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Catching up on life

Posted on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - 6:45am by Commander Soral


Soral paced the small confines of his office. It had been an eventful day and he planned to work late into the evening. Alex was on the bridge pulling night duty and he’d just talked Max down from his ledge of worry. Bones was asleep in his doggy bed and he had some time. It had been a while since he’d actually sat down to record a personal log.

He walked over to the replicator and ordered a water with a twist of lemon. He waited. The brightly lit platform of the replicator shimmered and shone and within a few short seconds the frosted glass materialized before his eyes. Soral had to smile at that. He’d always loved watching the replicators work.

He picked up his glass and headed back to his desk. “Computer, begin personal log.”

The computer chirped twice to indicate that it was ready. “Lieutenant Commander Soral, personal log. It has been a rough few nights. Sleep remains elusive and when it does come it is filled with nightmares. I waken more tired than I was when going to bed. Meditation has helped but I fear that even the resetting of my internal clock will not help eventually if this lasts any longer.

I would speak to Alex but did not want to bother her. She has been pulling extra bridge duty and I understand her, I have not been the most…comfortable person to be around. I have been throwing myself in my work and it is not due to anything on her part but as a way to let my mind reflect on all the goings on of the last weeks.

I think that I am finally starting to find some peace in all that has happened. I have spoken with the Ambassador of Vulcan to Earth. He will ensure that Laura gets to Vulcan alright and will assist in helping her find a job. He’s met with her earlier today. I look forward to having her there. While I know that the Vulcan governess that I hired will be a solid educational pillar both Severine and Soval will require someone who will provide support and love. They are of a Romulan heritage and I know that emotions run deep. I wish them to have a better upbringing then I. In having Alexandra for a mother they are already ahead of that and the fact that Laura has taken to the role of grandmother will help them succeed greatly.”

He paused to drink from his glass and order his thoughts again before speaking.

“I have also spoken with Lieutenant Vali today. She seems to be worried about me. Most illogical because Vulcans are not much for worry. I have, however, decided that I must speak with her. It is only right. She is the ships counselor and if I wish the crew to make use of her in that capacity I must lead by example.”

He paused again to contemplate his new CO. “I have spoken with Commander Stillwater. He is a fascinating person. I very much look forward to getting to know him more. I fear that the XO/CO bond is slow to coming but he has shown faith in me and for that I am grateful. He has also approved my mentoring of Chief Eyelaya and Grol. I think both have potential but both require time and effort.

I have been pleased to note that they have formed a friendship and this will be of great assistance when the mentoring process starts. On a personal note with respect to Chief Eyelaya I have been rather hard on the EMH. I find that his assessment of the Chief is deeply wrong and concerning and I will make every attempt to give her the support she needs as she grows into the person I know she can be.”

He paused again. “On a more personal note I have managed, while on Earth, to send a few more sculptures and another manuscript to Vulcan. My side business as an Artist and Writer with a pseudonym has taken off well and has served me through the years as it will continue. Only the Ambassador know of it. He has been a great support, as has his family. I find that the emotion of gratitude is strong within me for all I have been given and I have no wish to supress that particular emotion.”

Finishing off the water in his glass he ended his log, “Computer end log file and save.” He then turned to his terminal and brought up some crew files. There was no point in wasting the rest of the night when so much work could be done. Their away mission on the science ship had been successful and in a few hours they would be at the coordinates where the crew of the shuttle disappeared.



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