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So Much To Say - Part I

Posted on Saturday, 4 June 2022 - 5:55pm by Commander Soral & Captain Pippa Whitley

Mission: Operation: My Unfair Lady
Location: Starbase
Timeline: 2396


Soral allowed himself a sign as he walked down the corridor to the meeting room where he would sit face to face with Pippa. A formal sit down. He looked down at his hands and raised an eyebrow. Perhaps not so formal if the scotch in his hand had anything to say about it. It had been...a long few months. He quickened his pace, his internal clock telling him that time was slipping away. He had promised to be there at the top of the hour and that he would do.

He looked over at the bottle again, not a drinking man he would make an exception, so much had happened. A few more minutes and he arrived at the doors that held the captain. He took one last deep breath and entered. "Captain." He said as he arrived, the bottle and his hands clasped behind his back.

Pippa had been reading through information, brushing up on their Cardassian and refreshing themselves on the post war democracy. Cardassia Prime had come a long way in the past two decades, but not everyone had confidence in the current Castellan. When Soral arrived, Pippa sat the PaDD aside and exchanged it for the mug of tea that they had been nursing.

"Commander," Pippa said greeting the man. "It is nice to see you up and about again. I presume you're feeling a bit better?" It had delighted Pippa that Soral had requested to see them. He had collapsed in his quarters and taken to Sickbay then evacuated when the Standing Bear had encountered the Borg. Pippa had placed Soral and Kingsley on extended leave while the starship Finney continued to be inspected and studied.

The Captain eyed Soral's posture "What do you have? For me, Commander?" inquired the Efrosian. Pippa's eyesight wasn't the best, but they could see a glimpse of something behind Commander Soral's back.

He pulled out the bottle. "I believe it is called scotch." He raised an eyebrow. "A human method of bonding I believe. It's called getting blitzed."

Pippa smiled. There was a bit of a side the Captain Whitley that they did not front in the company of the crew, a Commanding Officer who had a bit of a collection of liquor and spirits aboard. Pippa reached out to take the bottle and did so appreciatively. "Thank you, Commander. This does look to be a very fine bottle of it."

"Scotch gets its name from Scotland, that is where it hails from. It is a whiskey with a smoky flavor from the wheat, rye, and barley. Scotch tends to be a bit smoother," the Captain explained. "If you are hoping to out drink me, Commander, you will find yourself on the losing end" Pippa teased.

"Vulcan's do not get drunk but I am half interesting experiment I would say." He sat down a small smile playing on this lips just a hint but there nonetheless.

"Vulcans don't get drunk because they don't dare become so inebriated that they experience emotions," quipped Pippa playfully. "Romulans know how to have a little fun. I always ask where is the Vulcan's sense of adventure...I'm glad you are at least mildly curious and experimental."

"It's the scientist in me." He said. "There is much to talk of."

"There is," Pippa replied. "Between us, about yourself, and a lot that you and Lieutenant Kingsley will need to address undoubtedly. It was determined that it would be in our collective best interests to extend yours and Kingsley's leave time."

"Indeed but I can assure you I a ready to return. The Vulcan healers have certified me well but there are things you will need to know of our conditions."

Pippa nodded. "You may be ready to return, but Alex may not be. She was certainly leaning towards taking some additional time. If anything, you may wish to take this as an opportunity to repair any tension or strain on your relationship."

"That will come in time. I am, above all, a Starfleet officer. I do have a request though."

Pippa smirked "Of course. So long as it does not involve cutting your leave short and getting your cleared for active duty, because that I cannot do. Admiralty was very firm on when they expect to have you cleared for a return to duty, and I do not foresee them budging on that anytime soon."

"Regulations are key. I shall follow them. My eldest it true that the ship will be more family friendly?"

"That is the plan," replied Pippa. "Given it came from a mirror universe, a more militant and exploitive one, despite being more of a science vessel and built for exploration, it appears to be suitable. It is mildly larger than the previous Standing Bear, not as well armed though. It will definitely be a bit of a change in our missions. Your wife will likely be thrilled with the amount of technology aboard dedicated towards the sciences. That said, there's room for it to be more accommodating to family life aboard" explained Pippa.

The Captain smiled. "If you would like your eldest aboard, I won't have any issues with that. I am presently looking at modifying some of the space aboard into classrooms and a childcare facility."

"Thank you." He gave a bow. " the drinking and I shall fill you in on what has happened."

Pippa placed the bottle on the desk and walked to the replicator to order two appropriate glasses. Bringing them back, Pippa looked at Soral and nodded. The two empty whisky tumblers for Soral to pour two neat scotches. "Was this commonplace with Commander Victrix or Captain Stillwater?" inquired Pippa, uncertain about the intricacies of Soral's previous command dynamics.

"Not particularly no. I look at this as a fresh new start...perhaps unwise to bold over this but I find that some human traditions are... fascinating to try."

"They can be for sure," Pippa agreed. "Being partially human myself, and raised with a lot of these traditions, I would be happy to share them. That and some Efrosian ones."

"Indeed." He poured them each a cup. "I regret that during all this we have not had time to speak and that your first mission with the Bear ended as it did." He looked out the small port window. "I am interested to see what the new ship will look like."

Pippa winced a bit as the Captain followed the Commander's gaze. If they were to be entirely honest, Pippa Whitley had neglected to piece together that their first mission had ultimately resulted in the destruction of the Merian class USS Standing Bear. "It was unfortunate that our starship had to go out the way that it had. I am grateful that none of the crew were aboard when I had to make the decision to use it to take out the Borg vessel. I can safely say that I have no intention on crossing over to a mirror or any universe where the Borg Collective exists."

Furthering the discussion, Pippa nodded. "The starship we came back with is certainly going to be one of a kind. At least until Starfleet Command and the Corps of Engineers are satisfied with its performance enough to begin reverse engineering and sanctioning construction of additional starships."

"Indeed." He took a sip of his drink. "I think that it will be fascinating. Are we keeping the same crew?"

To be Continued...


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