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Tender Love and Care

Posted on Thursday, 23 April 2020 - 8:19am by Commander Soral

Mission: Operation: Overdrive
Location: USS Fontana| Various
Timeline: 2393


Eyelaya had just finished her shift. She had locked her tool kit in her locker and had spent some time in the library. The new tech manuals had arrived and she had wanted to get a start on them. A sound drew her from her reading. She stopped looked around and shook her head trying to get back to reading again.

The sound came again, this time louder and from the solo reading rooms. It sounded as if someone had fallen. She hurried in that direction. As she rounded the corner she noted that there was a light that was filtering from one of the doors. She stepped up to the door, which she knew didn't lock, and it opened.

Eyelaya took a step inside and gasped. "Commander!"

There, before her eyes, was Commander Soral just struggling up from the floor. She ran to his side and tapped her com badge. Soral's hand wrapped around her wrist. "No. No medical."

She tapped her com-badge off. "I remember a similar request yet you took me to sickbay."

Soral sighed. "I shall be fine." He managed to right himself.

She watched as he straightened his uniform. He gave a nod and then headed out. She also noted that his nose was bleeding.

Feeling that it was her duty to make sure he was okay she followed him out of the library and into the turbo lift and to deck one. When they exited he turned, leaning on the wall she noted, and said, "Why are you following me Chief?"

She crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow in a Vulcan like fashion. "Well you're unsteady on your feet your nose is bleeding and you will probably pass out shortly."

His eyes narrowed in a very un-Vulcan like fashion. "Did anyone tell you that you are..."

"Annoying, relentless, loopy, loud, talkative, a troublemaker. Sure everyone. Now I'm walking you to your quarters Commander or I can call doctor Rose."

He sighed, "If you insist."

Smiling she followed him to his quarters. At the door he turned. "Thank you Chief. I am fine now."

"You're welcome." She watched him turn and enter and slipped in behind him.

"Chief! What are you doing?"

"Making sure you are alright. Don't get your Vulcan knickers in a Vulcan's wear knickers?"


"Never mind." She shoved him onto the sofa and he toppled with ease. She grinned with waved at Bones as the puppy yelped and ran over to Soral. She easily lifted the dog onto the sofa. "You watch him I'm going to get some rags."

She disappeared into the bathroom before Soral could respond. He looked at Bones and reached out to pet the concerned puppy. "She is relentless."

Bones barked.

Within minutes Eyelaya was back with a wet cloth and bowl. She dipped the cloth into the water. Placing one hand on his cheek she used the other to wipe the blood that was coming from his nose. It had slowed enough where she got him cleaned up. "There. All better."

He sighed, "Thank you Chief. I will be fine now.

She smiled. "I'll go put this away and then make you some soup."

"I do not need soup. I appreciate your help but I am better now."

She waved her hand. "It's alright. Happy to help." She disappeared again. Within minutes she came back out and walked to the replicator.

Soral was, as he said, feeling better. He stood with ease. "Chief. I am fine. I would appreciate some privacy." He needed a shower and change and a good sleep.

"Nonsense. I'll make some soup before I go."

"Chief. All is well you may leave. I do appreciate your help."

She was already at the replicator pulling out a bowl of soup. He watched her place it on the table. She pulled out a chair. "Come on then, sit down and tuck in. Do you want..."

"Chief Eyelaya. That is enough. You assisted me when I required it and I am better. I will go and get checked out in sickbay later tonight or tomorrow. I do not need you to stay further."

"I'm only trying to help..."

"You are not my sister, nor my mother. You are not my wife and you take too many liberties. Kindly..." The moment the words were out of his mouth he regretted them. He saw the sheen of tears in her eyes. She had been trying to help. "Chief..."

She waved her hand. " you're right. I'm sorry."

Before he could stop her she hurried out. "Chief," he called after her but she'd already left.

A sound of pure frustration left his mouth. He tried to go after her but he was suddenly tired and his headache returned. He looked at the table and walked over to see the bowl of soup. A rather rich purple broth of Plomeek with white sweet table cream poured in the shape of a smiley face. She really had wanted to help and he'd treated her pretty badly.

Feeling like a heal for treating her so badly he couldn't even bring himself to eat. He walked over to his room and promptly collapsed on the bed falling into a restless sleep. He would apologise tomorrow. He had to admit though, it had felt good to be taken care of.


Lt. Cmdr. Soral
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