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Honey! It's only a honeymoon!

Posted on Tuesday, 29 June 2021 - 12:24pm by Crewman Leopold Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Neu Reich

The pair had some well deserved leave, albeit not long. A honeymoon for a day or three in Risa would have to do. Adrianna had enjoyed bikini season and genuinely enjoyed just relaxing and being with Leopold again. As with most honeymooning couples, the pair were enjoying the comforts and intimacy of the bedroom, making up for lost time, though both had settled for mostly embracing each other.

The balcony doors flew open gently, the net privacy curtains dancing with its new found energy. It was a refreshing breeze, but it felt cold to the Italian, causing her shoulder to get goosebumps. She kissed Leopold's neck from her comfy spot on his chest and looked to the doors.

"It's not Ba'ku, but gawd this is amazing," Adrianna sighed contentedly and stood up, stretching and getting dressed. She wanted to go to the beach for an early morning swim, though her priority was to shut the balcony doors.

Leopold reached out and grabbed Adrianna’s hand, not wanting to let her go too far from him too soon. They had spent way too much time before their wedding being separated in a concrete building of despair. The prison on Ekos was stuff nightmares were made of, and the days upon days where the two had not seen one another were the most miserable days of Leopold’s life. They had caused him to become a bit more tethered to his new wife.

He looked at her and smiled. “I just didn’t want you going too far ahead, not without me,” he explained. It was an honest explanation as to why he had suddenly made himself an anchor albeit he did not go into the reasoning why; the trauma from Ekos had changed him in many ways, some ways that even he was not fully prepared to admit. Leopold was still learning how to be a good husband, and not become like his father.

Adrianna had flinched at the hand, with memories of Ekos clouding the experience of a mere loving gesture. She relaxed, turning around with a smile. Adrianna stepped back to Leopold and kissed him softly, before attempting to pull him out of bed playfully, teasing, "we cannot spend all of our honeymoon in bed. There is a beach, a warm ocean, cocktails and places to get lost in." Honestly, she was grateful for the contact and she showed him by running a thumb over his fingers. The contact was a welcomed change that reverted the pair back to a semblance of normality.

Adrianna blinked, suddenly feeling rather pale and unsteady on her feet. She took a breath, "you still make me swoon at how much of a gentleman you--" The woman suddenly went rather limp, falling.

Now, it was Adrianna serving as an anchor, and nearly brought Leopold down, but he was able to keep himself and her upright and grounded. He had always been lean with not a lot of meat on him, but Ekos prison life had really screwed with his muscle and he was nearly skeletal by the time they were freed from the prison. Doctor Rose had Leopold on a healthy diet to start rebuilding muscle and putting weight back on.

Leopold pulled Adrianna back towards him and into his arms. “What’s wrong?” he inquired, worried about his wife. “Are you feeling ill?” he asked. This was supposed to be their honeymoon, but if anything was wrong with Adrianna, Leopold would want it taken care of immediately. There was no telling the psychological damage that Ekos had caused on them both, and the physical side of things was just about as bad. They were still recovering while on their honeymoon.

Adrianna tried to refocus but struggled, "Perhaps Rose missed something-- I was rushing him so that I could see you. Maybe, hospital?" The woman put her hand to her head, the entire room was spinning and she felt the need to either be sick or to eat the largest hamburger that money could buy.

Adrianna put her hand on Leopold's cheek softly, "I'm sure it's nothing, but better safe than sorry. I just want to enjoy our honeymoon, with you, my husband." She smiled.

“You’re right,” he said, walking her back towards an ottoman nearby, letting her take a seat on it. He proceeded over towards a replicator unit and ordered her a glass of water which he carefully brought over and handed to her. “Here,” he said offering her the glass. “Just take it easy and have some water. I’ll get us to the hospital.”

"Thank you," she smiled. Though the pair of them had been through hell, she was both impressed and relieved that Leopold had remained his caring self. He always seemed to put her first and for that, she was grateful. Since they'd been back, she had seen a change in him, but what parts were down to his parents staying with them or just their time on Ekos, had instigated it, she was unsure. Either way, part of her still saw the Leopold from before and she was eternally grateful that he had not seen her as the villain of the tragedies and atrocities that had occurred.

Leopold made his way over towards a communications unit and tapped the controls. There were a lot of options, but one was a direct channel to the service desk, the reception area of the resort. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath. “This is Mister and Mrs Eberhardt in the Epsilon Ceti Honeymoon suite on the east wing, we have a bit of a medical situation with my wife,” he said looking back at Adrianna. He smiled because he got to say wife. “Can we have a site to site transport to the nearest hospital?”

The woman on the other end sounded concern, but she immediately followed through with Leopold’s requests. The two were soon engulfed in a shimmering light and there was that distinct tingling of a transporter that always made Leopold giggle a bit on the inside. Soon, they would rematerialize in the waiting room of a Federation hospital.

It wasn't long before Adrianna was called in. After about five minutes, a nurse came out. The small woman looked around a moment, trying to find the man that the patient had described. Her eyes lit up seeing Mr Eberhardt and she smiled. The patient's description had been entertainingly accurate. She stepped over and rather quietly asked, "Mr Eberhardt?"

"Yes?!" replied Leopold, shook from his wandering thoughts and blank gaze. "That is me," he added looking at the nurse.

"Can you follow me? Your wife has requested you be with her," the nurse gestured to the door.

He nodded. "Of course," he said. He wasn't about to leave his wife alone for too long.

Once at the private room, the nurse let him in, but remained outside. In the room, it was just Adrianna, no doctor. She was sat at the edge of a biobed, holding the edge of it, unsure if she should get up or not. Her head was hung, and she was staring at the floor. Adrianna was whispering something, maybe even praying in her native tongue. It was unclear if she was just trying to be quiet, or if she was crying.

"Adrianna, what is wrong, my beautiful wife?" inquired Leopld. He was immediately by her side, worried about her well being. "It is not bad?"

"I'm so sorry," Ade whispered, looking up to his eyes. Her eyes were a little wet, "when Rose was sorting everything out, I forgot to mention-- and even if he mentioned, which he probably did, I ignored him because I just wanted to be with you. I forgot to go back-- my priority was you. I'm sorry. This is my fault and I know that this wasn't planned and after all the hell we've been through, I don't know if this is a rainbow or just more storm clouds-- I'm just so sorry. Forgive me."

"What do you mean…" He looked around nervously. "Explain. What do you mean and why have you been feeling unwell?"

Adrianna gestured to a nearby screen, "my husband, Leopold, I'm pregnant. The doctor thinks a few weeks at the most." She looked back to the floor. When she had thought she was pregnant last time, there was almost relief in them both, more so Leopold than her, when it turned out to be false. Now she felt she was letting him down.

… Adrianna's writer, Scarlet, is in fact pregnant and will be having a baby 23 November 2021 ish and is very, very excited!… yeah… fourth wall, bitch… now back to the story…

“You’re pregnant?!” Leopold exclaimed and immediately reached out to grab Adrianna’s hand. He looked at her with a gaze of love. “You do not seem happy about this? I am. I am very happy to hear this, Adrianna! Our family is growing.”

Adrianna looked back up with a small smile and glimmer of hope in her eyes, "really? You're excited? Last time -- when I thought I was pregnant, you were relieved that I wasn't. I was worried about how you would react."

She paused, and wiped her eyes with her free hand, "and I'm not upset; I'm in shock. This is very quick -- unplanned, but very much welcome. We needed some good in this life of late. I was just glad that I had you back. I didn't think we'd have more to our family yet -- you know, aside from your parents staying with us for a little while."

“The last time you thought maybe that you were pregnant, we had only just started to get to know one another and properly date,” replied Leopold. “It is very different saying that the girl I am dating or my girlfriend is pregnant than it is saying my wife is pregnant.” He shrugged. “I know it is almost the 25th century, but I am from Ekos, and speaking of could I not be happy about this? We just survived months of brutal hell together.”

He looked at her. “Baby is great news, my parents staying a while...not so much.”

Adrianna genuinely smiled and reached for Leopold to kiss him. "I agree. Baby equals great, your parents… well… your mother rearranged my kitchen and your dad is testing my patience."

Just then a doctor came back in. She handed Adrianna a small PaDD, "just give that to your CMO when you return to your ship. Other than that, stay fed, stay hydrated and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon." The doctor looked to Leopold, "congratulations, Mr Eberhardt."

"Thank you," replied Leopold, blushing and gleeful. He was going to be a father. He never expected that to happen, but he had met the right person.

Adrianna stood up and smiled, taking Leopold's hand, "thank you, Doctor." Adrianna stepped closely to Leopold as they walked out.

"We will make the best parents." He said it with competent confidence. "I suppose we need to start thinking about names."

Adrianna chuckled, "if you say so. As for names -- nothing until 12 weeks, ok? It's bad luck."

As they got out of the hospital she turned to Leopold and stopped. She put her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes with a small smile, "you happy, husband?"

“Happy as a clam?” he replied. “Is that the expression?” he was not sure. He had heard it once or twice, but did not fully understand it.

"Not a clue, but I assume yes," she kissed him. She was happy, over the moon even. Perhaps this was a rainbow after Ekos. Regardless, Adrianna felt like things were looking up, and the winds of karma had changed.

He continued kissing her. He was happy and glad to be starting this journey together.


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