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What the ... happened while I was gone

Posted on Sunday, 3 January 2021 - 5:30pm by Lieutenant Ryan Rose MD & Petty Officer 1st Class Siana Ilian

Mission: Operation: Ouroboros
Location: Jupiter Station

Ryan hurriedly stepped off the transporter pad and onto Jupiter Station. He was still clad in a suit, having just returned from a medical conference. The scuttlebutt had hit him while he was still en route, and now he needed to figure out what was real and what was exaggerated. A return to the ship would have to wait for just a bit though. He had a bit of a verbal battle with the guard at the hospital, but a quick verification of credentials and he was finally able to get to Petty Officer Ilian.

Petty Officer Ilian was... bored. During her time in medical facility she had been given her own room which afforded her privacy while also keeping her room in the line of sight of the nurses station at all times. Five or six 'escapes' was one too many, apparently. At least she was spared having to endure the EMH aboard the Standing Bear for a little while. It was hard enough adjusting to the emotional rollercoaster of an unplanned joining and the inherited knowledge, experience and personality of ten prior hosts.

Yet there was nothing much to do but stare at the walls. While there was no shortage of reminiscing available at the drop of a hat, Siana longed to get something else - freedom.

She was tired of tests and evaluations. She wanted to find some normalcy. Hearing the door open she glanced up from the news reports on the nearby monitor and found a familiar and friendly face.

"Siana." Ryan smiled. "I leave for a few days and you get yourself practically throw in the brig." He teased.

"I think they seriously considered that option," she confessed with a mischievous grin. "Shame, they are far easier to get out of than you'd think. I am so happy to see you! Did you come to help me escape? If so, watch out for the nurses. They are like ninjas..."

"The security guard out front is no joke either, he checked my ID twice. Come on, let's go get some coffee and pastries." She got to see what he meant when he had to yet again prove he was the CMO of the Standing Bear. "I should have changed first." He grumbled good naturedly. "I never get hassled while wearing the lab coat."

"It gives you a certain something..." she agreed as she followed after him, sticking her tongue out at the guard as she passed. Her sneakers made a squeaking noise on the floor and she would have sworn the nurses had done that on purpose so they'd hear it if anyone tried to get past them. "They really don't like it if patients wander off. When did you get back?"

"Just now. I came straight from my transport to the hospital when I heard the scuttlebutt. So, fill me in. What has been happening?"

"Well, seems like the galaxy has gone a little crazy, Earth for humans and all that. Your counsellor seemed to be about to give birth when I was last in the sickbay and I became a host," she told him as they walked towards the part of the promenade which housed most of the restaurants and cafes. "I'm sure there is more but I've been a little out of the loop."

"T'Lanna in labor?" Ryan had a brief urge to take off running. He took a calming breath though. Deal with one fire at a time he told himself. "Well, let's get seated and fed, and you can tell me all about it."

"As long as you pick, it takes me all day to decide what I want," Siana confessed with a small smile. "Was the conference good?"

"Boring beyond belief." Ryan replied. He ordered them both tea and the pastry sample platter. It would be far too much for two people to try and eat, but that is what to go bags were for. "But, we are here to talk about you." He smiled. "So, catch me up to speed. Trill has cleared you but Starfleet hasn't? Do I have that right?"

"Yes, that pretty much sums it up. I've had had every test imaginable but Ilian is stronger, healthier, with every passing day. And ten previous lifetimes is a lot to get used to. Added to that, Siana didn't ever plan on becoming a host," she agreed as she sipped her tea. "Oooh. I like this one."

"Talking about yourself in the third person." He grinned and snatched one of the pastries. "So, tell me how you are adjusting. It has to be quite the shock. Do you feel ready to go back to work, or do you just want out of sickbay. Which I don't blame you for by the way."

A smile played at her lips. "Both," she said as she tore apart a pastry. "I am still me. Just me with a few hundred years of memories and a few different lifetimes thrown in... I am more than just a host. I want to go back to my life. But yes, I want out of sickbay too."

"Are you in contact with Trill? Somebody who can answer any questions you might have about adjusting to a symbiont?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, and the Symbiosis Commission has been bombarding me with so much information," Siana admitted with a smile. "As if Ilian hasn't gone through the process many times... They were concerned it would be overwhelming. And in some ways it is. After all none of us were prepared. Varod was unwell for some time but we fully expected to make it safely back to Trill before his illness became too much. We were wrong. Our stubbornness almost ended our legacy."

"I'm glad it worked out for you." Ryan sipped his own tea. "What else do I need to know?" He asked.

"What would you like to know?" she asked curiously. "Other than custard and fish fingers? Just no, not a good combination. I speak from experience."

Ryan chuckled. "I already knew that one actually. I was thinking more in terms of medically. No signs of rejection in the symbiotic? insomnia? psychotic breaks?" he smiled at the last one. "I just don't want to clear you and end up with a chicken head in my bed or something."

“No sign of rejection, no. Insomnia, a little. But then I have a lot of new memories buzzing around. I’m not sure I’m a good judge of having a psychotic break. Would I know? Would I tell if I did know? Why would anyone put a chicken head in your bed? Do you like chickens? I’ve never seen an actual chicken so I don’t know...”

Ryan just chuckled. "No, no, I hope to never find out, and yes as food I do." He answered the questions in order. "Alright, I'm going to sign you off. but please keep in touch if anything comes up, even small. But finish your meal before running off."

She grinned, “that’s easy, I’m starving.”

"Alright, now that we've got you settled. I really should go. Seems things have been very busy on the Standing Bear without me. I need to catch up, check on T'Lanna at the very least.”

“Thanks Doc,” Siana smiled, reaching for another pastry.

"You're very welcome. I'll see you on the ship." Ryan grabbed one more pastry for the road, then headed off.


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