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Claws and Lobes

Posted on Sunday, 25 June 2023 - 1:08am by Captain Pippa Whitley & Lieutenant K'Var

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties

All of the recent social-political information that had come across Pippa's desk was enough to give the captain a headache. To top it off, sprinkle in the economical ramifications and a third Raktajino was warranted for the evening. Pippa had been at their desk in the Captain's Ready Room when Pippa summoned Lieutenant K'Var. This mission was outside of the norm and particularly delicate.

Lieutenant K'Var was at the tactical station when she was summoned to the Commanding officers ready room. It only took five seconds and she found herself standing in front of her superior officer. "You wanted to see me, Captain?"

"Yes, I did," Pippa said with a small smile. "Have a seat and get comfortable, Lieutenant. I have a few things that I wanted to discuss with this upcoming journey ahead of us, splintering us off into different groups with various moving parts to it. The situation on Ferenginar is a tense one, and I don't think as a crew we've really placed a lot of thought on how delicate this matter is."

"Oh?" K'Var questioned, she didn't know exactly what the Captain was getting at. However she had the feeling she was about to find out what they Captain was up to.

Pippa breathed a bit of a heavy sigh. "It's the politics and the ramifications," stated Captain Whitley. "Everything is so tied together and one false step, one wrong move, one push or pull too far can throw everything off kilter" the commanding officer summarized. "Take the this Grand Nagus matter. The Federation would absolutely benefit from this young woman, a female ascending to become the new leader of the Ferengi Alliance, but what will that do to Ferenginar?"

The Captain shook their head. "That's why there's so many vying to challenge her and I do not know the full extent they are willing to go in order to ensure that she does not ascend. This whole situation on Balancar for that matter, we don't know if the climate change is something natural or accelerated somehow by outside interference. If we can't sort the Balancar situation, that will completely sour trade relations between Ferengiar and Luria, and if that happens, us going to Luria to try to bring our hopefully new Grand Nagus and the Lurian Prince into marriage will be moot."

K’Var listened closely to her Commanding Officer “I do have concerns that there” she paused and changed the word she was about to use “will be attempts on the life of the potential Grand Nagus.” Looking at Pipa “there is a heavy weight your shoulders Captain one I’m glad I do not have to carry.”

"There is, and on yours as well. Be it Balancar or Luria both have their own risks. Let's do what we can to keep everyone safe, Lieutenant."

“Of course” the Security Chief gave a slight nod “however you are my priority concern when it comes to safety.”

"Because I'm the Captain no doubt" Pippa replied.

“That’s correct” K’Var gave a nod and a smile showing her sharp teeth. “However I will do everything in my power to keep everyone safe” she reassured her Commanding Officer.

Sounds like a plan thought Pippa.


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