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Curiosity fulfilled

Posted on Friday, 30 June 2023 - 6:47pm by Commander Soral & Lieutenant T'Lanna Vali

Mission: Operation: Lobes & Liberties
Location: T’Lanna’s Office
Timeline: Prior to the wedding planners


T’Lanna had returned to her office with the wrapped gift Soral had given her, to say she was curious yet wary at having some answers about her other universe self was an understatement. Her curiosity was just starting to peak at the thought that, by opening the gift she’d know what Soral knew.

Setting the gift down she left it wrapped, uncertain whether she should open it now, or wait for a better time. Soral said she’d have her answers when she opened it, question was did she truly want those answers? Hell, why had she even bothered asking if she didn’t want those answers?

Curiosity peaked she sat down on the sofa; Joyce was at nursery he wasn’t due to be picked up until after the end of her shift so she had time. She took a deep breath and curiously began opening the wrapping, her eyes grew wider as the wrapping fell open to reveal a mirror! She picked it up and for a moment thought Soral had fobbed her off with some elaborate joke, before she paused looking at her own reflection in the mirror.

Then there it was, that familiar sinking feeling that you get in your stomach when you realise something horrible, when realism sinks in, Soral was talking about her! It was starting to make sense now. What she’d heard and seen when she was unconscious aboard the shuttle, the voice of her mother calling to her. The voice was the Borg Queen that Soral had spoken of, her mother... her true mother, was still alive!

Her father, he wasn’t her true father, it had all been a lie! Why hadn’t he told her the truth? How could he keep such a thing from her!? She put the mirror down, in such a short space of time her whole universe had turned upside down! The only person she could talk to was leaving the ship, and she had so many questions that she wished she had answers for.

There was little time, she needed to speak to Soral again to get everything into perspective, if only for her own sanity. She tapped her comm badge. =^= Vali to Soral, can I see you in my office please? It won’t take long. =^=

Soral had just finished a briefing with the Engineering crew and some repairs that they were doing. He’d also done his rounds collecting various reports from the department heads in preparation for the mission ahead. He’d be left with a skeleton crew but he was more then happy with that. It was now, as he walked back towards his office, that the full force of his resignation hit him. He’d be leaving all he knew for a new adventure and for the first time in his life both halves of him were scared.

He was just getting off the lift when the call from Vali came in.

Soral raised an eyebrow. With the crew getting ready to go on their away mission it was busy. He had an inkling as to what it was about. "On my way." He changed the direction he was walking in and headed to the turbo lift. After a short ride he strolled down the corridor and stopped at her office. He rang the chime waiting to be let in.

T’Lanna was quick to answer the door, motioning Soral inside. “Thank you for coming Soral, I know you’re busy so I appreciate it.” She walked across to her chair but didn’t sit. “It’s me isn’t it? I’m her...I’m not from here am I?”

He said nothing just inclined his head. "We are who we make ourselves. You are not bound to your past."

T’Lanna nodded. “The voice I heard, my mother’s voice before we found her body...that was my true mother, the Borg Queen.” She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I wish my father had told me, at least given me a chance to understand.”

"Your father's love for you was great. He lost his daughter and he wanted to have her back, he wanted to give you a better life."

T’Lanna nodded. “I guess I can’t fault your logic there, my logic tells me that the T’Lanna from this universe never returned from her abduction at the hands of the Borg. I wonder if she’s still alive out there somewhere?” She paused and sighed. “I guess now I understand how you feel, being a part of this universe and part of another. Do you...have any written history of the other...of our universe? I’d like to learn more about it.”

"Only what is in the Starfleet databases. My advice would be live in the here and now. The other verse is...not worth it. You are safe here; you have friends and are loved. That is why I brought my children from the other verse so that they can have a life. There are those who escaped the Mirror verse and are here. But perhaps there is a way for you to learn something."

T’Lanna nodded. “Thank you Soral, I will heed your advice. I guess now I know why I felt so at ease around the other verse version of you, before we found out the truth and you became one. Admittedly I did think he was you, but I felt a difference as well. It wasn’t something I could put my finger on at the time.”

He gave a nod. "Perhaps. Live in the hear and now T'Lanna. The past forgotten."

T’Lanna nodded. “Thank you Soral, I appreciate your advice. For what it’s worth I will miss you when you leave, I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

He smiled. "I think I will. In the mean time I'm not sure who they will get to replace me but they will need your guidance and I am certain they will grow to rely on it as much as I have."

T’Lanna smiled warmly. “Thank you Soral, it’s been a pleasure learning from you and seeing with you. You’ve taught me much about what it is to be Vulcan, you will always be my mentor. If there’s ever anything you need, please call.”

He allowed himself a smile. "Who knowns maybe in a few years you may arrive on New Romulus for a vacation and find me."

T’Lanna nodded. “Perhaps I will, who knows what the future might hold. I wish you all the best Soral.”

“Thank you.” They traded a few more words and then he headed out. There was much to do and he had to keep his mind on his last turn about the stars with this crew. A sense of sadness settled over him and he decided that he would try and shake it away.



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