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The Curious Case of Eyelaya

Posted on Saturday, 10 April 2021 - 4:55pm by



Tilian Grol was completely exhausted. He had spent the day dealing with change, yet again. He hated change. It had been one thing after another and then the Psychologist had had a meltdown and taken half the ship with her. He paced the confines of his small living area. Although he was in a two room quarters meant to be shared with a roommate he’d lucked out and been lucky that Soral had let him use the second room as an office. He had complete privacy and tonight he was grateful for it.

He walked over to his room and checked on Eyelaya. She’d come in stumbling and feeling ill. Even though she had no telepathic abilities she had still been affected. Nothing horrible just utter exhaustion and she’d come to him tonight and all but passed out in his arms. He’d laid her in his bed and left her to sleep checking on her occasionally.

There was nothing to do so he decided to record a log. He preferred to write them out but tonight he needed to voice his thoughts.

“Computer, Begin personal log date and time stamp.”

He waited and then the computer responded, “Log ready.” There were two chirps and he knew it was time to begin.

“Since I got to this stupid ship it’s been nothing but change. I don’t think that anyone knows the meaning of status quo here on this Standing Bear.” He sighed frustrated. “Anyway, today was a day. The ship shrink went insane and knocked half the ship on their behinds with her telepathic wave or whatever it’s called. Haru Hernandez was put in a coma due to brain swelling, even Soral was affected.”

Grol paced the room again and then returned to the sofa. “What worries me is Eyelaya. She isn’t telepathic but she was affected. She came in tonight and told me what happened and how she’d tried to lock down the ship. She said Vali screamed at her and then she felt dizzy as if her mind was on fire. It seemed to have gotten worse as the night went on. She’s sleeping now. I called the medical team but they were swamped. I think I’ll walk her down to sickbay in the morning.”

He leaned his head back on the head rest. “Keeping on that train of thought Eyelaya, things have been interesting there. She is the only one on this ship, other then Soral of course, that understands my need for order and my processes. She did so from the get go. We started a friendship I guess but then it developed. We’ve…been intimate a few times and I have no idea on how to classify our relationship.” He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“I mean she insist on putting a title on it but I… don’t know. Do I enjoy my time with her? Sure. I just don’t know how I fully feel about her. Perhaps it’s a fear of loosing the friendship that we built before the intimacy set in. It’s interesting that I require everything in my life to be classified but this.” He scrubbed his hand down his face. “I think it may be fear. I’ve been in relationships before and ones that started as friendships and then things turned sour. I think I value her in my life so much that I don’t want to risk losing that friendship for a great time in the sack.”

He thought a moment. “I really like Eyelaya, I value her input and her presence in my life so if what we have, the intimate part, will endanger that I am worried about classifying it. What if things sour? I just feel so confused and I feel like I have nobody to talk to about it. I mean I can talk to my cat but if she talks back, I’ll know I’m ready for the funny farm.”

He chuckled at his own absurdity. “Maybe I should talk to Eyelaya, I know that my not classifying our relationship is something that is on her mind and causing her worry. I think that I need to clear things up and I need to have an honest conversation with her about a lot of things.”

Suddenly something clicked into place. He felt lighter a little. “Computer, end log and file.”

He stood and cleared p the room a little and then headed to shower and change. In the morning, once he was sure that Eyelaya was alright he would talk to her. Maybe even set up a dinner where they could talk about a lot of things. Suddenly he had the need to talk to her but not tonight.

He settled in bed beside her and found that having her close made him feel better so he pulled her into his arms and then allowed himself to fall into a restful sleep.



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