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Captain's Log: Justice Sweeps as the Crew Sleeps

Posted on Thursday, 13 August 2020 - 3:40pm by Captain Barret Stillwater

Captain’s Log
Stardate: 71496.23287671238
Commander Barret Stillwater recording:

Our most recent outing to Gemaris was whilst the USS Standing Bear was undergoing repairs at Starbase 118, but the crew that I took along for the mission performed with the utmost professionalism. It was no sleepy assignment, to say the least. In a way, it was reminiscent of taking down illegal poaching operations; however, their prey was no rhinoceros and they were not after horns nor tusks. They were hunting sentient beings from various worlds, and one prey in particular that we managed to save was a geneticist’s Rubix’s Cube. DNA from several different species. I do not believe the chances of his birth let alone conception was done the natural way. It screams laboratory experiments. That is; however, entirely out of our hands. Gemaris V is not a Federation member world though it did have protectorate status. We can respect their freedoms to an extent, and though we cannot prosecute them for hosting the hunting of sentient creatures, Federation legal experts will mount their heads on the walls of courtrooms. That much I am sure of. Tampering with Federation technology, abducting Federation citizens, and abducting them within designated Federation space is more than enough to see a swift carrying out of justice. May the lawyers show as much ‘mercy’ as the hunters showed the slain.

I put in a request with Starfleet Command for our next mission to be a bit more reserved. Though scientific research and general exploration are not the role of the USS Standing Bear nor our Merian class, at Starbase 118 we were equipped with some upgraded sensors. A science mission seemed like a reasonable mission to test out these new enhanced sensor arrays. I most certainly have not heard any complaints from Lieutenant Kingsley in regard to a science mission. If anything, she seemed thrilled.

Starfleet Command gave us the green light and we are underway to our next mission assignment which will take us back down towards the ‘Galactic South,’ but within charted space. We will be studying a strange globular cluster of stars. It is nothing out of the ordinary except these clusters are typically found at the fringes of a galaxy. This one is located well within the Milky Way; however, it has not been thoroughly charted yet and Starfleet’s nearest science vessel is approximately two weeks out at high warp, having issues with its port nacelle. Therefore, the assignment, for the time being, has conveniently fallen upon us. I am hoping that the USS Standing Bear will be able to shed some light on the stars within the cluster.

Authors Note:

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