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CO Quarterly Review

Posted on Sunday, 11 April 2021 - 5:07pm by Captain Barret Stillwater

Excellent work everyone! I am really glad to see everyone is getting involved and our first year was a fantastic one. Despite the generally terrible state of the outside world in 2020, you all put in some amazing effort and showed a lot of creativity. I really appreciate that and hope that the Standing Bear continues to be an ideal place for you to continue crafting your characters and telling your tales in a collaborative manner.

Though I am not a CO or GM (Game Manager) who pushes for numbers or has set activity goals that I want to reach, I do like to let everyone know how the sim is doing. It should come as no surprise that so far 2021 has been off to a fantastic start!

First Quarter Stats

Number of Posts: 104
Average Posts Per User: 10.4

Number of Posts: 70
Average Posts Per User: 7.0

Number of Posts: 92
Average Posts Per User: 9.2

*These numbers are extracted from Nova stats set in accordance with how fleets tally their numbers.


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