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Medical Emergency: Holodeck 1

Posted on Monday, 13 February 2023 - 12:16am by Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander MD

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Deck 5 - Sickbay

The Ulaan-class starship had been shaking for the last thirty minuets or so. The red-alert signals had been flashing just as long. Jarin had been placed in charge of sick bay while Doctor Hiiragi took some shore leave. "What's going on" he asked, a nurse pressing a hypo spray to a patients neck and two more injured men being brought through the door. One looked like he had a broken arm and a pretty big laceration on his forehead and the other's uniform was tattered and black. Doctor Alexander assumed he was near a plasma conduit that ruptured from what ever was attacking the ship.

One of the Ensigns helping the injured men through the door answered the Doctors question. "Klingons" the ship shook again and the group going toward the nearest bio bed almost fell over.

"Of course its the Klingons" they could sometimes be ruthless when they attacked a Federation ship. "Let's get him on the first bio bed" Jarin pointed and helped the young officer carrying his friend. Doctor Alexander flipped open his tricorder and started scanning, it was just as he guessed plasma burns to over fifty percent of the young mans body. He was groaning in pain "I'm going to get you something to help" Jarin pulled up his medical records to make sure he didn't have any allergies and quickly gave him with a strong dose of pain medication. The young man seemed to have instant pain relief as he started breathing slower and in a few minuets stopped groaning.

A nurse and the the Ensign helped the second injured man onto a bio bed. Jarin started treating the young mans burns, they were pretty severe and the young man would have to stay in sick bay for several days. However the first treatments would help with the pain and the staff could administer pain medications if the young man hurt, which he probably would. "You are going to be okay" Jarin reassured the young taking another scan with the tircorder, his vital signs were stable and the bio bed had started it's process to heal the burns.

As Jarin turned to the next patient the nurse working on the young man started reporting to the Doctor. "Broken right Ulna" she handed the Doctor the tricorder she had been using. "Let's give him something for pain" the nurse shook her head and went to work getting a hypo spray with an analgesic loaded into it. She pressed it to his neck and it instantly started the process of getting the young man out of pain. Doctor Alexander was using the dermal regenerator to heal up the gash on the young mans head.

As the ship shook again the sickbay doors opened and another young Ensign came stumbling through the door and fell to the floor. Jarin rushed to her tricorder in hand. "Damn it" Jarin said looking down at the tricorder, there was no pulse. The Doctor turned the young woman over and started CPR calling for the "NURSE."

The computer announced "intruder alter" as the ship shook again Jarin knew they had lost shields and the Klingons were boarding the ship. He hoped security sent officers to guard the medical bay. It was often hard to take care of patients and fight off intruders, but you had to do what you had to do in Starfleet.

"K'Var to sickbay" there was a second pause as the ship shook "medical emergency" before K'Var could finish you could hear phaser fire and a scream in the back ground. "Medical emergency in the mess hall" the Chief of Security requested as she held pressure on a young mans wound.

"I'm a little backed up here, sir" Jarin called out as he continued chest compressions on the young woman. It was too late for the young Ensign, she had been hit with disruptor fire and it was usually deadly if it hit you in the right place.

"Well" there was more phaser fire "when you get a free moment I have several injured in the mess hall" the ship shook again as the Klingons continued to fire upon the already battered ship. One of the large men managed to reach K'Var even with her hitting him with a mid level stun directly in the chest.

The Klingon screamed and swung at the Lieutenant "die Starfleet" was his words that were filled with hate.

Dodging the fist the Caitian landed two blows to the Klingons mid section and then an elbow to his chin, knocking him out. "Every one fall back" she ordered and adjusted her phaser to a higher setting before firing at another Klingon warrior coming through the door.

One of the intruders grabbed a civilian that was trying to escape and slit her throat with a traditional Klingon weapon.

K'Var shook her head and fired hitting him in the shoulder, but it knocked him out just like a stun setting should. She rushed to check on the young lady, but she was gone and there was nothing anyone could do for her. K'Var closed the young woman's eyes "I'm sorry" she apologized because it was her duty to keep the people on this ship safe. She failed at that this time, but there were still Klingons coming and she had to get the rest of these people some where safe. The Lieutenat was backing up toward the door with two other Security Officers, they were all firing from their phasers. Most of them good shots so they were hitting their targets.

Everyone but the Security Officers had managed to get out of the mess hall. They were going to head toward sick bay thinking the Klingons wouldn't bother them there. "Maybe they won't come toward sickbay" one man said as they ran down the corridor.

"Are you kidding?" a young lady asked. "Klingons are ruthless" she had tears running down her cheeks.

K'Var was on the trail of the group while the other two officers stayed back and were supposed to hold the Klingons back as long as possible. She was ignoring the two bickering "let's just focus on getting you to safety" she demanded after a few minuets of the bickering.

As the group came around the corner there were several Klingon warriors prying the doors to sickbay open. Phaser fire hit one in the chest and he stumbled back a few feet before falling over. K'Var blast her phaser and hit one of the warriors in the side, he feel to his knees and then eventually face first on the floor. The last Klingon made his way into the sick bay and you could hear screams. K'Var and her group went running toward the sick bay doors.

When she got into the door the Security Chief found the Assistant Chief Medical Officer going hand to hand with a large Klingon warrior. She knew she could help the fella out so she shot the Klingon in the back with her phaser and he was out. "Let's fortify this room" K'Var ordered after all she was the senior officer in the situation and the Chief Security Officer.

However before anyone could start doing anything the ship shook several more times and a dozen Klingon beamed into the sickbay. Everyone went to battle but were being over whelmed. "K'Var was over watching people get slaughtered and called out "computer end program" the sickbay vanished along with every person in the room but Doctor Alexander and K'Var. The two were left standing in the center of the holodeck. "You did well Mister Alexander" K'Var said with a grin.

"Thank you, sir" the younger officer said with a smile. "I'm glad you included me, that was a tough one" he admitted.

"Indeed" the Security Chief agreed as the two made their way out toward the exit.


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