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Time for a new Adventure

Posted on Sunday, 2 May 2021 - 1:09pm by Lieutenant Scarlet Rogers & Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Peace or P'Jem
Location: Starbase 21 -- Med Bay
Timeline: 2394


Scarlet kept her head down tapping away at her PaDD as she walked through the corridors to get to the CMO's office. With any luck, she'd see the chief. They were old room mates from the academy. Regardless, Rogers needed a 'signature' and then she was free until the Standing Bear was there.

The lieutenant arrived at the office. The chief's door was open and the chief was in their office. The woman rapped on the door frame, "hi, I need your thumb."

Amanda Jones looked up. "Well! Hello Miss on my way to being a doctor." She motioned to the chair. "Have a seat."

Scarlet blushed a little and chuckled, "thanks. Hi." She took a seat and placed the PaDD on the desk ready for Amanda.

"You do realize once I sign this your fate is sealed, your off amongst the stars leaving me behind by myself."

Scarlet chuckled, "Don't remind me. You know me-- I never thought I'd leave Earth, or be on a station, let alone a ship. I'm genuinely questioning what I've done and if I need a psych evaluation again."

"Oh Scarlet, come on. I know this is all frightening but you'll see an adventure awaits you. You just need to make some more friends."

"Well, I've met one person on base, she's nice. She's just been assigned the Standing Bear," Scarlet smiled proudly then blushed, "truth be told, she's not the only one I know on board. My ship choice was a follow of heart-- bit of a gamble."

"Ohhh now you have to tell me about that. I'm all ears." She laughed.

"It's a story that may make you gag, roll your eyes or tell me I'm an idiot," Scarlet warned.

"Proceed," She said with mock gravity.

"Well, I met this guy accidentally. He was on shore leave and was at the San Francisco hospital where I was working. We would up be dating for two-ish weeks, in person -- like date every night and occasionally lunch too. Then he had to return to his ship. We kissed. Gawd--amazing kiss. Then we parted, but he calls me every week, sometimes more than once. He like superhero stuff too. Oh, he's a CMO like you too. So anyway, found out I got the PhD, I told him I was in the process of picking a ship and he practically interrupted me and suggests his ship." Scarlet took a breath having finished seemingly getting all of what she had to say out in one breath.

Her friend smiled, "Well now," she said rubbing her hands together. "Looks like Princess Scarlet has found a prince charming." She laughed. "OHHHH I want to hear every detail."

Scarlet chuckled, "his name is Ryan Rose. He's tall, blond, handsome. He's just a gentle guy, with such a heart. I could really see me falling for him. Who knows, maybe doctor and doctor Rose one day. But it is way too soon for that."

Her friend studied her. "Have you checked him out...made sure he's not married."

"He's not married, though once was. Definitely over though," Scarlet replied, "he seems to have a good reputation for being a genuinely nice guy. Some of the San Francisco doctors and nurses knew him." She paused, "I feel a little nervous, maybe foolish about this leap of faith, but I just can't shake him from my mind."

"Well, that's good but promise me you'll be careful. Better safe then sorry."

Scarlet offered a smile, "bravery and stupidity have a fine line. This leap of faith will either end horrifically or it may be the best thing that has happened to me in years. With any luck, it's the good kind of fate. I really think it might be."

"Well, I'm sorry that you're leaving. You've done a lot for the med bay and it's going to be lonely without you."

"I've only been here for a week," Scarlet chuckled, "I'm sure you'll be fine. At least with me on a PhD and not working, working, we can actually call more."

She smiled as she took the PaDD reading it over. "We better call. I want to live vicariously through your relationship." She laughed.

"If he's a CMO and can find someone, I'm sure you can find someone too," Scarlet replied with a hopeful tone.

She sighed, "Yes but I'm lazy." She signed the PaDD with her thumb print. "I guess you're off for a bit of a rest then."

Scarlet nodded, "I don't remember the last time I was this free. I don't like it. You know me, I have to be busy or I can't sleep"

"Well just take the time. In your new posting I have no doubt that you'll be busy. Play the tourist for a while."

Scarlet nodded, "you been on a ship before?"

She gave a nod. "I have. It does take some getting used to but after about a month you forget you are on a ship. It feels like home." She studied her friend. "Are you nervous?"

"Scared out of my mind," Scarlet nodded, "a lot can go wrong. It's so enclosed. Just a lot, you know."

"That's true but that's true of any place that you are. Starships have failed safes and the Engineers are well trained as is the Ops department. As you know," She said. "The ship you are going to is small but it has many shuttles and your going to be perfectly safe. Trust me."

Scarlet smiled, "I'd imagine that when Boeing still existed, there were people still scared of flying on Earth, even though it was the safest mode of transport at the time. I'll be OK. I just need to be there."

"Absolutely. Now the big question," She said smiling.

Scarlet looked up, puzzled.

"How about dinner tonight?"

"Oh gawd, yes, pizza like old times?" Scarlet asked.

"Perfect." She smiled. "Eight ?"

=/\= 8PM =/\=

Scarlet had heard of a pretty good pizza place and was awaiting Amanda. It wasn't overly busy, but busy enough to know it was a damn good place. She had a drink ready and was merely people watching, making up stories for their lives, whether accurate or just hysterical.

"People watching again?" Jones asked as she sat down looking tired.

Scarlet snapped out of it, "and? It's entertaining. So far I've got an Ewok-ologist and a yeoman."

She smiled. "I see, what's their back story?"

"Well, I mean, the guy likes his fur, clearly. It looks like tribble, but I'm thinking Ewok. So, he likes to keep mementos of his subjects. He got into it a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away after escaping Alderan for running weird experiments on Gungans. As for the yeoman, I mean look at the woman! She's got OCD and is trying to control how her partner sits, eats and whatever and she's clock watching. I reckon either it's a first date gone wrong, or she's secretly 200 years old and she's sick of husband number... Four... Five? So, she's counting the minutes before the poison kicks in," Scarlet chuckled.

"You my friend have a dark side."

"Most people think I'm all rainbows and unicorns, but the most interesting stories are those with hero's and villains," Scarlet countered.

She laughed. "I will miss you when you go." She sighed. "Now, what kind of pizza do you want? Separate or do we share one?"

"Pepperoni to share for old times sake?" Scarlet offered.

She grinned. "Sounds good. Then I have one more stop in Engineering after dinner to see Engineer Hamura and I can sleep." She laughed. "Now, when does your ship get in again?"

"I'm not sure, I think it's next week. I'd need to check," she replied then got back to the first curiosity, "I have heard that name a lot in a short space of time," Scarlet chuckled, "to what do you owe the pleasure?"

She smiled, "Hamura is a whiz with all things tech and has a scanner of mine that needed to be fixed. Apparently it's fixed!"

"Ah," Scarlet nodded, "you should have said and I would have saved you a trip to see that guy."

Jones coughed. "Huh? Which guy?"

"Hamura," Scarlet replied, "tall, somewhat handsome, light hair. Looks human."

She smiled. "Betazoid actually. Hamura is a complicated individual as you may well see. Applied to your ship I hear."

Scarlet chuckled, "Gawd. Just gawd."

Jones smiled. "So. Tell me more about Mr. Hot Doc."

"He's a dork, Prince charming," Scarlet listed, "what do you want to know?"

"Well tell me what he looks like."

Scarlet looked to a PaDD she'd brought with her since she was reading a little earlier. She flicked through it a moment and then handed the PaDD over. It was a selfie of the couple on the beach in San Francisco, with some corn dogs. "Tall, blond, a little muscly."

"Well then...he's handsome. You two look like an amazing pair."

Scarlet blushed, "I guess we'll find out."

She laughed. "Some advice if I may?"

"Last time you offered me advice, I wound up in hospital with a twisted ankle," Scarlet chuckled, "but please, continue."

"Keep your heart open but don't completely drop your guard."

"Insider knowledge on CMO's?" Scarlet asked.

"In part. We all tend to be workaholics. It's like having a mistress." She laughed. "With no benefits."

"Sounds like we'd be a pair then," Scarlet commented, "if we're both married to our work, then we can be each other’s other person."

She laughed, "Only you Scarlet."



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