Hm...perhaps. Summarize what you found." He had his suspicions but....he wanted to be sure. There were questions he wanted to ask but didn't want to influence Adrianna's report."

Adrianna gave him the spark notes and who the information had come from before finally saying, "I think that's about it. I just don't know what to do next. At this point it feels like it may be a conflict of interest, but equally, I like to finish why I start."

"That is good enough. I will take it from here." He sat back and looked at her. "Thank you for your work on this."

Adrianna nodded, relieved to no longer be on the case. She tensed up a little now knowing that she was onto part two of their meeting, "so, next business?"

He raised an eyebrow sensing some of her tension. "Indeed." He paused allowing her to talk on her own time.

"You've read my file, you know my background, you know the terms in which Starfleet took me on," Adrianna began, "I'm afraid that one, and a half, of those conditions has been broken and I felt that honesty would be better than someone finding out later down the line and me getting thrown out."

He raised an eyebrow, "Oh? Go on. What was broken?"

"My brother called," she replied, "a few times actually. My father's trial was last week. I don't know what the outcome was, its blocked on my system and I have been avoiding calls from Giovanni since."

Soral entered a few codes on the computer and turned the screen towards her. "Take a look."

Instinctively, Adrianna looked away. "He's guilty, I know that. The evidence was there, especially the statements coming from me. I just don't want to know what the sentence is like. I also know that he wouldn't have been able to pay off a jury as all assets were frozen prior and quite frankly, people only hurt others for payment, not respect if power is lost."

"Indeed." He studied her. "I suspect your brother wished to tell you what was going on."

"I'm still unsure what he wanted. Something just doesn't sound right about him," she sighed looking back to Soral, "Sir, my end of the deal is now up. I'd like to be able to pursue Starfleet properly and not out of obligation. I don't know how or if I can do it."

"I have found that you have gone above and beyond obligation several times. I posit that your wish to pursue Starfleet properly is already being realized. You are a part of this crew and a part of this ship's family unit. I know that Stillwater is impressed with you as am I that is why you have been given the position that you were offered."

Adrianna looked confused," sorry, sir. I thought he was joking. Is there a way of me getting from mere petty officer though?"

"We shall see. I will speak with the captain."

"Thank you, sir," she replied, "I'll work out why Giovanni is contacting me and then stop him from calling. I won't jeopardise this."

"Family is family. You have my permission to contact him. It will be noted. If you wish to stay in touch with him I will work on that as well."

Adrianna was hesitant but nodded, "thank you, sir. I'll leave you to talk to the cap-ee-tan and stuff." She stood up, straightening her uniform.


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