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Posted on Friday, 23 October 2020 - 1:07pm by Emerick & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: USS Standing Bear | Sickbay

Ryan left T'Lanna and Eyelaya to discuss any intricacies about removing the nannies and retreated to his office. He gently lowered himself to the couch and then found himself more or less horizontal. This was no time for a nap. "Computer, activate EMH." he ordered but didn't even bother to sit up properly quite yet.

The ship's computer responded promptly to the command made by the Standing Bear's Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Ryan Rose. No sooner had he said 'EMH' did the program in question begin. Emerick's holomatrix activated with a quick flicker and his 'personality' sparked to life. "Doctor," Emerick addressed his colleague and friend. It was evident that they were in Ryan's office which either meant there was something to discuss or Ryan was about to catch some sleep underneath his desk. "May I be of assistance?" asked Emerick.

Ryan smiled. "Yes, please. First, help me up? Then, figure out what the hell they did to my ribs and fix it. I need to assist with T'Lanna's surgery." He really shouldn't have let himself get horizontal.

Emerick extended his hand. He could be as 'solid' as he wanted to. It was the perks of being a hologram. "They did an awful lot to your ribs to be frank. I do not want to disturb you, but I ran a chemical analysis. You will be fine, but they definitely injected you with some sort of toxin that caused temporary paralysis. You can't tell by looking at you, but they had definitely performed a bit of surgery and extracted a rib or two then put them back and mended them albeit not what I would call perfectly."

Ryan accepted the help up. "Lovely." Was his only comment. Because really, there wasn't anything he could do about it except getting the damage fixed. "I am sick and tired of my left side being somebody's punching bag slash plaything. You up for some repair surgery?" He asked.

The EMH nodded. "I am going to have to be," replied Emerick. "Between yourself and Lieutenant Vali, those aliens did a number on the crew. I'm still finding issues with those that returned. They removed one of the Chief Engineer's lungs, Ryan. Fortunately, they were kind enough to put it back, but that still has left his body in a bit if shock. I didn't feel safe clearing him for duty yet. So, he's on medical leave."

"Good call. I'll catch up on everything once we get T'Lanna under control. As long as everybody is stable, I'd rather not have nanites and Borg implants running havoc in our crew." Ryan followed Emerick to the OR.

"Agreed," Emerick said. There were pluses and minuses to serving aboard a starship as small as the Standing Bear. 'OR' was not really anything to write home about just a few upgraded biobeds on the other side of Sickbay. The Standing Bear may not have been luxurious, but that only stood to heighten the value of having a CMO with Ryan's surgical abilities.

Emerick looked at Ryan. "Do you ever miss serving on larger starships? Ones with auxiliary Sickbays and medical suites?"

Ryan began removing his uniform jacket as he sat on the upgraded biobed. "Yes I do. I wouldn't have to have crew recovering in the mess hall on portable cots if we had more beds. I miss having children on board as well." Ryan gave a little shrug, then a wince at the movement. "But it is what it is."

"Might get your wishes considering Vali's pregnant," Emerick said somewhat teasingly. "I suppose on the plus side there's less than a hundred crew aboard, but I concur, temporary cots in the Mess Hall or cargo bays are not ideal" added Emerick as he changed his appearance, switching out the standard medical duty uniform for the crimson red surgical garb.

Ryan couldn't help but grin. He always opted for non standard light blue scrubs. "You look like an Imperial Guard." He had no idea if his friend would get the Star Wars reference.

"Andorian?" Inquired the EMH. "I always wonder why they chose red for surgical garb. I imagine to hide the blood" Emerick teased.

Ryan just snorted softly in amusement. "We need a movie date. Pencil it in amongst the chaos that is our life." Then he turned serious. "We are low on resources, so just get a basic fix done. The fancy stuff can wait until we get to a real medical facility at some point. It will probably need a specialist anyway"

"Simple fix," Emerick scoffed. "How many Starfleet medical doctors have to work on pregnant Ex Borg patients or patients abducted by aliens and experimented on?" the EMH said shaking his head. "This ship is too weird at times."

"That it is." Ryan laid down. "See you in a bit." He smiled at Emerick, waiting for the anesthesia to kick in.

Emerick smirked. "Sweet dreams," the EMH said with a small chuckle. "It will be a hell of a lot more pleasant than what those aliens did to you. That much I can assure." However, no sooner did Emerick offer reassurance had the Chief Medical Officer completely zonked out. Emerick took a brief second to admire the peaceful looking Ryan Rose asleep on the biobed before he reached for a medical tool to get to work.


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