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The Monarch Mystery

Posted on Sunday, 30 August 2020 - 1:40pm by Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

“Computer open log” T’Lanna sat relaxed back in her seat with her feet up on the edge of her desk, it wasn’t her usual pose but it was comfortable and there wasn’t anyone around to see her doing it.

“Psychologist’s personal log ... The mystery of the Monarch sounds pretty good as we still haven’t completely solved what’s going on. Ryan and I were given the job of autopsying a body, which turned out to be a member of the Drai race.

According to Starfleet records The Drai are a group of humanoid aliens from the Gamma Quadrant. They’re better known as the Hunters as they pursue and kill a species called the Tosk, who are created just for hunting. Not very nice in my opinion, they’re a race that deserve to live and thrive just like any other. The Drai arrived at Deep Space Nine in 2369, looking for a Tosk, who had taken refuge there.”

T’Lanna paused to pick up her glass and sip her drink before continuing with her thoughts. “It seems we still have somewhat of a mystery on our hands, it seems we have a missing Klingon Ambassador now so I guess we’ll have to follow the clues to discover what has happened to him and the ship he was being ferried on. A good old mystery! I do love a good mystery!”

She sighed as she moved to sit more comfortably. “On another note I’m still being plagued by the nightmare about Raith being assimilated, every time he’s in trouble and I can’t get to help him. I don’t understand why directed dreaming isn’t working, I’ve tried setting my own escape rules in my dream to control what happens but it just doesn’t seem to be working. It’s always worked for me before in the past but why not now?”

“I’ve spoken with Ryan and I intend to speak with Soral about my nightmares, he’s helped me before so perhaps he can help me see my dreams in a different light. At least I’m hoping so!”

“Speaking of Soral there’s something going on with him and Alex that concerns me, I dare not pry as I have no wish to offend either of them. They are my friends and I think of Soral as my mentor as well. I will see how it goes, if my worries persist then I will speak with them to discern just what is wrong.”

Finishing off her drink T’Lanna picked up her sandwich was sitting on a plate beside her glass. “Right now I’m going to tuck into a well earned sandwich, I have to keep up my strength to feed my son. Speaking of which I still have a hard decision ahead of me as to what will happen with my son once he’s born.” She paused. “Right now that’s too painful to think about so I’m not going to.” She took a bite of her sandwich savouring the flavours before swallowing.

“End Personal Log”


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