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Klingons don’t fear monsters

Posted on Friday, 18 September 2020 - 9:17am by Lieutenant JG Kay’la

“Personal log ... What time is it? Oh to hell with the time!!

“I’m awake ... again! I don’t know whether it’s just me not sleeping very well or whether it’s being aboard a new ship still settling in but I’m fed up of waking up in the middle of the night! It’s been happening too regularly and it’s nit like me to be bothered by dreams, actually more like nightmares.

Klingons don’t fear monsters! I don’t scare easily ... at least that’s what I tell people, truth be known I get scared as easily as everyone else and I hate it!! I guess being half Klingon doesn’t help where my emotions are concerned.

I’m sounding angry now, that’s the lack of sleep kicking in, I’m always stroppy when I haven’t slept well. I’m a nurse I need to concentrate on my work, one silly mistake and somebody could die and I’m not going to risk that!

I’ve heard other crew members who’ve come into Sickbay or the mess hall mentioning nightmares, could it be there’s more going on here? I never listen to the ship’s rumour mill, best to wait for the official word from the bridge. Question is should I say something or shouldn’t I? I’ll have to speak with Doctor Rose or Emerick, after all Emerick is a hologram he doesn’t need sleep like the rest of us. Right now he could be invaluable, at least he’d have a clear head.

I’ve only recently become part of this crew but I feel more at home here than I’ve ever felt anywhere else. These people have become my friends and I worry about those who are currently missing, I can only imagine how Commander Soral’s wife must be feeling. It’s all very well being told you’re not supposed to show personal feelings whilst on duty but there are times that I, for one, would have to show my feelings. Not that I have anyone in that respect right now.

I know very little of Klingon rituals, only what I’ve heard and learnt during my time in Starfleet. I’m not sure my spirit would even be welcome in the Klingon afterlife and who would guide my spirit there when I’m no longer alive? Would I go to where Klingon souls go or would I simply go to the heaven that Human’s believe in? It’s not something I’ve ever given any real consideration to before. I wonder if others aboard are thinking the same thing as me right now?

As a nurse I’ve seen many sick and wounded people, most have recovered and gone on to live happy and healthy lives but there have been those who have lost their battle with death and have gone to face whatever gods they’ve believed in. To find their eternal rest, either with regret or with happiness. I don’t plan on losing anyone who comes into Sickbay here aboard this ship, not that it lays in my hands it all lays with each individuals fate. I only hope my eventual fate will be a worthy one.

Well enough talking to this damned computer! I need to get some sleep. Computer end log!


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