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Posted on Friday, 15 July 2022 - 7:00pm by Lieutenant JG Hayashi Hamura & Lieutenant JG Kay’la

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Sickbay | Standing Bear
Timeline: 2396


The day had started out on the wrong foot. Optimism was something that Hamura couldn’t muster. From the first moment they’d stepped into their beloved engineering things had started wrong. System fixes not holding, blank stares, equipment parts being faulty to the coffee being scalding hot. The smallest things.

Then, despite the fact that all was not well Hamura took on a big job and then wiped out in front of everyone as if insult to injury was needed. There had been nothing left but for them to pick themselves up off the floor and drag there sorry butt to sickbay. That is where they were now; limping and shaking their head in disbelief. Their head was not in the game and they had paid a price, a painful one.

Hamura swore in every language that they knew. They limped into the sickbay using a tritanium pipe as a crutch and holding one wrist closer to their chest. They weren't a doctor but they knew a broken wrist and sprained ankle when they saw it. Not to mention they'd re-injured those same parts many times. It was always when emotions were high and they were not being careful.

What was worse was the wipe out in front of their team. The good part of it all is that they would be in ops so the engineering team would not be theirs for much longer. That thought just added insult to injury.

As they entered sickbay they called out, "Doc? Anyone?"

Kay’la was on duty in Sickbay, hearing someone shout she headed straight out of the nurses office. “Lieutenant Hamura, What happened?”

"I figure broken wrist and sprained ankle," they said dryly as they hobbled to a bio bed and struggled onto it. "Should be an easy fix." They tried to smile a charming smile but it fell somewhat short.

“That I can see Hamura” Kay’la smiled. “I meant how did your injuries occur?” She picked up a medical tricorder and tapped it setting it ready for a thorough scan. “I’ll get you a mild analgesic for the pain, it’ll take the edge off while I sort you out.”

"Thanks. Nothing spectacular. I was being clumsy and fell off the catwalk while doing a repair. I think it hurt more that half my department...nay soon to be ex department saw."

Kay’la grinned as she pressed a hypo to Hamura’s neck. “Okay that should help. Now let’s take a good look at you.” She ran the tricorder over Hamura’s ankle first, taking the time to look for any sign of hairline fracture, or break. “Okay, good news is as you expected, you have a sprained ankle. That’s easily taken care of.” She moved onto Hamura’s wrist. “Now, that is most definitely broken. I’ll sort that for you first.”

“Sounds good.” Hamura could feel the hypo working slowly unwinding the tendrils of pain that had wrapped around their mind. “That hypo is doing the trick now can it make you loose your memory?”

“Afraid not, do you or did you have pain anywhere else?” Kay’la looked at Hamura concernedly. “You did say you had a fall” She gently got to work running the bone knitter over Hamura’s wrist. It would take a few minutes to do given the repair needed.

“Shame about that hypo really.” Hamura sighed and closed their eyes taking inventory. “A twinge in my side but that’s all.”

“Possibly broken ribs as well” Kay’la nodded. “I’ll do a thorough full body scan once I’ve finished your wrist, once it’s done it’ll be tender for 24 hours or so, just go easy on it.”

“Ahhh sweet nurse I know not what this easy you speak of is.” Hamura said with dramatic flourish.

Kay’la grinned. “Ohh I’m sure you do Hamura. You sound somewhat down in the dumps, is there something wrong?”

“Yeah. Soral and the Captain are taking engineering away from me.”

“Really?” Kay’la was surprised. “Have they given you a reason as to why?”

They sighed, “Some bubkiss about they need someone they can trust in Ops…it’s the same speech…” remembering that this was not the mirror verse they said. “It’s the same speech as always. It’s hooey.”

Kay’la nodded. “You’ve heard it all Before kind of speech.” She offered a smile. “Maybe you’ll find in time that you don’t mind being in Ops.”

They sighed. “I guess. Honestly It’s thrown me for a loop and made me something I’m not. Careless.” They motioned to their sad state of broken bones.

Kay’la nodded. “This obviously isn’t something you want, and if these accidents keep happening I’ll have to report it. Have you thought about talking to T’Lanna?”

Hamura ran their good hand over their face. “Ugh…now you sound like Oriana.” They sighed. “Maybe…once things settle down. I still have a ship to prep for the new person, when they take my department over.”

“I’m sure T’Lanna would prefer you talk to her, than plod on upset about all this.” Kay’la offered an understanding smile. “Plus she’s acting First Officer too.”

They sighed, “I like her and all but is it weird that I’m not used to her being the XO?” Hamura voiced what they had been afraid to voice up until now.

Kay’la nodded understandingly. “I’m sure T’Lanna would agree that she’s finding it just as odd. The Captain wouldn’t have chosen her for the role unless she was certain T’Lanna could handle it.”

Hamura sighed, “Alright, am I good to go?”

Kay’la nodded as she finished up one last scan. “You most certainly are! It might be a little stiff and uncomfortable for 24 hours but it shouldn’t give you any problems. If you’re worried come back and see us.”

Hamura gave a nod and then smiled devastatingly. “You would be surprised at how well I know that routine.” Chuckling they said, “Thanks nurse,” Hamura gave her a wink and headed out, walking a lot better then they had when they’d come in.



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