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Theta Fleet Awards!!!

Posted on Saturday, 16 January 2021 - 7:11am by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Theta Fleet Awards are in! Congratulations to all.

Unit of Distinction:

Gold: USS Standing Bear

Players of the Month:

Area 51(tie):

Standing Bear: Kat & Linz - I am co-nominating on this one because without these two awesome ladies, the Standing Bear would not be as fun nor as consistent as it has been. They are my Executive Officer & Second Officer respectively and together have a combined 475 actual posts between them. To put that into perspective, we are still a couple of months shy of hitting our 1-year mark as a sim.

Post of the Month:

Standing Bear: "The Day the Federation Stood Still" (

In the words of my Second Officer "The Day the Federation Stood Still was 99% all Ray, but I loved it! It just captured a moment beautifully." and my Executive Officer "Agree with Linds it was amazing!" This was a post that was all about capturing a moment. It was about writing a post that in itself stood still as though it were a photograph or painting on a canvass.

CO of the Quarter: Barret Stillwater, USS Standing Bear

The sim has done a phenomenal job this quarter with some very good posts and a good group of writers, all under the direction of Captain Stillwater. Not only is he doing a stellar job leading his crew, he’s also helping other sims and other COs out of character as a TGCO and with recruiting. He’s also helping COs who are not in his Task Group, exemplifying the spirit of community in the fleet.

Player of the Quarter (tie): Standing Bear: Kat and Linz & Pandora

All three women are actively involved on their sims, helping with posting, character development, and story creation. They love writing with others and help other players have fun, too.


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