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Pain of the Past

Posted on Friday, 26 March 2021 - 2:19pm by Commander Soral


Soral eased out of bed. He checked to make sure that Alex was still asleep and then padded out to the main room. There he ordered a mint tea before proceeding through the backdoor of the quarters which would take him to his small office. He sat down and turned on the computer.

Bringing up the log program he began to record his log.

Personal Log, Soral

It has been an eventful time. Earlier today I learned that Evesta was actually N'vek, Anandrine the wife of an Engineer on the ship we attempted to save. Her son is now in my care and Alexandra and I have many decisions to make.

He sighed as he took a sip of his mint tea.

I wish to keep the boy with us, here on the ship. Talking with Vali about all this it is best for the boy to stay here to learn some stability and then go on to meet his siblings. I have yet to broach that part of things with Alexandra. I can't help but feel that I am taking advantage of her beautiful heart. She has gone through so much and she has accepted my children, and is even alright with accepting Seleya, the abandoned child, and now N'vek... I shudder to call him that. I have yet to learn his given name. Romulans, like in Earth's Japan tend to use last names.

Romulan names tend to be an acknowledgement of the family name so N'vek is his father's last name. I have noted that he is not fond of it.

He took more tea and settled back in his chair staring out the little window. Other then that on my mind is the fact that the Captain is taking time to inform me of my punishment for destroying the Romulan ship. I know that Starfleet would have liked to get a hold of the ship but honour demanded that it be destroyed.

Gods know that the Federation turned their backs on the Romulans and perhaps this is my small way of trying to make up for that, just a little. We betrayed them once and I was not going to help it happen this time.

He sighed and ran his hand down his face. I'm exhausted, I'm battered, my Pon Farr is advancing, and for the first time I cannot see an out for all this. I have the urge to mind meld with Alex so that I can feel the presence of her mind in lieu of the bond but I worry that she has not recovered enough. I have asked doctor Rose to look into it for me.

He sat back, I have yearned to be back on Vulcan. To feel the heat and gravity of Vulcan and the embrace of my home planet. I miss the sands of home and perhaps this is my condition that is voicing itself but I feel as if I am a fish that has been long without water. I need to go home and the yearning grows within me daily.

Soral sat there a little longer and then saved the log shutting down the computer.

Her padded back through the room and slid under the covers wrapping his arms around his wife. Her presence calmed him and put his mind at ease. "I love you," he whispered to her.



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