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An Unexpeced Meeting

Posted on Saturday, 24 April 2021 - 2:40pm by Ensign Oriana Skye Sety & Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers
Edited on on Saturday, 24 April 2021 - 2:51pm

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Location: Starbase 21 |Various
Timeline: 2394 -- Couple weeks pre SB arrival


As Oriana walked through the dark club with the strobing lights she couldn't help but laugh at herself. This was not her scene but it was a change of pace. She liked looking at all the people at the mascaraed and wished her camera hadn't broken.

Scarlet was sat at the bar, staring out into the crowd. It was the pounding sounds that had her here. She wanted her brain to be downed out for a little while, so she could have a break from work life. The ginger woman seemed almost in a trance as she watched sweaty people 'dance' and drink.

Having made a round Oriana returned to the bar seeing a woman seated next to the seat Oriana had vacated. She sat down signaling the bartender for another drink. She smiled at the woman. "You look exhausted."

The woman blinked out of her trance and smiled, "exhausted. Hoping this will help."

"It certainly is loud but interesting. Not my usual scene but it's been that kind of day."

"Same, I'd have to be dragged in here and really convinced to stay," Scarlet replied, "it's drowning out my mind." She looked down and sipped her drink, "I'm Scarlet.

Oriana smiled, "I'm Oriana. Are you a visitor here or do you work on the station?"

"Bit of both," the brit replied, "I'm here for an interview tomorrow, and then doing some work here in the station's medical bit for a few days. Few upgrades and a tune up of the EMH. You?"

"I was hired to come in for a few weeks to do an assistant post but...well plans changed so visitor now waiting for final posting." She smiled. "Fired before I even started."

Scarlet winced, "we've all been there. Their loss, right?" Rogers was a kind person, though usually nervous around people on a first meet, but the distraction came easy.

"Very true. So medical... are you a doctor or engineering?"

"Engineer, technically," the woman replied running her fingers through her hair, "I'm in research and development. So I sort all the new gadgets and gizmos. Assuming you're Starfleet too. What is it you do?"

"Yeoman of sorts. They have a technical term for it. I'm not good at French but I think it's a French term. Aide-de-camp, so basically I organize XO and COs."

Scarlet thought about it a moment, "that sounds like an easy job to get let go from. All you need is a XO or CO that isn't on your wavelength. Want me to design an EMH but for senior staff?"

She laughed. "No it's fine. This was actually pure accident. Apparently the assistant was to take medical leave and then the tests were mixed up so she's fine." Oriana sipped her drink. "So you're in Engineering. Do you know the staff well?"

Scarlet shook her head, "I move every so often doing the upgrades or research. I know CMOs better than engineering. Mainly because they beg us to give them all the new kit."

She smiled, "Ah okay." She looked around. "I feel like chocolate. are you up for leaving he noise?"

"The place next door, the burger place, they do shakes," Scarlet suggested. She didn't need to be asked twice to go elsewhere.

"Let's go." She finished her drink and then headed out. As they walked through the doors of the dance club and out into the hall the music was less disturbing. Oriana shook her head. "That was way too loud."

Scarlet groaned, "I mean, it did the job, but I feel like my ears will ring for days now." Scarlet lead the way to the near empty burger place. They found a seat and Scarlet ordered a strawberry shake.

Oriana ordered a chocolate banana shake and settled in. "My ears are already ringing. But it was a nice distraction." She looked down at herself. "And at least I got to wear the new dress I got."

Scarlet looked to her uniform, "hmm, I barely took off my lab coat." She looked back to Oriana, "still, distraction, I agree, was good."

"So now that it's quiet. Tell me a little more about yourself."

Scarlet blushed, "not sure there's much to tell. I always wanted to be a doctor. First day of med school, I fainted at the sight of blood. So did the next best thing, engineering specifically for medical. I guess it feels like I'm still kinda helping. My dad was an engineer of sorts and always, jokingly, wanted a boy, so I helped him out in his shop loads when I was a kid. So I was always predestined to work with my hands. What about you? How does one get into being a human calendar and whip."

She laughed. "Now that is a long story." She took a sip of her milkshake. "Your path sounds destined for sure, mine was accidental. I guess i've always been an organizer and loved to keep people on task, writing and paperwork. I never really found my niche so I stuck with what I know. I finished university and then enlisted in Starfleet hoping for a PO role but apparently my education qualified me for an Ensign post so here I am, still trying to figure things out while doing something that I can stand and actually like."

Scarlet nodded, teasing, "remind me to call on you when my schedule goes nuts. You should be grateful your enlisted. I went through the academy and now work with a load of doctors that watched me faint to begin with."

"Well that's can't be pleasant. But hey we all have things we can't tolerate. To this day I hate turbolifts."

Scarlet chuckled, "I thought for years that turbo lifts had elevator music. Turns out it was just my brain being dumb."

"Yes well they terrify me so I'm not sure how this Starfleet thing will work out and it's sure to cause some embarrassment." She studied her new friend. She wasn't one to warm to people quickly but there was something interesting about this woman. "So you said you had an interview tomorrow?"

Scarlet nodded, "I'm going for my PhD. I've made it through so far, just my final interview tomorrow. I'll be researching upgrades on starships that are too far away to get upgraded. Like the ones that visit unchartered space or ones that just don't go back to bases often. I mean sometimes, you'll have ships with outdated equipment in its medbay by five years. When they come back to base, it takes weeks to upgrade it all. So, looking it how we can fix that, remotely or otherwise."

"Well that sounds interesting! Are you ready for the interview?"

Scarlet nodded, "all prepared. I've got all my notes and stuff in my quarters, I just needed to switch off and relax. I'm not good at relaxing before things like this."

"I was like that for the longest time and then I tried meditating." She studied the woman. "I have a feeling that you will do fine on your interview. You seem like you have a well of inner strength."

Scarlet chuckled, "thanks. I'm actually a nervous person though. Shy normally. The idea of this interview is making me want to puke. It's just - well, you know, I just want it so much, I think."

"I can understand that. But don't let your thirst for the position be your undoing. Go in there with the attitude that no matter what happens you did your best and if you win you win if you don't then you get to immerse yourself in what you love a little more. Tell me do you have a talisman?"

Scarlet smiled, this woman's optimism was cheering her spirits," thanks, easier said than done. I don't have a good luck thing, no. I don't believe in it. I'm under the impression that whatever happens, happens for a reason."

Oriana let out a little squeal of delight. "Me too! I'm a strong believer in fate and destiny." She grinned. "My whole life has been like that. It's good to meet someone else who believes in that."

Scarlet sat back from her shake, "perhaps we were supposed to meet, hm?"

She laughed. "Perhaps! Can I be honest?"

Scarlet nodded, "I'd prefer it."

"I don't usually feel so free with people but meeting you put me at ease instantly."

Scarlet smiled, "I feel the same way. Who knows, our paths may cross again."

She smiled. "Perhaps." Looking at the time she said. "I can't believe how late it is!"

Scarlet checked the time, "I should get some rest." Scarlet finished off her shake and stood up. "If you're about on the base for a while, we may bump into each other again. I hope so, it would be nice to have a friendly face, in person."

She smiled. "I agree. I'll be here for at least then next couple of weeks." She smiled. As she looked she saw someone else going into the club, someone she knew and could not seem to get off her mind. "Well I think I'll stay out a bit later. Good luck tomorrow on your interview."

"Thank you, and good luck in your next posting, where ever it may be," came the reply.



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