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Girl Talk, and Crushes

Posted on Saturday, 18 April 2020 - 10:46pm by Commander DeVala Victrix Ph.D & Emerick

Mission: Operation: Overdrive
Timeline: 2393


Eyelaya headed towards sickbay. She was a woman on a mission. It had taken her a while to make this decision but she was ready and willing to try. As she walked she recalled a conversation with Victrix back when they had been on the away mission...

=/\= Some Time ago during away mission..=/\=

Eyelaya paced the confines of her guest quarters. Her mind worked a mile minute and without even thinking about it she found herself walking out of her quarters and towards the guest quarters for Victrix. She rang the chime and nervously waited.

Lieutenant Commander Victrix had been walking on through her guest quarters with a mug of fresh from the replicator coffee number forty-five. She had taken two sips of it before the chime rang. She swallowed the hot liquid and was able to tell that it was not the best choice from the menu of coffees, but it would do in a pinch. She proceeded towards the door and pushed the control to open it. There was Eyelaya. "Chief," said Victrix greeting the woman. "Was not expecting to see you. Please, come on in."

"Thanks!" She said cheerfully. She bounced in and turned, "I need your help!"

Victrix sighed and took another sip of the coffee as she gestured the younger woman in and towards the sofa. "Did Commander Soral threaten you with the Vulcan death grip again?" she asked with a smirk. Soral was starting to show signs of a sense of humor albeit not a conventional one and he was sometimes dry on delivery. "I promise you, Chief, there is no such thing. I've even consulted the Federation database on ancient Vulcan. I found nothing that would indicate the existence of a 'Vulcan Death Grip'" she explained.

"No nothing like that." She sighed and then spoke without a breath, "Okay so I've never been in this situation the last time I was in a relationship he approached me and I said yes....I mean look at me who would want to be in a relationship with this but anyway he didn't like me after the accident and I lost my Cardassian features and even before that it was only for shock value although ... really take what you can get... my adopted mother always said that. If you're lucky enough for someone to like you take what you can get...but now...I kind of like someone on the crew and I don't know what you can do.....Ohhh that was totally an unintentional rhyme."

There is not enough coffee for this she thought to herself. "I am not sure how I can be that much help to you, Chief. I cannot really order anyone to date you" replied Victrix sarcastically. "When it comes to romance and I, we aren't sorted into the same filing organizer. I have always been married to my work, rarely have I ever allowed anyone to get that close to me. We're on a small enough starship as it is. Emotions are bound to stir up and you'll have a close working relationship with a lot of the members of the crew. I'd be cautious not to mistake that natural fondness for something more."

She sighed, "But Emerick is different."

"Eyelaya, Emerick is the Emergency Medical Hologram" countered Victrix. Could be worse. It could have been Soral. Oh fuck it could have been me thought the woman who at first was baffled by her naming Emerick, but now relieved it was not herself or her First Officer. "I know. The Emergency Medical Hologram is much more advanced than his predecessor models; however, the 'H' is still for hologram" she noted. "His personality is programmed, a mixture from various medical personalities which has resulted in synthesis."

"Yes but all these personalities make him unique. And yes, he's a hologram but I know all couples have hurdles and we're just molecules too. The only difference is his can't be solidly formed outside of the holo parameters. I'll make it work!" She said enthusiastically. "I need your help. How do I tell him?"

Victrix held up a hand of protest. "Wait," she said immediately. "Let's just say that you do genuinely have feelings for the emergency medical hologram. What makes you think he has feelings in return? Can he even have those feelings for anyone, and what happens if you do tell him and find out that he does not?" she said with a stern tone. "You may have come for my help on this, Eyelaya, but I think the best advice you can get right now is from Lieutenants Kolani and Vali."

She sighed and sat down. "I...I guess I have a lot of thinking to do."

"It's not something I would advise jumping into without taking a lot of time to think on it" said Victrix.

Eyelaya a stood. "I should go." She walked over to the door and opened it. "Sorry for bothering you." She turned and left. This was one thing she had to figure out on her own.

She smiled at Eyelaya. "You can always come to me about things, professional and personal. I just will not always have the answers that you are looking for. Some things are just not in my realm of mastery" Victrix added.

=/\= Present time...=/\=

Eyelaya had thought a lot about it. Sh had to try. She entered the sickbay thankful that it was empty. The late hour assured it. She was sure that Emerick was there. She called out, "Emerick!"

He was indeed in Sickbay and activated at the time she arrived. He was not used to people shouting for him, but he came out of Doctor Rose's office with a tricorder. He saw Eyelaya and looked confused. She did not appear injured. "What are you shouting my name? I half expected to find wounded out here. What's wrong?"

"Sorry...No wounded. I ... wanted to talk to you."

"What is it that you want to talk to me about?" he asked. It did not seem like it would be medical.

She looked around. "Let's go to your doctor Roses' office."

Emerick nodded in agreement with the request. "He's not here right now so that should be fine" replied Emerick. He headed towards the small office. He took a seat and gestured for Eyelaya to take a seat. "Something wrong?"

"No...not really." She paused. "I'm afraid if I don't say this quickly I won't say it at all." She sighed.

Perplexed by whatever she was holding in, he looked at her and studied the facial expression. "Something important", he noted "I don't need a tricorder to tell you are sweating a bit and I would suspect you are anxious about whatever it is. So, how about you just say it so that I can help you?"

"Okay so here it is.......Emerick I like you. Would you ... consider going out on a date with me?"

This was not something that he was prepared to handle. "I" was all he could manage to get out in the moment. He let the silence build in the following seconds before a sigh. "Consider it? Perhaps, but in my own time, Chief. I am still new to social interaction and experiences. I have never had much in the way of a friendship before that I am aware of, and I am only starting to find that with Doctor Rose and yourself" he replied. "I do not know how to respond to this inquiry. The best that I am able to do right now is say that I will consider it, but I will need time to research and explore the limitations of my programming."

She gave a nod. "Okay. That sounds okay." He wasn't saying yes but he wasn't saying no either. It was a limbo sort of answer.

"I'm sorry that I cannot provide you with more of an answer, Eyelaya" he replied a little more informally. "The problem is you are more aware of your emotions, your wants, hopes, fears, and desires. I am not programmed to have most of those elements. I have a complex programming that provides me with a personality, but it is hollow. In a way, an illusion" he added. "I will need time. I may also need to seek help from others when it comes to this matter."

She gave a nod. "Okay then." She sighed. "Well I should go."

Emerick gestured to the doorway of the office. "I am sure we will speak again soon, Eyelaya" he replied. "I hope that I haven't ruined your day."

"I'm fine." She said somewhat unconvincingly. "I'll see you later." She left heading to her quarters and then remembering Sam. She headed for Engineering.


Lieutenant Commander Victrix
Acting Commanding Officer

CPO Eyelaya

Emergency Medical Hologram


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