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Posted on Sunday, 18 October 2020 - 12:17pm by Captain Barret Stillwater

Boo! My crafty crew of writers,

October is upon us and our current mission is inches away from wrapping up. November is fast approaching, and this announcement is a little bit delayed, but that is alright. I have dug into my old CO bag of tricks and treats for you and I present you all with the “Octvember” (October/November) Writing Event. Halloween, Samhain, and Día de los Muertos are coming soon! So, what better time than now to have a bit of fun with tricks and treats.

October 19th to November 30th

Participation is OPTIONAL but if you would like to partake, please send me a Discord Message, make a note of it in the EVENT OOC or Direct Message me on the Standing Bear site so that I know who is participating.

What Is It & How Is it Done?
There are twenty different ‘candies’ listed to choose from. Each participating writer may choose one or two of the ‘candies’ listed. You have no idea what these mean, but I do. Inform me of the one or two ‘candies’ you have chosen, and I will send you the corresponding writing challenge/prompt. Some of these are fun, some are comical, others dramatic, a few dangerous. It is definitely a mixed bag. Your job as a writer is to make a post that handles to challenge(s) or prompt(s) sent to you.

Trick or Treat
Now, you do have the ability to “Trick” another participating writer. This means that if you received a candy that you either don’t like or think would be amusing for someone else to write, you can send that candy to them. Then, they will need to do the post. There is a lot of flexibility with these prompts and scenarios. So, you can really put your own spin on them so long as you meet the overall goal/objectives.

What about you?
Well, it would not be fun if I got to sit on the sidelines nor fare to torture all of you without letting you have any revenge on me. Anyone who chooses to participate may randomly pick a candy for me. You may not know what prompt for the candy is, but it still makes me write whatever it is. Similarly, you may always choose to use your “Trick” ability on me and force me to write one of the ‘candies’ you received.

The Bag of Candy

- Atomic Fireball
- Starbursts
- Lemon Heads
- Root Beer Barrels
- Taffy
- Skittles
- Runts
- Mary Janes
- M&Ms
- Pop Rocks
- Jawbreaker
- Jelly Babies
- Kinder Surprise
- Mars Bars
- Three Musketeers Bar
- Cadbury Cream Egg
- Werther's Original Caramels
- Smarties
- Red Licorice
- Black Licorice


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