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The Brody Manuever

Posted on Wednesday, 13 April 2022 - 1:13pm by Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali & Lieutenant JG Adrianna Eberhardt & Lieutenant JG Ethan Connelly

Mission: Operation: Crimson Kaleidoscope
Location: Starship Finney

Aboard the starship Finney, Adrianna Eberhardt and a dozen skillful officers and enlisted personnel had begun to clear the partially assimilated starship. Deck by deck a handful of drones had been going about trying to modify and manipulate systems, but the recently assimilated individuals had been taken to the Borg Cube, leaving the starship to be populated by an initially light presence of what was likely best described as reconnaissance drones. They were easy to be picked off and the Borg Cube appeared to be too preoccupied with making its own repairs than to replace the downed drones aboard the Finney. The starship rocked in a spacial wave created by Captain Whitley's final actions.

The USS Standing Bear had been held in a Borg holding beam and slowly pulled inside the Borg Cube where the Borg quickly learned never to make the mistake of underestimating a desperation move by Whitley ever again. In what Captain Whitley's cinema obsessed roommate from Starfleet Academy would have deemed 'The Brody Manuever,' Pippa had the starship set to self destruct, and self destruct it did at the most opportune time, taking a large chunk of the Borg Cube with it.

It would have been Captain Whitley's swan song if they were a swan. Whitley was not. The Captain was far more analogous to that of Earth's cockroach, something that no matter what, always seemed to survive and live another day. This was yet another one of those days. Just prior to the Standing Bear's self destructing, Whitley and Lieutenant K'Var had transported themselves from the USS Standing Bear to the starship Finney, straight to the Bridge, discovering Lieutenants Eberhardt and Connelly had successfully secured it.

Whitley gave a small nod at their direction, the two standing at a console on the bridge and armed. "Permission to come aboard, Captain Eberhardt," Pippa said. "I hope we did not startle you too much. I did not want to risk transmitting my plan to you, and the Borg catching on. With any hope, they will leave this starship be and proceed onward as they make repairs."

"The last time that I was called cap-ee-tan, I wasn't in Starfleet," Adrianna grinned at a fond memory, albeit a dark one.

Lieutenant K'Var found her way to the starship's tactical station and reported that the Borg Cube had left the system, and that no other transwarp signatures were in the area. "Very Well," Whitley replied. "Start work on learning the tactical systems. I want to be able to fire a shot or two if need be."

Whitley looked at Lieutenant Ethan Connelly. "Lieutenant, start tractoring in our escape pods, and hail the Casablanca, let's let them know we are safe, and that they can turn around. We will take them in."

“Aye Captain,” Connelly replied, searching through the menus on the unfamiliar console. “Starting to bring them in now…” he added before signalling the Casablanca.

Pippa Whitley proceeded over toward what seemed to be the operations station and did what they could to be useful. The Casablanca had received the information and was on its way towards the starship when they hailed. Pippa intercepted the transmission and established the communications link, and activated the view screen. "Lieutenant Vali," Pippa said greeting the woman. "It is nice to see you again so soon," added Pippa.

"There looks to be room in the shuttlebay for the Casablanca, I'll work on getting those doors open for you. Bring in the Casablanca and help Doctor Selin get her patients settled and set up in Sickbay, I'm restoring power to that deck momentarily. Sickbay is located on deck five."

“Understood Captain” T'Lanna smiled as she cradled Jayce, who was none the wiser of the situation as he slept soundly. She was clearly relieved at seeing Pippa again. “We’ll be with you shortly.”

Whitley looked over at Eberhardt. "Adrianna, how goes the cleansing of Borg drones?"

"We're almost done. The team has been operating overtime since noone is comfortable being here, for obvious reasons," the woman replied handing the captain a PaDD with the current status report.

Pippa accepted the PaDD and gave it a glance through. "Excellent," replied Pippa. "I'm afraid I destroyed the Standing Bear. We are going to have to get used to this starship, learn it enough to get it underway. I want out of this universe sooner rather than later preferably without another encounter with the Borg."

“At least it could be worse,” Connelly offered, “and we aren’t stealing a Klingon ship. The smell alone … and I struggle to read Klingon.”

Pippa chuckled. "You get used to the smell with time. Actually, between the raktajino and blood wine, you are often too buzzed to notice the stench." The Captain had noticed something peculiar at Operations and looked back up and over at Connelly.

"This may not be a Klingon ship, but if my suspicions are correct...this power grid has a strange setup. There's something here that takes a hell of a lot of power, several generators and batteries for storage. I dare say I think we have cloaking technology on this ship."

"I agree," Adrianna replied, "at the least it'll be one that will work until we can get the hell out of here."

“Sounds like a plan,” Connelly agreed.


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