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Investigation of an investment (Part 2)

Posted on Friday, 30 October 2020 - 5:52pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Crewman Leopold Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver

Adrianna was expecting Leopold any minute for a date night. It was late, so just a few drinks. She was sat at in the living room with a magnum of a high quality champagne. Tonight, she at the very least, would be celebrating, albeit with something Starfleet considered 'alcohol'... Aka synth stuff. It would do though, after all, it was the act of celebration, not what you drank. She was looking forward to some down time but was a little nervous at how close to Earth they were. So close that the little blue and green planet could be seen through the window on the station, no bigger than a millimetre, but it was home.

Leopold took a deep breath as he strutted down the corridor, tugged on the long sleeve shirt that he was wearing. He was off duty and the two of them were not due back for a good long while. They would have plenty of time to spend together wherever they chose to. He pressed the door chime and waited for his girlfriend to respond as he tossed his hair around and tried to calm his nerves.

"Enter," she smiled and stood up to greet him. On seeing him she looked concerned, "are you alright?"

"Well, that depends on if you are going to kill me or not" he replied taking a deep breath. He walked over to the replicator in her quarters. "One root beer, cold frosted mug" he instructed the computer. Soon, exactly what he asked for appeared.

Is he joking, she thought, but her just told her otherwise and her instincts told her otherwise. Her heart sank and her instinctive question came out rather cold, "what did you do?"

"I'm sorry," he said almost pleadingly. "I am having an affair...with your brother, Giovani. He just professed his undying love for me" Leopold rattled off and then laughed with a bellyful chuckle. "Your asshole brother contacted me and has been trying to snoop into my past because he doesn't want you to 'get hurt,' and I am sorry, but I opted not to tell him to piss off. I invited him to come to Jupiter station, and I have made plans with him, but I said it would just be he and I."

Adrianna picked up the nearby empty champagne glass and threw it across the room hitting a wall away from Leo with a grunted shout in frustration. She started mouthing off in her native tongue, fury spewing out in unkind words. Then, like a switch, she suddenly stopped and looked to Leopold, asking softly, "are you alright?"

"Oh I am fine, Adrianna, but I think the wine glass will not recover," he said teasingly. "Remind me to make sure I do not give you anything fragile in sight when breaking familial news to you" he added with a small smile. "I am sorry. I shouldn't joke, but my mother used to warn me about the temper of 'red heads, but she said nothing of brunettes,' and now I am beginning to see my mother was inadvertently providing me with life-saving advice, but neglected to cover all her bases"

"I'm not ginger, but Italian tempers are worse than a red head's because we have passion to go behind the anger," Adrianna tried to joke. She was disappointed in herself and now just looked guilty, "I'm sorry. It's been a long time since I last lost my temper. It was not at you. It was at Giovanni."

"Ja, I can see that," replied Leopold shaking his head. "Your brother is an ass. I think your response was warranted, but let's try not to break nice things even if they can be easily replaced. I'll take the broken glass and make something out of it."

Adrianna sighed in what may have been relief, "he never used to be. Now he's just doing my father's dirty work whilst my father rots in prison. My father got Giovanni to send me a message from him. He's going to do whatever it takes to get into my head, your head, kill me from the inside out as he's more of a psychopath."

"Then I will keep my guard up, Adrianna," replied her boyfriend. "I promise that I will not let your brother, your father, or anyone do this to you. I'll meet with your along a bit if I need to, but we will break away from them once and for all."

She kissed him softly, "thank you. I'm sorry about this. You want me to come with. I can stay out of sight with a rifle?"

"You are the Chief of Intelligence now, remember?" he said with a chuckle. "Get Eyelaya or someone to create a 'bug' and you can listen in on the whole conversation from afar. Besides, you don't need a riffle. I'm meeting him at a bar. There's a whole arsenal of wine glasses and steins."

Adrianna chuckled then said somewhat flirtaciously, as a hint, "I was hoping to celebrate the promotion." She kissed his cheek, "it will wait, we will just have to be a celebratory vacation. I trust you with Giovanni. Just stay safe ok? At least take a phaser."

"It's a Federation space station, sweetheart," Leo shot back. "Starfleet administrated. You don't typically walk through a Federation station where you aren't posted, armed with a phaser. I will, however, be careful. I'm pretty nasty with a fork."

Adrianna knew he was trying to make light of it but it didn't help, "fine, but heads up--he's a left hander." Adrianna made a mental note to follow him.

"And I'm ambidextrous, so he's in for a few surprises."

Adrianna smiled a little but was still worried, "sorry."

Leopold returned the smile with his own. "No apologies necessary. I can handle your brother, and if he starts anything with me, I promise that I will let him live."

"That may be the problem," she chuckled softly.


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