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Harder than I thought it would be...

Posted on Tuesday, 2 February 2021 - 4:20pm by Lieutenant Alex Kingsley

Five thousand, two hundred and eighty five minutes. And counting...

We are fast approaching the Neutral Zone and by some miracle, I have not murdered anyone or given in to the temptation of having just one small cup of coffee or one small bite of chocolate. Of course now I do. Damn it.

For the record, I am only half human and so I have most definitely be tempted. Yet here in the Level 4 lab there is no food or drink allowed and Mac has been on the graveyard shift with me this week so has been an infuriatingly supportive presence whenever I step foot near the replicator. Soral seems keen to support me too. I am sure he thought I had gone mad when he came home and found the replicator covered with lots of multicoloured scraps of paper torn from my journal which just said the word 'no!' in giant letters.

They are still there, by the way. Although he did have Eyelaya come buy and reprogrammed the replicator so that when scraps of paper finally fail to dissuade me, I am getting nothing close to what I really want from the replicator.

I keep reminding myself it is for a good cause. And really, I did not drink that much coffee anyway. Hot chocolate on the other hand. When this is over, when Haru manages to fix the mess inside my head, I am going to find the biggest bar of chocolate in this galaxy and take all my vacation days and just eat it all. I even made a reminder in my journal - as if I'd forget!

One thing is for sure, I know Haru will do this. It is insane, I'm not even Vulcan but I have no doubt in my mind. And he cares for Soral like a brother, there is nothing he would not do to try and help. And if this doesn't work, the consequences for Soral will be unthinkable.

I can't sleep still. A few hours here, a few there. Ever since the bond is broken.

It is different when Soral is here. I can't tell him that, since he'd never leave and clearly it is all in my head. When she is back, I should probably sit down with T'Lanna. She knows the bond is broken now - hell, if Eyelaya is right most of the ship seems to know. But she doesn't know the story. Soral confides in her so I have no doubt he trusts her completely. Or maybe, when my three more weeks of torment is over, I get Adrianna to drink me under the table again!

We are so different in so many ways but I enjoy her company, and Italy was... terrifying! Yet fun. I still have one or two bruises but I don't for a second regret going. I've always been to busy with my head buried in books to have many real friends, but she is one of them. And she is getting married! She seemed so happy yet so sad, I kind of get that. Your wedding day is special and you want your family and friends surrounding you. Sometimes that isn't possible, for many reasons. But I have no doubt she will have an incredible day regardless and I'll do everything I can to help her. Even if it means dragging Soral out onto the dance floor.


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Comments (1)

By Commander Soral on Thursday, 4 February 2021 - 5:49pm

Great Job!