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A lack of fight

Posted on Sunday, 25 July 2021 - 11:56am by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Crewman Leopold Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Lazarus

Adrianna had returned from the fight to find that she was along in their quarters. It wasn't a problem, though she couldn't deny that being alone since Ekos had been hard. Regardless, she needed to gather her thoughts and process what had happened.

Suddenly her stomach turned. Whether it was morning sickness or anxiety catching up with her, the woman scrambled for the bathroom. Once settled she cleaned herself up and headed back out into the living room. Leopold must have come in whilst she was losing breakfast. She offered a smile, "hi."

"Hello there," replied Leopold. He studied her appearance and how she was carrying herself. He scrutinized every fine detail he could now that she was back from her squash match. "You won?" he inquired though he wasn't doubting her victory.

Adrianna nodded, "not a scratch. He didn't want to hit a girl." She returned his judgemental look, "didn't think I would? Your dad won big."

Leopold shook his head. "I knew you would win, but I did not know if you'd be able to manage to escape unscathed, no offense, but some people do not mind hitting a girl, especially when that girl can kick their ass," he added. "As for my father winning big? That is not surprising. That man knows money when he sees it and would put a Ferengi to shame."

"Maybe that's where he should live next," Adrianna muttered before getting a little defensive, "I'm well aware that men hit women. Frankly I needed an outlet. I just... Blacked out a bit."

"What?" he looked at her with growing concern. "What do you mean blacked out? Have you been eating right? Did you see the Doctor?"

Adrianna held up her hand to silence Leopold. She knew his feelings towards her being in the ring and frankly already felt judged for it. She didn't feel like she wanted to be judged as being a bad mother already too. "Perhaps the wrong translation," she replied, "I meant, I don't remember the fight. I just had a flashback to K├Ânig and next thing I know I'm straddling a guy's chest, beating him senseless and being begged for mercy."

"Then, I will rephrase my questioning," he said. "Have you spoken to lieutenant Vali? Because that sounds like something she may be more suited to handle. How badly did you beat him? No wonder my father made money."

"I just got home," she shook her head, "I'm seeing her soon anyway. I don't know how bad I hurt him, but he was mainly blood. I just-- this isn't good. I saw Jack's reaction, guy that worked in Intel on the USS September, the ship that pulled me out. I've not seen him look like that since I almost murdered someone during training."

Leopold shook his head. "I don't want you earning the nickname 'Killer Eberhardt'" her husband said. "Ade, I think you may want to consider not taking any more of these fights. It may hurt my father financially," he said with a scoff, "but you might want to just tell Jack no from now on. Ekos did a number on the both of us, and I don't think either of us is entirely over that truama."

Adrianna went to protest, feeling her temper rise at the idea of a controlling husband. She took a breath and stepped over to Leopold, putting her fingers softly on his chest. "It was a one off," she smiled, "I cannot take a step forward in Starfleet just to return to the start because of a trip to Ekos."

"Are you sure it was just a one-off?" he asked. "It is okay if it wasn't, it is okay if you need a break from fighting. Sometimes, I find myself punching a bulkhead when I get pissed. I did not use to do that, but ever since Ekos..."

"One off for now, yes," Adrianna replied, "I cannot go back in the rind whilst pregnant. I'm not dumb enough." She saw his concern, "Ekos was hard. I don't know what they did to you, I don't want to know. As you with me. Just know that we have eachother and whilst we cannot just flip a switch and go back to how we were, we can make it out of this stronger."


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