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And Evil Will Die (Part V)

Posted on Tuesday, 20 October 2020 - 10:29am by Captain Barret Stillwater & Commander Soral & Lieutenant Talarn Zilth & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: USS Standing Bear
Timeline: MD 10

The comm call summoning him back the Bridge came at an apropos time. Stillwater had just completed his meeting with Doctor Rose and Lieutenant Commander Soral. It would appear as though his crew had completed their work on the nanites. As Stillwater exited his Ready Room, the women were exiting the Turbolift and pouring out onto the Bridge and resuming their positioning at the appropriate stations.

"Lieutenant Kingsley, the nanites are ready and you've ensured they will be destroyed through self destruction after they damage their facility?"

Seating herself at the science station, Lieutenant Kingsley nodded. "Chief Eyelaya and Lieutenant Vali did excellent work. The nanites will work."

Commander Stillwater looked at Vali and then at Eyelaya. "Excellent work, all of you. I will make sure to make note of that in my official report to Starfleet."

“Thank you, Sir,” T’Lanna offered a smile as she looked at Eyelaya then back at Stillwater.

Eyelaya said nothing. She just shrugged. She was still unsure about a lot of things.

Stillwater looked at Talarn, who was at the tactical station. "I want those nanites loaded into a warhead, arm a quantum torpedo and stand by. We will punch through their shielding and fire the nanite warhead torpedo."

Talarn met Stillwater's gaze and nodded in response. "Yes, Sir. Nanites are being loaded into the warhead currently and the quantum torpedo is standing by. I will inform you when it is ready to fire."

"Petty Officer Baciami, see if you can determine what the hell they have for shielding on that facility. We won't have much time to do what we need to, Talarn's shots need to count."

Baciami was silent, watching the data flicker in front of her. "The shield is rhythmic in pattern. That noise we heard earlier --like crab-- every fourth beat there's a flicker." Adrianna counted it off, intrigued by the pattern. "Suggest we fire on two, it'll enter at 4, we'll be able to see nano things so their job and voyager Mark two make itself known by the edge of the third count of four."

"Tactical and Intelligence, coordinate targeting and shield harmonics," Stillwater commanded. "Helm, full impulse towards the target, attack pattern Centaur Theta Five One."

"Quantum torpedo is ready and nanites are loaded. Awaiting your mark," Talarn informed Stillwater, his metal tipped fingers tapping on his console.

T’Lanna had to admit she had butterflies, thanks to the anticipation of what might happen. If anything went wrong she’d be reported to Starfleet for all the wrong reasons and so would Eyelaya and Alex. She had faith in her advice and the nanites would do their job, hopefully. There was no margin for error.

The Helmsman worked the flight controls, young and rather inexperienced with one solid pip denoting him as an ensign. The Helmsman turned in his seat. "That's an oldie, but I think I can remember it."

Stillwater chuckled at the young man's choice of words. "If you need a refresher course on old flight patterns and maneuvers, we can arrange some tutoring in the holodeck," replied Stillwater. "I'm sorry, Ensign, but as an 'oldie' myself, I'm fairly settled in my patterns and maneuvers," noted Stillwater.

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach a new dog old tricks," quipped the ensign, who brought them in closer to the facility and maneuvered them into position. "We're within firing range, Sir," reported the Helmsman.

Commander Stillwater stood from his seat, looked at the view screen and turned to give a nod. "Target phasers and fire on Petty Officer Baciami's word," ordered Stillwater, who gave a nod to the woman to give the order when it was appropriate.

Those were words Adrianna quickly decided she didn't like. They made her feel quite ill actually. The woman nodded and counted out, finally commanding, "Fire."

Talarn nodded. "Yes, Sir." He tapped his screen once. Funny, how it took so very little effort to fire something so dangerous. "Phasers fired," he confirmed.

Stillwater watched the phasers collide with the alien facility's shielding, exposing it with a sort of soft amber glow. The shielding flickered and it was evident that it was no match for the Standing Bear's phasers. The quantum torpedo and the specialized warhead with the nanites would be unexpected and certainly sting these aliens for a while. "Target their primary power source and fire the torpedo," Stillwater instructed.

The Cardassian's fingers tapped rapidly across his console. "Target is locked on and torpedo is away." His gaze shot up to watch the view screen.

A smirk swept across the Commanding Officer's face. He was satisfied with the result. The facility was soon suffering the experience of the nanites wreaking havoc in their systems, and in a few seconds, the nanites would no longer be a threat as they self-destructed. This was a message clear and precise: You brought the fight to your doorstep, consider this a knock of warning, and do not disrespect my courtesy, thought Stillwater. "That should be clear enough for them," said Stillwater. He looked at Kingsley. "Once we are clear of subspace, Lieutenant Kingsley, I want you to launch a warning set it to transmit, and launch it at your discretion."

"Aye, Sir," Alex nodded, working at her station for a few moments before adding, "It will be launched and transmit on all standard frequencies."

"Good," replied Stillwater. "That should help prevent more starships falling victim in this region of space. We will launch additional buoys at various points until clear of the region" explained the Commanding Officer. He looked at Baciami "Now, let's see about leaving our friends with enough information to settle their curiosities."

"Chief Eyelaya, I believe the Petty Officer has given you everything for 'Voyager II,' please launch it immediately before we clear their subspace."

Eyelaya gave a nod. "Aye sir." She began pressing buttons. "Ready sir."

Commander Stillwater tugged on his uniform, straightening it, and proceeded towards the turbolift. "Number One, return us back to 'normal space' and head back to Federation Space, then have helm plot a course to the Sol system. I will be in my quarters. I have to contact Lieutenant Yolen's family when we reach the Sol system."

"Indeed sir." He would write a letter as well. Although from what Yolen had told him there were very few that would care.

Before he got into the lift, however, he took a moment to address the Petty Officer. "Commendable thinking, Ms. Baciami. I don't know what they will choose to do with the information, but your ingenuity and compassion here today may serve as the building blocks to something greater than all of us."

Adrianna nodded with a slight smile, "honey than vinegar, sir. Plus, the stain on your hands would haunt you later."

Stillwater chuckled. "Out out damn spot" he replied stepping into the lift.

"Hamlet held truth, sir," she replied.

Before the doors of the lift closed, Stillwater stopped them. He poked his head out and looked at Baciami. "Macbeth, my dear. I think we may have a date with the Bard" added Stillwater as he slipped back into the lift and permitted the doors to close.


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