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Security Drills

Posted on Thursday, 3 February 2022 - 9:01pm by Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant Haru Hernandez & Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope

Lieutenant K'Var hadn't been aboard the Standing Bear long, but she had heard good things about the people assigned to her department. She had required a few of her officers at a time get together and do drill's. There were difference scenarios she had come up with over her time in Starfleet that were great training tools and running drills or holodeck programs with her people let her know where she needed to make improvements or offer training.

Haru had been the first to arrive. He was now minimally using his cane and opted to leave it in their quarters. He wasn't sure how he felt about Mac being there but the doc had cleared him for duty. He felt centered after his time on the Vulcan ship and ready to take on the world. He missed these drills and in all honesty was looking forward to meeting the new Department CO. He'd been helping as much as possible since he was the most senior member until the new boss came. He was glad someone would take the rains he needed some down time for sure.

He entered the holodeck looking around the program with interest.

"Ah Lieutenant Hernandez I presume" K'Var said with a warm smile on her face, well as warm as a Caitian could look with their teeth showing.

"Yes ma'am and I have to say I am glad you are here. Doing the paperwork was starting to be a little much." Haru smiled. "Welcome aboard, I hope that you found the department in satisfactory order."

"Aye" she gave a nod and smile "you've done an excellent job, Lieutenant" the Chief looked around the room "I'd like to start drills so that I may find any weak areas to work on and help the staff if there are areas that could be improved."

Haru looked around. "I think we're all here," he said looking around a the assembled group. "Except for Lieutenant Mackenzie...he said he was going to stop by sickbay to see Commander Soral."

Just as he spoke the doors parted and Mac rushed in. He smiled charmingly. "Sorry ma'am...."

K'Var looked over at the officer that had just joined them "is there a reason you are late to my drill, Lieutenant?" K'Var asked making eye contact.

"Sorry ma'am I spent more time then I thought with Commander Soral." Mac straightened into attention. His mind, now that he was back here, was fully here.

K'Var gave a slight nod, she couldn't really fault the Lieutenant if he was with the Commander. "I want us to get to know each other a little better" the Lieutenant smiled and stood in front of her team, looking around and the officers in front of her. A pretty good looking bunch of men and women as far as being in fit physical condition. "I am Lieutenant K'Var as you all know by now" she smiled and paused for a second "the new Chief Security Officer I have been in the field and served on the bridge since graduating the Academy" the Lieutenant thought for a second "I've instructed at the Academy, but anyway we are going to run a few drills just to assess where our strengths and weaknesses are as a team." They went around the room introducing their selves and came to the last two which were Hernandez and Mackenzie.

It didn't take long to finish the introductions and complete the exercises the Lieutenant had set up. She now knew where some of her team's strengths and weaknesses were and what they needed to work on as a team. K'Var was very impressed with the men and women she had met so far and was looking forward to protecting the ship and crew with these fine officers.


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