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Investigation of an investment (Part 1)

Posted on Friday, 30 October 2020 - 5:52pm by Crewman Leopold Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt
Edited on on Monday, 2 November 2020 - 3:14pm

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver

Giovanni Baciami, brother of one Adrianna Baciami, did not like being without knowledge. He'd tracked down the only Leopold on board and had done what checks he could. Now he wanted to know who his sister was dating. He put in a call in what he assumed would be 'down time' on board a Starfleet vessel.

Jupiter Station thought Leopold as he stood in the living area of his quarters loading his luggage. He had been to the station before, once for certain, but possibly a time or two after that in passing. He recalled having spent a few days there when he went through basic training. It had been some years ago already, but back then there was a small little hole in the wall on the station, a Bajoran restaurant that served hasperat. The Standing Bear had been docked at Jupiter Station and the majority of the crew were being granted leave for a bit. They could go Earth if they wanted, Luna, or spend time on Jupiter Station. Leopold was packing his luggage so that he and Adrianna could get off the ship and go somewhere. He knew she may not have wanted to go to Earth, but he was hoping to convince her to go to Luna or at the very least Jupiter Station.

Giovanni decided to give it a go. The research had been completed and now he had come to a dead end. The man had only come up with the minimum and frankly, he was far from impressed with his credentials, though found his heritage to be something of interest. He placed the call and waited for him to answer.

The sound of an incoming transmission caused Leopold to stop what he was doing. He quickly scampered across the small quarters and made his way to his personal computer. Instead of taking a seat, Leopold picked up the screen detaching it from the base, and accessed the device in tablet mode, carrying it with him across the room and over to the replicator where he ordered himself a drink before answering the call which he was not expecting. Once the connection was made and Giovani's face took up a good portion of the screen, Leopold nearly spat the tea he had in his mouth. Instead, he swallowed it hard and fast.

"Giovani," he said addressing his girlfriend's brother. "If you are looking for Adrianna, we do not live together yet. You've 'rang' my quarters, not hers and she's currently not here" Leopold said the other man.

"What makes you think I'm not calling to speak to you?" The Italian asked curiously. His accent was a lot less thick than Adrianna’s.

Leopold contained the small laugh that had built up as a response. He instead cleared his throat and sat the mug of tea down and held the tablet in his hand looking at Giovani. "I'll concede that was a bit presumptuous of me," Leopold replied. "However, you have yet to contact me personally since our first little conversation. So, I cannot say that I have been expecting you to contact me. We haven't had the chance yet to meet and converse in person."

Giovanni let a smile tug at his lips. "I haven't been in contact because I wanted to do my own research on who my sister is dating. I doubt we will meet in person. I value my life and I'm convinced my sister would kill me."

"I value my life as well, but sometimes, you have to live a bit dangerously," teased Leopold. "I value a man who does research, but you probably are not going to find very much on me. I do not come from a Federation world, and I have only been with Starfleet for a relatively short amount of time. If you want to know more about me, then, you will probably have to risk death by sister."

"You're right, I got less than a scrollable page," Giovanni sighed, "very unimpressive, I must say. Tell me about you. I have read enough about where you come from."

Leopold chuckled "I'm sorry to inform you that I am as boring as the results of your digging into my history," Leopold replied. "I'm just a Crewmen. Your sister outranks me significantly, even more so now than before given her recent promotion and the fact she's now technically part of the Senior Staff" reported Adrianna's boyfriend. He was almost certain she had not mentioned anything to her brother about it. "I do nothing of importance aboard the ship and I am as dull and boring as they come."

Giovanni sat forward a little in a half attempt at intimidation, "my concern is not for any hobbies and rank. My job is as being a protector of my sister. Neither you, nor her is out of reach if a need to intervene is required." He laid it out clearer, his tone cold and even, "whether it is tomorrow or years down the line, if you hurt my sister, I will hunt you down for sport."

"I am fairly certain that your sister can babe herself, and very likely beat the shit out of you if she wanted to," replied Leopold. "I understand though. You need to be protective of your sister. I would expect nothing less from a brother, but you will not have to hunt me down. In fact, we are currently docked at Jupiter Station. Shall I make arrangements to shuttle to Earth and meet with you?"

Giovanni mulled it over a few moments before finally saying," I don't think it would be wise. Adrianna wouldn't be safe to return and you would be a key to her. It wouldn't be safe for you because of association with my sister. That and if you meet me, you'll also be meeting her other brothers. Seven older brother, and I'm the nice one. I can meet you on the Jupiter station? I can be there in a few hours."

Leopold bit his lip. He had a lot he wanted to say, but didn't. He did let one shot go across the bow. "If you are the nicest one, then the family is more than I anticipated," he admitted. "Okay, make arrangements to come here and I will meet you on Jupiter Station" added Leopold. He wasn't sure how the meeting would go.

"I'll meet you at the bar at 1400," Giovanni replied, "I'm sure you have questions." With that he cut the comm.

Leopold chuckled "Dude, that station has thousands serving on it and at least half a dozen bars," the blond man said to his girlfriend's brother. "Care to be a little less vague? How about we meet at 1400 at Bolton's Bar on the promenade. It's a fairly nice bar, not too seedy, but not the most crowded place."


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