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Investigation of an investment (Part 3)

Posted on Friday, 30 October 2020 - 5:52pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Crewman Leopold Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver

1400 came and Giovanni was sat in a booth in the bar on the Jupiter station far from anyone's ears. He still inspected the crowd to ensure safety for everyone. Gio may not have been Leopold's biggest fan, on the grounds of feeling protective over his sister, but he didn't want him hurt... Yet. "Leopold," the Italian waved him over.

"Hello there, brother Gi," Leopold said teasingly as he took a seat. "Glad to see you have found the place well enough. Have you been enjoying your time sitting here studying the people and digging into their pasts?"

Giovanni internally cringed at the colloquialism of his name. "Would you not do the same with the right resources?" He asked.

Leo scoffed and smirked. "Uh to be honest I am not in security nor intelligence. I work in the engineering department as a waste reclamation specialist, and if you are wondering what the hell that means, it basically is a fancy way of saying I have a background in environmental sciences and sustainability and I get to play around with poop, scrap metal, and such and find ways of reusing it all to decrease on the power drain of the starship's systems."

Giovanni made a bit of a face, "better you than me. Everyone has a purpose though. Mine is far from that. I must say, I'm not sure what I was expecting Adrianna to like, though I've seen her prior decisions, you were not it."

"I will take that as a compliment if you do not mind," replied Leopold. "Yes, I know. I am not that attractive to look at and very boring. I have a bland career path with little trajectory forward. I am still figuring things out. So, I am okay if I am not any person's first choice in a relationship, but if I am the one they end up choosing by default then I will be okay with that so long as they are happy with me. Being picked last is not new to me."

"That's one way to view it," Giovanni commented before asking, "when we met, you made it sound like Adrianna does not speak of her past. Are you aware of her past anymore? She knows of your background."

"I brought you up in conversation earlier and had a wine glass whiz past my head like it was the bottom of the ninth and all on the pitcher's shoulders," replied Leo. "The glass did not survive. So, I think you can draw a conclusion about how often and how much she brings up her past and 'the family' in general" added the man. "She knows enough about my background to know my home world sucks."

Giovanni smirked a little at that, "she hasn't changed then. That's good to know." He didn't care too much about Leo's home planet, frankly he understood it. It was earth's history after all.

"What about you?" countered Leo. "Have you changed at all? Because she does not seem to share your affections. As far as siblings go, I would not say you two are that close as far as she's concerned."

Giovanni sat back in his seat, mulling the question over. "We used to be close. I got her this position after all. I haven't changed. I assume she watched the message from our father and now assumes the worst." He sighed, understanding, "where is she?"

"As I said, I am just a waste reclamation specialist," Leo responded. "I am afraid that I am not your sister's keeper. She out ranks me and is head of the ship's small yet crucial Intel department. So, as to where she is right now, that's classified" added Leopold crisply. "Also, you may have gotten her 'the position,' but that does not speak much for your leverage. It's a small nine deck patrol ship, and she earned her current position and promotion on her own merit."

That seemed to spark fury. Giovanni sat forward, keeping his voice low and even, though it was clear he was outraged," the bigger picture is clearly above your paycheque and understanding. Where is she? "He punctuated his question with slamming his hand down on the table.

"Make a scene and your ass will be sitting in a holding cell until Daddy can arrange to get your little privileged criminal ass out," Leopold shot back. "Oh wait...Daddy is in prison isn't he? Guess you won't be getting that luxury, but maybe your sister will take pity on her brother and have you released" added Leopold sharply. "Do not mess with your sister, Gi, she's not to be toiled with, and quite frankly, I'm used to dealing with trash and scum. So, I consider myself an expert in dealing with you."

Giovanni clenched his jaw and his fist, "Mark my words, your time as Adrianna’s play thing are numbered. When that day comes, you won't have her protection. I will enjoy teaching you a lesson in how mafia operate because it is far from privilege. We all have dirty hands, my sister included. There is no place we cannot get to."

"Then, like any of your 'play things,' I shall just be left disappointed and wait for your coming to happen," Lepold said getting up from his seat. "This is not the time nor place, but one day we will settle things and you can teach me a lesson, but mark my words as well, it will be the last lesson you or your family will ever give."

Giovanni stood up and stepped close, "where is she?"

Leopold side stepped Giovani and proceeded the pass by, slapping the Italian on the ass. "Good game, Gi." he commented and looked the man in the eyes who undoubtedly was close to strangling him or at least throwing some punches. "Your sister is around. I told her not to be here, but you know your sister. If anything, she likely has a phaser point at you right now wherever she is...or perhaps the shuttle you are scheduled to depart back to Earth on will just go boom. I don't know, but I can fantasize about it."

Giovanni grunted about to throw a punch but froze, turning a little pale. He knew the move, dammit, he'd taught it to her. Adrianna was stood behind him with her Baciami dagger digging into his back just firm enough to be aware of its presence, "sit down, Giovanni, or so help me."

The man smiled, relaxing his fist and sitting back down. He looked his sister over as she holstered her weapon subtly, "you look good."

Adrianna simply replied, "you look like crap." She looked to Leopold, "had a nice chat? Now besties? So happy to see my brother and boyfriend getting

"Oh we are having a grand time, your brother was about to show me how you clearly got the brains of the family, and he got... I am not sure what Giovani got, but definitely anger issues and control issues."

"Aww, just like father," Adrianna chuckled before turning and whispering something to Giovanni in her native tongue. The longer her whispering went on, the paler he got. His mouth fell open and his eyes seemed to look a little panicked.

A few moments later she looked back to Leopold and put her hand in his, beginning to walk to the way out, "so... Celebration for my promotion?"


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