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So Much To Say - Part II

Posted on Saturday, 4 June 2022 - 5:53pm by Commander Soral & Captain Pippa Whitley
Edited on on Saturday, 4 June 2022 - 5:58pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Starbase
Timeline: 2396

Previously on So Much To Say…

"Indeed." He poured them each a cup. "I regret that during all this we have not had time to speak and that your first mission with the Bear ended as it did." He looked out the small port window. "I am interested to see what the new ship will look like."

Pippa winced a bit as the Captain followed the Commander's gaze. If they were to be entirely honest, Pippa Whitley had neglected to piece together that their first mission had ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Merian class USS Standing Bear. "It was unfortunate that our starship had to go out the way that it had. I am grateful that none of the crew were aboard when I had to make the decision to use it to take out the Borg vessel. I can safely say that I have no intention on crossing over to a mirror or any universe where the Borg Collective exists."

Furthering the discussion, Pippa nodded. "The starship we came back with is certainly going to be one of a kind. At least until Starfleet Command and the Corps of Engineers are satisfied with its performance enough to begin reverse engineering and sanctioning construction of additional starships."

"Indeed." He took a sip of his drink. "I think that it will be fascinating. Are we keeping the same crew?"

And Now, The Continuation…

"We will be retaining most of the Department Heads, though Doctor Rose departed as you know departed during the whole ordeal with the other Soral. Doctor Selin will be remaining with us as Chief Medical Officer. Lieutenant Kolani was offered a position aboard another starship which he has accepted. We will retain some of our lower decks crewmembers, but others have already been reassigned. This ship is slightly larger as well."

"Indeed. Captain...may I ask your confidence?"

"I'm your Commanding Officer, Soral. You are going to have to get used to just taking that as a given. Whatever is said between us in private, whatever is asked will be in confidence. The only time I will not keep it in confidence is if Federation security or law supersedes it."

"Hm...that depends on how you look at this..." He paused. "Very well. You have three officers that are... in a unique position. You will need to decide if this is something Starfleet must know about."

"When I took the Standing Bear, it was made clear that the crew were peculiar and problematic, that my predecessors had a different approach to handling matters. What sort of unique position are we speaking of?"

Soral sighed. He told her about Alex and Lexi, about the healers and what had happened the unique healing that Alex had to face and the unique situation. "She is perhaps the easiest of the three. She will recover. The other two... are Hamura and myself."

"What about the two of you?" asked Pippa. "Lieutenant Vali is doing a fine job as Acting Officer, but I would prefer to have you back, Commander, eventually at least."

He sighed. "Let us begin with Hamura. The … mirror Hamura was injured placed in stasis but was not expected to survive. My mirror self figured out that our Hamura was...dying and in order to ensure their survival from a telepathic illness the Katra of Hamura and their mirror self was merged. They are now one. They hold both. As I hold both myself and the mirror mind." He tapped his skull. "We are fully integrated."

"Commander," Pippa swiftly addressed him. "That is incredibly dangerous. How aware of this is our medical aware is Starfleet of this?" Captain Whitley had about a million questions to ask and a few thousand concerns. "You are a Vulcanoid, but Hamura is not. Can either of you actually handle this integration?"

"Our medical staff is not aware however I do have the information. Starfleet is not aware. I can indeed handle the integration. I have been extensively to Vulcan healers. As for Hamura as a Betazoid they are a telepath and can handle it. The healers have worked more so with Hamura and the illness is now gone and the personalities are almost at full integration. They will need a little more time."

Soral sighed. "However there have been some changes in them...and myself." It was a hard pill to admit to.

Pippa shifted a bit. "Let's proceed on the side of caution, Commander. Doctor Selin should be made aware of the information and the details that you can provide her. I know that Betazoids are telepathic, but Hamura is rather young, and I'm not a physician, but the brain of a Vulcanoid and that of a Betazoid are dissimilar enough to pose potential problems."

"Betazoid encounters with the Cairn and Ulian come to mind" explained Pippa. "I am not saying I'll pull either of you duty, but I would like our Chief Medical Officer kept in the loop."

"Indeed. I shall arrange it." He studied them. "You are not Stillwater. I respect the man much but I am pleased that you are you."

The half-Efrosian nodded and smiled cordially. "I appreciate that you are pleased with my run as your Commanding Officer, Commander. I do look forward to getting to know you and working closely after this mission."

It was true that Captain Whitley was unlike either of her predecessors. "I hold the utmost respect for Captain Stillwater. He was the right man for the job at the time. The Standing Bear's efforts to quell piracy along the old Romulan Neutral Zone cannot be overstated. Stillwater had the eyes of a tactical officer and his mind is that of a true strategists."

"I'm not hesitant to give those kind of orders, but I have my own way of doing things and my perspectives come from a much different vantage point, that of science and diplomacy."

"Indeed. Very much a philosophy a Vulcan can get behind." He studied them. "If you have any questions you wish to ask please feel free I will answer honestly."

Pippa nodded. "I won't hesitate to ask. I can assure you of that, Commander. I do not have any at the moment. My concentration is on the mission that I and the crew have ahead of us, though I will be sure to keep you read in on it even while you are on leave."

"I am ready to return Captain. Also I have a department request change for you to review and approve."

"Your leave is non-negotiable. I don't care where you spend it, Commander, but I have my orders which unfortunately include not having you as my First Officer for this mission. I will, however, consider your request?"

"Indeed. I shall take the rest, however I do have a different request. It is with respect to Hamura....if that is alright."

Pippa looked at Soral. "You have my attention and curiosity, Commander. If I am to be transparent with you, Hamura has been on my mind lately, and I have been contemplating some personnel matters. What did you have in mind regarding Hamura?"

"With this new...combination I think their gifts would best me suited for another department."

Pippa cleared their throat At least we are on the same page thought the Captain. "That is a good observation, Commander. I cannot say that I have taken this new combination into consideration as this is all somewhat new news for me to account for," Pippa added looking at Soral. "Though Hamura's technical prowess has had me pondering moving them from Engineering to Operations. With Lieutenant Kolani gone, off on a special assignment, that Department has no guidance and is woefully understaffed. If you are in agreement, I'd like to have them moved to Operations to gain more bridge time and overall experience."

"I am in full agreement. That is the perfect department. Hamura is a tactician. They will enjoy the challenge and despite their...lack of confidence they would be wise to pursue the command track. This is a step. I believe it a great idea. I am just glad you will be the one to tell them." Soral allowed himself a smile.

Pippa shook their head. "They aren't going to like being pulled from Engineering, I take?" Soral was First Officer. If anyone knew the personnel of the Standing Bear, it was him. Pippa was still new to being Hamura's Commanding Officer. "Do you think I can lure them away easily if I give them the prelude that I need someone I trust and experienced in Operations because of the cloaking technology?"

Soral considered it. "That will help. Indeed they will not like leaving Engineering but present it as a challenge. The Mirror Hamura often stood at Ops and it is there they earned my...the other Soral's trust. Remind them that growth cannot come from stagnation. Just do not mention the command track they...may run..." He smiled a little. A further incentive is the captain's yacht...they have always found it restful working on that and shuttles... perhaps sweetening the deal, as humans say."

"I've only recently promoted them from ensign," Pippa noted. "I will not mention command track to them at all. I do not even know if I am ready to entertain the thought of them on that track myself, but if it is something that feel right, I will approach it down the road, unless they come to me first about it." Pippa did entertain the shuttle and such. "I can give them more time with the Captain's gig, shuttles, and runabouts. In general there will be more leg work with Operations than Engineering."

"With Hamura one thing to keep in mind. Challenge them. Place a challenge in front of them they will rise to it."

"If a challenge is what they need, I will ensure that they get several," replied Pippa. "As for you, enjoy your leave extension. I'll try not to ram the new starship into a Borg Cube...or well, get into a skirmish with the Cardassians in this case."

He sighed. "I wish I were going with you. I have always been fascinated with the duplicity of Cardassians."

"Nothing against Lieutenant Vali, but I also wish you were going with us on this one, Commander. I do not know what exactly we are heading into, but this chilling sensation traveling down my spine is making me feel cautious, and I fear we are about to be heading right into the eerily calm eye of a radical storm just lying in wait."

He pulled something out of his pocked. and IDIC symbol. "A gift from the V'Shar...if you need me call. I shall be...within reach." He slid the coms unit to them.

Pippa picked up the IDIC and gave a nod of approval, acceptance, and appreciation. "Cha’i t’naat," they replied, a Vulcan expression as close to gratitude as one could get. "Starfleet Intelligence is still working to ascertain hoe this Obsidian Guard came to be and exactly who is the head of the snake. Unfortunately, it is mostly speculation and rumors, though a 'charming' young woman seems to be the root of our problems."

"Indeed. Charming is often dangerous. May I make a suggestion, Captain?"

"Please, go right ahead, Number One."

"Rely on Hamura and Mac when you need keen intuition. Mac has a sixth sense and an excellent tactical knowledge and Hamura...a mirror mind that will be of great benefit when it comes to Cardassia. But most of all rely on this crew. Vali, Biacami, they all have strengths that will assist you. I shall...pull some strings and if I can have a V'shar ship in the area it will be there as aid if needed."

"I will, and thank you. I look forward to having you and Lieutenant Kingsley back."

"indeed. I look forward to being back but it is wise for us to take a step away." He motioned to the bottle. "Shall we drink then?"

"Absolutely, Commander, absolutely."



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