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Thoughts and Coffee

Posted on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - 5:29pm by Lieutenant JG Maximus Mackenzie


Maximus dropped back into his seat after carefully placing the replenished mug of coffee on the table before him. He was on brig duty tonight. He didn’t mind. The brig was empty save for one drunk crewmen who was sleeping at the moment.

A million miles from Earth and humans still managed to get themselves drunk as skunks and occasionally, like Crewman Angus, they got tossed in the brig for making a scene.

The area where he was, was insulated well they had upgraded and gotten a booth where he could keep an eye on the cells and still have some privacy.

Max raised the cup to his lips and then blew on the hot coffee. He took a tentative sip and then another as he’d found it cool enough to drink but warm enough to enjoy. His hands flew over the terminal. “Computer bring up my personal logs.”

He sorted through them and deleted the ones he didn’t need while filing the others. He then brought up a new personal log page. He preferred writing these things down but he wold record one for now. “Computer stamp personal log with current time and stardate.”

He waited while he got the all clear and then began,

“Personal log,
What a day. I personally can’t wait to get home. I am exhausted. My mattress is off and has been preventing sleep. I have spoken with Ops and they will be sending a new one my way but not until tomorrow. Thank the Gods of Capella I have tomorrow off, well at least part of the day. I have the morning off and just have to run in for a team meeting. Thus far we’ve been functioning well without a department head. We all take turns and it gives everyone some command experience.” He took another sip of his coffee and let it warm its way down into his stomach.

“Soral and I are going to take a day off together and go to the holodeck. We both need it. I have to admit my worry for him has been… huge. He’s not himself, he complains about not sleeping and when he does he has nightmares. With everything that happened on Earth I worry that it's too much. While he does have Romulan DNA he’s also Vulcan and they can go into emotion overload at the times. I can’t even begin to fathom it.”

He sighed and scratched his head. “I can’t even imagine what it’s like for him but I know now he needs a friend. Then there is Alex. I worry about her too. I know that when Soral gets into one of his contemplative moods he pulls away from all of humanity so she may not understand that yet and with the bond being broken with the two of them they are both suffering yet trying to shield one another from their pain. I would say two peas in a pod.”

He laughed, happy he finally got to use one of his favourite expressions.

“So tonight will be a bit of a quiet night. Only one person in the brig but that lets me catch up on some paperwork that I have been putting off.” He rubbed his chin. “Perhaps I can even listen to one of Haru’s messages. I have only listened to one and I can say that it has helped alleviate the loneliness if only a little and if only for a little while. I promised myself I would send a response to each message I listen to and I aim to keep that promise.”

He paused to collect his thoughts. “My step father has tried to contact me today and it hasn’t worked. I refuse to respond to him. Everything that happened at the fleet yards is still not going into my head. I still have so much emotion to deal with and I don’t need the aggravation of talking to him. I often wonder if I would ever be a good enough son for him.”

He shook his head as of attempting to get the thoughts out of his mind. “Well on another note. I find that I am quite productive and I plan to approach the big bosses with a proposition.” He smiled. “We’ll see how that plays out but nothing ventured nothing gained.”

He mentally ticked off another human phrase he liked and was able to use. “Well that’s all for now. Computer save the log and file.”

The computer chirped twice to let him know it was done. He leaned back and drank the rest of his coffee in silence. Tonight would indeed be a good night. He pulled up some reports and began his work. The more he could get done on a quiet night the better. Paperwork was something he actually liked doing. He guessed he’d be in the minority for that.



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