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Captain's Log: Deafening Silence

Posted on Saturday, 26 September 2020 - 6:38pm by Captain Barret Stillwater
Edited on Friday, 2 April 2021 - 12:52pm

Captain’s Log
Stardate: 70666.32578640291
Commander Barret Stillwater recording:

When I sought to take on this mission, it was supposed to be calm and relaxing, a mission where I could take a backseat and catch up on some reading and filing of reports. Hell, I thought I could get some holodeck time in and take Talarn fishing like we would from time to time on Prairie. This was intended to be a good old-fashioned scientific excursion, something to give our small Science Department something to do. I have been concerned that they were sitting around bored to death on a starship tasked with border patrol and domestic response. This mission has been anything but mundane.

It started out as ordinary as things can be at least so far as space exploration comes to expect. The night shift encountered a strange vessel which turned out to be a science ship of vomit in origin, scientists, and explorers just like us bill more apelike in appearance and in behavior. They were not so pleased to encounter another Starship on a scientific mission this far into relatively uncharted space. They do not take too kindly to our scientific probe which Lieutenant Kingsley head launched in order to collect more data and process the information that these sensory probes were intended to collect.

The Vomnin opted to take summer offensive measures by firing upon our probe in destroying it without warning or caution. Of course, this infuriated Lieutenant Kingsley as chief science officer who had undoubtedly spent hours upon hours of recalibrating the probe to fit the mission parameters and compensate for the hazards and interference that this regional space has been producing. Nevertheless, I decided to let her handle the situation as she was up for promotion and in consideration still for the vacated position a second officer which the Starship has not had officially since departing under the command of Lieutenant Commander victrix several months ago.

Lieutenant Kingsley performed exceptionally well under the tense circumstances and was able to deescalate the situation and handled it remarkably well for somebody that has not had much in the way of command training. I suspect that Lieutenant Commander Soral has been giving her some private lessons in the way of command strategy and logic though he does seem to have been unsuccessful in quelling The Tempest of emotion that Lieutenant Kingsley clearly possesses. The Vomnin were more friendly in person than they were on screen.

They warned us about this region of space, about the potential dangers that are out here, about the strange disappearance of their scientific team which was aboard their version of a shuttlecraft. I thought it was just ghost stories. I was wrong. These were no ghost stories; these were true undeniably true accounts of abduction and who knows what. I have lost several crew members, two of which we have now been taken right before my eyes and I was helpless to do anything about it. My first officer is gone, my chief engineer and my chief operations officer are also both gone, And I am now without my chief medical officer and my ship psychologist.

We are losing people. We're losing people and I don't know where they have gone except I witnessed firsthand the abduction with my security investigations officer within my ready room in which some sort of transporter device was used, but this was not the same means used to take Lieutenant Vali from her quarters. That experience has left me shaking to the court. Some sport of spatial rift opened up and consumed her, I don't even know if she's alive but I do know but she felt every agonizing second of it until I could not hear her screams anymore and now I am left with is the deafening silence.

Authors Note:

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