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Am I in trouble?

Posted on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - 5:34pm by


The day had been long but good. She walked over to the replicator and recycled her empty plate and glass. She wiped down the table and pushed in her chair. She looked around the small living area and had to smile. She had made a little bit of a mess. She was glad her roommate wasn’t home.

Sighing and smiling she tidied up a little so that Max wouldn’t have a heart attack when he came home from his shift. Satisfied she started her night time routine, shower, teeth, face, PJ’s.

As Eyelaya was getting ready for bed she mentally ran through her check list of all she had done and all that was on deck tomorrow. It seemed like it would be a full day. Today had been an exciting day. She had been picked as part of the team to review the data from the alien ship they’d encountered with respect to their shuttle.

She had worked with ops and science, it had been fun and enlightening to say the least. She smiled as she did a spin in the living room to make sure she had cleaned up her sketches. Tonight had been quiet since Max was on duty. She could easily have spent the night studying but she didn’t. She decided that sleep was important.

Tomorrow they would arrive at the location where the shuttle crew had disappeared and she needed to be her best. She had slept well since her return from shore leave. Just as she was about to head to her room the communications terminal beeped.

Curious she headed to it and opened the message that was waiting. It was from the XO’s office…for her! She sighed. What had she done now? Or was this in respect to the EMH thing?

Sighing she opened the text and read,

Chief Eyelaya,

You are required to report to the XO tomorrow morning at 0700. Attendance is not optional.

She raised an eyebrow that would have made a Vulcan proud. She closed the terminal down and headed to her room. There was much that she needed to think about, or so it appeared.

When she entered her room she flung herself on the bed. “Computer begin personal log Eyelaya, time stamp and stardate stamp current.”

She waited until the computer confirmed ready and then began, “It has been a long and productive day. Tomorrow, I hope, will be one too. I was just getting ready for bed and I got a message from the XO asking me to report to his office at 0700. I wonder what I did now. Is it something to do with Emerick?” She sighed.

“I just don’t know. It sounded gruff but then our XO is a Vulcan so pretty much anything that man says is gruff. He’s not the best at being diplomatic. I must admit though that my curiosity is a bit...stronger then my fear and the feeling that I had been called into the principal’s office.”

She had to smile. “Well I could worry about this all night but to be honest I’m genuinely sleepy. I have heard some of the crew murmuring about sleeping issues but I have to say that I am lucky in that respect that I have not had sleeping issues at all.”

She yawned as if to prove the point. “I have to say that I am already ready to sleep. I guess it is what it is.” She thought if she had anything else to get off her chest.

“I have to say though, I am really pleased that things in Engineering are improving. The new department CO is really nice and I am getting some good assignments, challenging. It has become that I cannot wait to go into work in the morning and I am reluctant to leave.”

She laughed. “One of the shift ensigns said to me that she may just set up a sleeping cot by the engines for me. True enough. I have to say.” She yawned again. “Well that’s all for now. I may have a lot more to talk about tomorrow given the fact that the XO has asked to see me.” She paused and then, “Computer save and end.”

That being done she turned off the lights and crawled under the covers. It didn’t take her long to fall asleep and the dreams that came to her were restful and sweet. As most nights, she dreamt of engineering and new projects smiling sweetly as she slept.



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