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Meeting the Boss

Posted on Sunday, 13 August 2023 - 3:59pm by Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant Tazuko Miyahara

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: Security Chief's Office, Deck 7

The morning after Tazuko and Konata had reported in to the captain, Tazuko was up bright and early, before her wife, naturally. After helping herself to a hearty replicated breakfast, Tazuko decided to let her wife sleep for now and head down to Deck 7. Tazuko had already met a couple of her coworkers, and she was hoping that she would get the chance to properly report in to her boss.

When the turbolift arrived on Deck 7, Tazuko made her way down the corridor to the door that she had previously identified led to the Chief of Security's office, and she pressed the chime, waiting to be let in. As she waited, she wondered if the Chief of Security was even up this early.

Looking up from a report she was writing Lieutenant K'Var simply called out "enter."

The doors swooshed open, and Tazuko stepped through.

"Lieutenant K'Var?" Tazuko asked, extending her hand. "I'm Lieutenant Tazuko Miyahara; I've been assigned to the Standing Bear alongside my wife, Konata Hiiragi."

"That is correct, Lieutenant" the Caitian smiled "it is a please to meet you."

"Likewise." Tazuko said. "I took the liberty of taking inventory in the armory yesterday, and everything appears to be where it's supposed to."

"I appreciate that" K'Var said with a slight smile and nod to her head. She could appreciate a deputy that would take initiative.

"So, are there any other tasks you might need me to perform to ensure our department leaves in tip-top shape?" Tazuko asked.

“We will run weekly drills but other then that it’s normal business, Lieutenant” K’Vat gave a nod.

"Understood." Tazuko nodded. "If there is nothing more require of me, then I shall take my leave."

“Pleasure to meet you” K’Var said with a wide smile and a nod letting the other Lieutenant know the meeting was over.


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