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A growing family... Temporary family

Posted on Thursday, 3 February 2022 - 4:33pm by Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope

It had been a week… maybe three or four… she wasn't sure, days were merging with the sleep deprivation. It was difficult to keep track of time, but Adrianna really felt like she was getting the hang of being a parent.

Adrianna was laid on her sofa, reading a PaDD, whilst the tiny Emilia on her chest, fast asleep. She raised a brow at an incoming call and answered quickly, in italian, "Dexter… to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Mark’s face was serious, but the tableau was broken as Sophie poked her very light blonde hair into view and went absolutely ballistic with questions. “How old is the baby, is it a girl, what’s her name, can I hold her, those booties are cute.” The questions that left no time in between to actually answer them continued until Mark finally shushed her, and handed her off to an unseen Adam.

"I don't know because I'm not sure what day it is, yes, Emilia - after Leopold's late sister, yes when I see you, thank you," Adrianna answered as Sophie was practically being dragged. The Italian grinned and chuckled a little before raising a brow at Mark, "the last time I saw that look, I had to smuggle a bat'leth out of Freecloud."

“Well nothing like that.” Mark didn’t waste time. “I need you to watch Sophie for a bit.” He looked at the new baby, and seemed to realize just what he was asking. “Sorry, if there was anybody else...”

Adrianna waved her hand, in a way that said, 'don't worry', "when? And how long? We're just starting a long voyage to your favourite place."

Mark scrunched up his nose. “I’m not sure. I’ve got some old baggage to deal with before it hits too close to home.” He couldn’t elaborate over the line, but Adrianna would know it was serious enough for him to get his daughter out of the way. “With travel time..a couple of months?” It was his best guess.

Adrianna sat up slowly, and placed the baby in a nearby moses basket, "is that how long I'm taking her for or when you'll be here?"

“How long you’ll be taking her. I’m already on my way.” He admitted. Clearly he’d left first, and asked permission later.

Adrianna looked around a moment, making sure Leopold was still in bed. "How much shit are you in?" she whispered in concern.

“Oh, enough. But they will regret it. I am semi retired damnit, and I don’t appreciate having to traipse across the sector to deal with bull shit.” Clearly there would be bodies to deal with at the end of said traipsing. “Nothing overly dangerous, I’m being cautious with Sophie. Paul is meeting me, so don’t worry I called backup.”

Adrianna rubbed the bridge of her nose, "alright. I'll make up a room. You better keep your ass safe, or else I'll tell Sophie, when she's older, about that time on the USS September when - -"

“You wouldn’t...” Mark looked more scared then if she’d yelled “Romulan intruder”. He realized she had to be kidding. “I’ll be fine. We’ll be there soon.”

"She still likes unicorns, right?" Adrianna asked quickly before Mark went.

“Yes, and ninjas, and butterflies, and bearded dragons. Well the list goes on.”

Adrianna seemed impressed at the ninjas, "see you soon."


Adrianna stood at the window, awaiting Mark in the transporter room. She was alone. In her mind she was replaying the argument she'd had with Leopold about the house guest's timing, but ultimately she was happy he'd agreed. It was going to be hard, a newborn and a toddler, but if her mother could do it, she could only hope it was a matter of genetics.

Mark’s ship had made the trip in far less time than a ship of the class he was on should have been able to go, but if the logs or their trip got irreparably corrupted, oh well. It would have to be a quick hand off anyway, he’d just got a new lead, and they needed to leave.

Mark transported over with Sophie on his hip, and a large duffle across his back. More stuff than she could possibly need, but best prepared.

Adrianna warmly smiled, "welcome aboard the USS Standing Bear."

Sophie lifted her head from Mark’s shoulder and blinked sleepily before smiling. “Aunt Adrianna!” She crowed, just as Mark muttered “Stupid name for a ship.”

Adrianna smirked, "not my choice." She looked at the little girl and grinned, "my piccolina! You've grown!"

“I’m 4 and three quarters now!” She asserted firmly. She wiggled, and was immediately put down. Sophie looked around. “Where is Emellia?”

"Helping uncle Leopold finish your room off," Adrianna replied wrapping her arms around Sophie.

“Oh, let’s go!” Sophie grabbed Adrianna’s hand and tugged.

Mark dropped the duffle. “Ade, I have to go.” He stepped forward and pulled the woman into a deep hug, breathing into the top of her head. “Thank you.”

"Call any time," Adrianna replied. She pulled away from the hug and reached around into a small handbag she had, pulling out a litre bottle of grappa, "you may need this."

Mark snorted in amusement, but took the bottle. “Sophia Rose Dexter, be good and listen to Aunt Adrianna.” He then kissed Sophie on the forehead. “I love you. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Sophie nodded. “Love you to Daddy. We’ll be good. I’ll bake you cookies!”

Adrianna put her hand on Sophie's shoulder and picked up the duffle, "godspeed, Mark."


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