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Meeting at the Gym

Posted on Monday, 13 April 2020 - 3:03pm by Lieutenant JG Yolen * & Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Mission: Operation: Overdrive
Location: USS Fontana | GYM
Timeline: 2393


Yolen had decided to head to the gym that evening. He was very much looking forward to his morning duties on the bridge. As predicted his and Alex's change or roles had been approved. Smiling, as he always did, he headed to the gym taking his place on the bike.

Entering the gym, adjusting the volume of her music so it was the perfect balance of motivation without risking damage to her ears, Alex Kingsley walked towards the far corner of the room where she set aside down her kit bag and began her warm up. As tempting as it was to skip this part, she knew better. And so she focused on her stretches and some cardio before taking off the light outer jacket and allaying it on top of her bag.

A quick drink later and she slipped out of her sneakers before she headed barefoot for the bag suspended in midair. Rolling her shoulders she stepped up, adjusting the pale pink gloves which were skin tight and supported her hands and wrists. Similar supports protected her heels and ankles. Turning up the volume ever so slightly she had not a care in the world as she worked through a series of kicks and punches, exactly the way her personal trainer at the academy had taught her.

Drawn by Alex's arrival Yolen headed over. He waved to get her attention.

Landing a spinning kick she was preparing to follow through with some punches to the bag when she caught a glimpse of Yolan. Quickly reaching out she stilled the spinning bag, worried for a moment there flyboy was about to be taken out. Touching her ear, the music fell silent as she stepped around the punch bag towards the Denobulan. “Hi,” she offered with a bright smile, breathing hard.

"A most excellent display. How are you settling in to your new quarters?"

“Fine,” she replied scooping up her water bottle and taking a long drink before continuing. “More space although most of it goes to waste. I travel light.”

"Ahhh but the art of nesting is traveling light and then filling things up." He grinned. "I tend to buy things and then leave them for the next occupant as a gift."

“Nesting?” She repeated, “I’m not sure that’s my style. At all. Huh... I had zero gifts but that’s okay. You come down here often? Sorry! That sounded like a really cheesy line ... I just meant I hadn’t seen you in here before but I suppose if you were working nights.... shutting up now.”

He smiled, "No need. I was on shift nights so during the day I was her. Now with the schedule as it is I found a new time." He pointed to the bike. "I like that machine." He studied her. " I noticed that the bag was swinging. Would you like me to hold it while you practice your kicks?"

“No!” She said quickly, looking horrified. “Last time I did that my instructor lost two front teeth! It’s okay, I am used to it and it keeps you moving. You like cycling huh? I’m more of a runner. Helps me think.”

"Nonsense I have done the bag hold before. Cycling helps me clear my mind as well." He looked at her. "You have very interesting red hair. Quite beautiful."

Unsure of what exactly to say to that she opted for, “thanks. And if you are sure...”

He smiled, "Of course." He held the bag. "Go ahead."

Alex grinned, dropping the water bottle back into her kit bag and then getting into position. “Okay flyboy,” she teased. And then she began. Keeping a focus more on accuracy than strength she unleashed volleys of turning kicks, not wanting to unwillingly hurt her new found friend. Settling into a rhythm she put more power into each strike, yet each time Yolan held firm even if occasionally he seemed on the verge of losing balance. He had lots of nerve, she would give him that. Even kicks which landed just inches from his face he remained steadfast.

"Marvellous! You are very good!" He grinned.

"Thanks. I had. Lots. Of Practice," she replied in between kicks before slowing down and eventually switching to punches. "You should try."

"Ohhh I'm more of a lover not a fighter." He chuckled. "So what drew you to science?" He asked, genuinely interested in what drew people to their chosen paths.

"I've always been curious, wanting to know how things worked and why," she answered with a shrug, not breaking her steady pace. "And I had some great teachers. They encouraged me. So did my mom and dad. He worked in R&D and I used to love watch him in his workshop, tinkering away and testing ideas... anyway, that's why. What made you want to be a flyboy?"

He smiled, "As a child I used to love watching the stars. I promised myself that one day would be amongst them. I wasn't sure how but... when my mother's third husband took me flying and allowed me to take the shuttle I knew that it was what I was meant to do."

"Third?" she repeated, not sure she had heard right. "So he gave you the flying bug then?"

"Indeed. He showed me everything I needed to know about flying. "Yes third." He grinned. "On Denobula every man has three wives and each wife has three husbands."

That gave her pause. “Sounds complicated. I don’t think I’ll ever have one.”

"One what?" He asked curiously.

“Husband,” she laughed as she landed a few more punches.

He smiled, "There is nothing saying you need one. You are very attractive. I have no doubt you can attract a mate or lover."

“Offering?” She teased, sticking out her tongue as she landed a few more punches. “Besides, lots of time for marriage. Definitely not planning on three, at the same time or otherwise... okay, that’s enough. I need to save something for my run.”

"Indeed." He studied her. "Why not. We Denobulans are not as inhibited as you humans." He smiled. "If you choose to you know where to find me." He headed to the cycle. "Enjoy your run."

“Thanks!” She called after him as she headed to the other side. Running outdoors was something she missed terribly and a treadmill just did not compare, even a holodeck fell short. Adjusting the setting she started her music and then the programme, turning up the volume as the speed and incline increased. Even though it was a demanding pace she couldn’t help but glance back at flyboy, grinning when she caught him looking back.


Lt.JG Kingsley
Chief Science Officer


Lt. JG Yolen
Helms Officer


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