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A Stressful Time

Posted on Sunday, 27 September 2020 - 2:24pm by


Grol sat down finally after a rather stressful day. He laid his head in his hands and closed his eyes letting the days stresses wash over him. Every day more and more people were going missing and it was beginning to freak him out.

He sat back and sighed with his head resting on the back of the small sofa. Luna, his midnight cat, stretched out on the sofa by him. He wondered briefly how Alex was doing. Soral and she were married and he must be going out of her mind with him disappearing like that.

Not only that but the briefing had gone…well and terribly wrong at the same time. Mackenzie had disappeared as well. Grol was starting to really get freaked out but he would not show it. It was his job, one that he’d done well, to be calm and cool under pressure and he aimed to ensure that during this crisis he stayed calm and cool.

Many had complained about lack of sleep, he had no particular problem with that. His sleep was uninterrupted and restful although he doubted he’d be getting much of it now. The crew was starting to panic only slightly. Who wouldn’t with circumstances like this?

Stillwater, in Grol’s opinion, was doing a fantastic job. Hell the man should have been promoted by now. He was phased, Grol knew this, but not to the point where it was showing.

Grol sighed and stood up. He filled Luna’s food bowl and refilled her water bowl. He ordered a drink for himself too. He needed a nice tea to settle his nerves. Taking the tea to his desk he sat down and pulled out his journal. It would settle him to write about all that was going on. Getting things on paper always made him feel better.

Grol thought a moment about Eyelaya. He’d had lunch with her today. She had been worried most of all. Her worry, however, was due to nightmares that plagued her about people disappearing since she was little. A fear of abandonment really. He had encouraged her to talk to Vali about it but she’d b been resistant. He would be there for her. Despite his love of being a loner he was enjoying meeting this friend. She was…easy to be friends with. They were both a little odd and together they fit well.

Smiling he opened his notebook and began to write. Before long he lost all track of time and realized that it was already past midnight. Turning off the light Grol stood and headed towards the bathroom. It was long past time to ensure that he got ready for bed.

He knew that he wouldn’t sleep tonight. At least he could lay back and allow his mind to rest from the stress of the day. He had to admit, when he thought about it, he missed Soral as well. He found the man to be organized and smart and despite the fact that he tried to hide it very emotional...for a Vulcan.

Now that he had time he thought more about Soral’s offer. Perhaps he’d take him up on the offer. A mentor was important and he did want to move up in his career.

“Computer,” he sat up. “Please book an appointment with Lieutenant Vali three days from now. First free morning time.”

He waited and when the appointment was made he lay back and closed his eyes; sleep, however, did not come but it was still a restful night.

By morning he rose and after having breakfast and ensuring Luna had food and water for the day he headed into his home office. His mind was still on Soral and the crew that was missing. How would they get them back? Who was taking them? All questions that he had no doubt were shared by other members of the crew and ones that would not give way to any easy answers. He did not envy Alex and her task ahead.



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