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Quiet and Pleasent Evening

Posted on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - 5:32pm by
Edited on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - 5:34pm


Grol sat on his sofa reading. He’d made it through three books in the last two weeks and he was as happy as he could be. He was now almost done his latest book, a fiction about a Vulcan on the path to emotional connection. It was, to coin a phrase, fascinating.

He closed the book being careful to mark the page so that he didn’t lose his place. He gently slid the book on the table and stood walking to the replicator. A quick check of the time told him that it was late.

He was never a long sleeper and seemed to function well on five to seven hours so he had some time. “Water, cold, twist of lime.”

He waited as the molecules shimmered and then picked up the cool glass downing it in just seconds. He recycled the glass and then walked around giving the room a little tidy.

Once he was satisfied he headed into the spare bedroom that Soral had allowed him to convert into his little office. He slid into his seat and turned on his terminal. As he brought up reports for the CO and worked diligently to finish them and send them for his approval and submission.

He’d gone on his first away team here on the Standing Bear. He couldn’t say much for the ship they’d gone on but he’d meticulously recorded the encounters and the data promising Soral that he’d split it for each department. He did that now. The whole procedure took a good two hours. Just as he sent off the report to the XO his terminal beeped.

He sat back and looked at the message. Apparently Soral was not asleep yet either.

He read the message,

I have a meeting with Chief Eyelaya scheduled for 0700 and I will need you at that meeting. Do not worry about starting at 0600 just come in for the meeting and you will be able to work from your home office the rest of the day with the exception of when we arrive at the shuttle’s location. I will need you on the bridge for records purposes.

I have reviewed the documents that you have sent and I will be responding at some point tonight.


Grol raised an eyebrow. Well it seemed the XO was in for a long night. Sighing Grol stood and turned off his terminal. He headed to the book shelf and pulled out his journal. Tonight he would write. He brewed a cup of tea and sat down to put pen to paper.

Personal Log entry stardate: 302347.7

It has been a long day. I have managed to complete all my outstanding tasks as always and have even been a part of an away team. My work is starting to flow more since I returned from shore leave and I am appreciating that.

It appears that I needed a rest and now that I have had it I can function properly.

I must admit that I am feeling a little bit more secure in my duties and position.

I have begun to develop a friendship with Eyelaya and it has been interesting getting to know her. We are rather similar in so many ways. Tomorrow night we planned to meet and discuss our mutual love of biography books. She, too, is a fan of Captain Pike and is the only other person that I know who has read the biography more than once.

I have been impressed with her to be honest. She seems to accept me as I am and whereas I have found friendship forming a little difficult not so much with her. I have found that I fit with her with ease and we seem to accept what others call quirks.

Luna, my little cat, is adjusting well to our new quarters. I have settled on Luna even though I changed her name several times. She seems to respond well to Luna.

Doctor Rose was able to do a check-up for her and he is quite pleased with her progress.

Well I should sign off for the night as I have a meeting tomorrow. I wonder why the XO called both I and Eyelaya in at the same time. It will be an interesting day. A meeting with the XO, a stint on the bridge, and a new adventure topped off with discussion of Captain Pike. Tomorrow will be a good day!

He signed off as he usually did and headed for bed. Tomorrow would bring new adventures and he was ready for it all.



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