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Time for a Partnership

Posted on Tuesday, 29 June 2021 - 1:52pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant Raith Kolani

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich

Adrianna was still finding her feet after her ordeal on Ekos. She hadn't slept well but masked it well with coffee... Lots of coffee. She'd updated her Tally tattoos and it stung a little still, but it didn't stop her from getting back to work.

Kolani had asked to see her and for him, she didn't mind. The woman saw his door open and smiled, "good morning."

Raith looked up from his PADD as he heard someone say good morning and was glad to see that Petty Officer Baciami had arrived. He stood up from behind his desk as he welcomed her in. "Good morning, thanks for stopping by...can I get you a drink?" he offered.

"Black coffee, please," Adrianna nodded, stiffly taking a seat.

Raith nodded and ordered both a Black coffee and a Raktajino from the replicator. Once both drinks arrived, he passed the black coffee to her, also noticing the slightly stiff movement as she took a seat. Putting his drink down for a moment, Raith turned back around.

"Are you ok? you look a bit...stiff for want of a better word," he asked as he also took a seat opposite Baciami.

"I'm fine," Adrianna smiled, "Ekos kicked my ass and then some." She took the coffee, gratefully sipping it. "So, what can I do for you?" she asked changing topic.

"Well, I'm aware that whilst I've been on board, I've not really reached out to you and Intelligence as a department to see what Operations can do to assist or even improve where possible," Raith began.

"I do like to try and help out where I can and also realised that somehow we managed to miss each other as department heads, apart from the odd briefing here and there," Raith added. He'd wanted to do this for some time, but as always aboard a federations starship, there always seemed to be some sort of emergency or mission pop up out of nowhere.

"It is rather strange," Adrianna agreed, "on such a small ship we've mostly managed to miss each other too." Adrianna nodded, "a problem we must rectify. I suggest weekly meetings, or more when a mission requires. Even if it's a more personal meet. We do, after all, need to be able to work together."

Raith nodded in agreement before taking a sip of his Raktajino. "I agree, that sounds like a good plan already. I can fit in weekly meetings easily and if there is a mission that requires more co-operation, then I'm all for that as well," he explained.

Pausing for a moment, Raith also decided to take a leap as well. "It's also true that on a ship this small, it's amazing how we managed to miss each other as well. I would be happy to a more personal meet as well... apart from being in my relationship with T'Lanna... I can't really say I have many friends aboard...more colleagues I suppose," he admitted.

Adrianna chuckled," I was always told that the only friends you keep should be blood or marriage." She clarified," times have changed."

Raith laughed as well. "Well, I'm yet to be married and the only relative I have left is out serving on another federation starship, so I don't really have other options as I don't get out much either, the curse of being a Starfleet officer."

"But yes, times have definitely changed and, despite this being our first meeting, I don't feel on edge with you or concerned for my health suddenly," he added with a smile.

"I may have a temper, but I am not difficult to get along with," Adrianna grinned, "many people read my background or have seen me hold my own, and are scared, but I'm harmless really... Mostly... To those, I'm friends with anyway." There was a teasing tone to her voice, though the facts remained. She was often feared, as she had a switch where she was almost emotionless at times with a bloodthirsty that encouraged it, but Adrianna was more than that, especially since meeting Leopold and being a part of Starfleet.

Raith could tell there was a teasing tone to her answer and he smiled a little before replying. "Then I'll make sure I don't get on your bad side each time we meet," he offered. "I take it coffee helps most of the time?" he asked as he could see that her drink was helping her cope with the stiffness that she'd shown before.

Whilst he had his own fault with enjoying a good Raktajino as a start to the day, Raith also knew that there were times he just couldn't cope without one and he could also realise that in her line of work, Baciami could also get the job done regardless of what was required of her. He'd met intel officers before and it also seemed a virtual prerequisite in his experience.

Adrianna looked down at the mug then back to Raith, "it's more of a godsend really. Without it, I don't speak much aside from my native tongue. I feel like I cannot function without it. It's definitely a consistent thing in my life. Coffee helps all aside from a caffeine addiction."

"Well, I won't hold that against you, we all have our faults in one way or another, for me, it's having one of these on a regular basis," he said, holding up the Raktajino mug before taking another sip. "However, I'm happy to share a coffee or rak with you of a regular basis if that's going to help the day go by, for both of us," he added.

Adrianna chuckled, "well I'm glad we both have addictions." She then added, "on a more serious note, if we are to work closely together you should know that I have one hell of a temper. I don't scream and shout, but I can be nasty when pushed. Italian nature I suppose, but know that I will always be blunt with you and I expect the same back."

"I understand and it's duly noted," Raith said as he understood her completely. "I was going to say as your of an Italian background, it would almost be expected, especially as you work in the Intel department... I would have thought it would come in handy in your role from time to time."

Raith could see why she'd made him aware of her temper and now realised that it was quite possible Baciami could easily take down several opponents if she needed to. "I'll also make sure I return the favour, I know I can be blunt at times when its needed as well."

Adrianna smiled, "I am very much the stereotype, and sadly my background is in the Earth Baciami's-- a mafia ring. So, I'm stronger than I look. Except right now, I'm a little broken though medical have signed me off as fit. Strength of the mind needs to be regained. I'm glad I wasn't around in the 1930's/40's."

Raith nodded as she explained her family history to him and recalled his education about that era. "Not a pretty time in Earth history and from the sounds of it, you are better off in the here and now than you would be back then... Rather glad your in one piece here otherwise, not ruling out some kind of time travel issue or temporal paradox, that could be a tricky one," he explained.

"But from the sounds of things, I'm sure you'll be back on form and ready to blunt out there with those that deserve it," he said with smile.

"I'll still smack an ensign if I have to," Adrianna chuckled softly, teasing, "on a serious note though, I'll be taking a bit of me time, protected me time to get back to where I need to be. So outside of shift, I may not be around, at least not willingly. Not without a heads up anyway."

Raith understood what she was saying, already knowing that healing was a process that time couldn't rush. "I understand, I don't want to hold you up any longer if that's bothering you? And I'll make sure that that I don't bother you too much either whilst your off shift. Should you need a friend, or a rank higher than Ensign to slap, feel free to give me a call ok?" he offered to her.

Having recovered from his coma not so long ago,m he knew all too well that recovery was an amazing thing, but it also worked to its own time table as well.

Adrianna smiled and chuckled, "I'll spare you, but if you get a guy out out of line, let me know." She paused, "I really do appreciate this meeting and I'm glad we had it. I hope it won't be long before our next." She stood up, "thank you, Raith."

"It's been my pleasure...Adrianna, it was lovely to meet you and I look forward to doing this again soon," Raith said as she stood up. "Please, take care of yourself during your personal time."


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