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Theta Fleet Awards & General News

Posted on Monday, 10 May 2021 - 11:05am by Captain Barret Stillwater

Theta Fleet Monthly Awards

There has been a recent burst in sims transferring over to Theta Fleet, or new commands opening. This has resulted in Area 51 (our task force) creating another task group, 51-E. Changes like these have no impact on sims or how we as writers carry on about our writing. The Standing Bear was previously assigned to 51-C where I have been Task Group CO for a handful of years.

I volunteered to take on the role of Task Group CO for 51-E, and endorsed AJ, CO of the USS Pandora to become the new Task Group CO for 51-C, a move that has since been made official. So, congratulations to AJ and Pandora. Again, these changes do not affect our gameplay. We will be in 51-E for the foreseeable future as I temporarily hold the position of Task Group Commanding Officer as the fleet continues to look at their swathe of COs.

Now, onto the April 2021 Awards

- The USS Standing Bear once again was a recipient of the Gold Unit of Distinction.

- Kim Finney earned the Writer of the month for April 2021, rebounding from her medical absence, Kim came back and sufficiently kicked ass! Talarn has been involved in some wonderful posts for the month of April, and Kim's addition of Harley has been a great addition to the Standing Bear.

*An additional congratulations to all. Our friends at the USS Pandora were one of the sims that earned silver for unit of distinction, the Ontario and Wolff took bronze, and The Wolff also had a writer recognized for the month. The USS Ontario picked up a Post of the Month, and the Pandora and Ontario received their respective TGCO awards of merit.


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