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Posted on Tuesday, 20 October 2020 - 10:25am by Captain Barret Stillwater & Commander Soral & Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD

Mission: Operation: Dreamweaver
Location: USS Crazy Standing Bear | Deck 01 | Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD 10

Commander Stillwater left Talarn in charge of the bridge while he led Doctor Rose and Lieutenant Commander Soral off across the bridge and into the Ready Room. He waited until the three of them were securely in the room and the doorway closed behind them. He gestured for the two men to have a seat as he replicated himself some rooibos tea and let the synthetic aroma reach his nose. He took the mug and proceeded over to his desk, taking a seat behind the desk and looking out at the two gentlemen. "Gentlemen, I appreciate your objections to my impulsive plan. The fact that those words were uttered from my mouth and the concept of potential genocide entered my mind is out of character for me. It goes against my philosophies and principles. I suspect this lack of sleep is beginning to taint my decision making."

Soral let the silence stretch. "You lost crew, you have not slept. It was not a wise suggestion however that is why the senior staff is there. I am not sure if you are familiar with the incident of First Contact and Captain Picard's dilemma...he was faced with a similar situation...The crew would not let you go down that hole."

"Jean-Luc Picard had a legendary service record as Commanding Officer of the Stargazer and two Enterprises," replied Stillwater. "He was making a name for himself in the Academy texts even when I was at the Academy" explained the Standing Bear's Commanding Officer. "I know that he like many before him and those after him faced and will face these dilemmas and situations, and it is reassuring that I have the two of you in my corner, not simply as enablers and supporters, but tethering me to my philosophies, principles, and the duties of this position and the oath of service taken to wear this uniform."

Ryan offered the CO a polite nod. He was pleased to hear the Captain admit and take responsibility for his actions. He was human after all, and Ryan didn't fault him, it was a very human reaction which he did understand. "I agree with the Commander's sentiment sir. It is what we as the senior staff are here for."

Soral paused. "I do believe that after this is completed we will all need a rest. This be quiet mission yet our crew has been tested more then ever." He looked at the CO. There was something more he wanted to say.

Stillwater nodded. "This has been far from relaxing and provided little to no rest," the CO replied. "Doctor Rose, I am sure you concur with the Commander. Likewise, as do I, and Lieutenant Vali undoubtedly will reinforce any recommendation for rest and relaxation."

Ryan actually got a small smile on his face at that one. No doubt indeed, he didn't think he'd get complaints from any quarter about giving the crew some time to rest.

Commander Stillwater picked up a PaDD and mulled over it for a moment before setting it aside. He noticed that lingering expression etched into his XO's face. "Gentleman, we're in a secure room. Please, do not hold back on my account. I value a candid discourse among my Senior staff."

Soral paused and then spoke, "I can understand how you feel sir. This experience was...enlightening. We lost some crew however I think that with the one Vomnin we rescued we will be able to open a door that was closed to so many. Out of this...horrible experience some good has come."

"Your'e right, Number One," Stillwater replied. "There is that. We may have inadvertently begun the first steps to a stronger relationship with the Vomnin. If we are able to expand upon that in time to come, we may be able to pull resources and share star charts and data more frequently."

"Indeed I do have a suggestion."

"Go on, Commander," replied the CO. Soral always did this. Typical of the Vulcan he would set up to inquire or offer a suggestion, but seek approval to proceed. "You have my attention."

"I suggest we contact the Vomnin to let them know of their crew and the survivor, perhaps an invite to Jupiter station?"

"Perhaps it would be more prudent if we just rendezvous with them outside of this region, return their survivors. Jupiter station is an awful long journey if they don't have slipstream which chances are they did not, but an open invitation nonetheless."

"Indeed. I shall take care of the communications."

Commander Stillwater nodded. "It sounds like a plan. We will do as such, and then proceed back into Federation space when we return to normal space. The sooner we get out of this later of subspace, the better" noted Stillwater.

A communique came through from the Bridge. It appeared as though Kingsley and the others were ready. "Well gentleman, it looks as though we are due back on the bridge. They have the nanites prepared" Stillwater announced and stood from his seat. He would lead Soral and Dr Rose back out onto the Bridge of the Standing Bear.


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